Stop losing your app subscribers

Use CloudTutorial, a self-service KB that helps your subscribers quickly find the info that they need as and when they need it. Retain them and reduce your churn—don’t make them wait for support to respond to their emails.

Case Study: How UpperInc increased subscriptions by 80%



self serve KB user friendly

User-friendly interface

Easily update information, UI screenshots, and tutorials with the best writing and editing UI. Stop confusing users with outdated help articles.

Designed for your users

Create seamless FAQs that are mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and fully-customizable they almost feel like they’re part of your website.


Find out how UpperInc increased subscriptions by 80%

Help mobile app users find answers on their own

Stop them from uninstalling your app because they don’t know how to use a feature

No more steep learning curve

If users find it hard to look for a feature in your app or worse, they don’t know how to use your app, they’ll quickly abandon your app.

Show up on

With an SEO-optimized KB software, your help articles will show up when users start searching for solutions on the web. This boosts user retention and user acquisition.

Know the questions they’re asking

Keep track of the highly-searched topics that your users are searching for. We highlight those you haven’t covered yet so you can create new articles around them.

Announce new features asap

With independent Knowledge Base software, you won’t have to release an update in the App store just to educate users on new features. Publish new help desk articles right away so users don’t get confused..

90+% of apps are deleted, don’t let that happen to yours

Create a Knowledge Base that actually helps
your users use your app