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The Cloud Tutorial is a knowledge base that helps you offer exceptional customer support and allows your customers to find answers fast – real fast.

  • Create a user-friendly FAQ site easily
  • Provide fast solutions to customers
  • Customize your help center based on your industry
Say goodbye to repetitive questions


“…This platform has helped me a lot in answering my customer’s never-ending questions.”

-Williams Mark

Used by high-performance teams around the world

See what
the Cloud Tutorial Can do for you

Looking for a platform that saves you the hours you spend on answering customer questions? Do you want a tool that can help you provide an unbeatable customer experience? Then your search stops here as The Cloud Tutorial is designed to help you with that and much more so you can take your app to the next level.

See what The Cloud Tutorial can do for you

Why you need The Cloud Tutorial

The way we work has changed

Provide customer support
that is unmatched

Most customers want instant answers when using a new app, and get actively started using the software. Having a user-intuitive FAQ built-in your application so your customers can get on-the-spot answers without having to observe the long e-mail response times

Knowledge is scattered

Data-driven business decisions

Users provide priceless insights on what they really want to know. Knowing what users are looking in your app can really help you give the best user experience, and decide what features to include/optimize.

There's a better way

Spend less time answering questions

Have a thousand emails in your mailbox, all wanting to know the same repetitive things? Create an AI-powered FAQ section inside your app to decrease the number of e-mails and focus on other important tasks.

No matter where you go take your files with you

Enhance your FAQs with just a few clicks

Improve the agility of your application by modifying the FAQs with just a couple of clicks. You can manage your entire user experience, add images, videos, graphics, and text to give satisfactory answers.

How The Cloud Tutorial is Different

Reference don't recreate

Segregate Data By Category & Sub-category

Our advanced and feature-rich knowledge-sharing platform allows you to segregate your information and data by category and sub-category. Manage different files like articles, SOP, manuals, forums, and online help by categories and subcategories so that your customers can easily find what they are looking for and explore in-depth information.

Workflows to keep content updated

Generate content and documents on-the-go

Create help content on the go, including process & procedure documents, articles, FAQs, and other data that help your customers to get instant answers to their queries or issues. Our platform has an easy-to-use content editor that you can access easily and manage all the data and information with just a few simple clicks.

Accessible where you need it

Customize domain, theme, fonts, and contact form

The Cloud Tutorial has a customization option for you, allowing you to customize domain, theme, fonts, background, colors, and contact form. Customize all these things as per the product and information that you are going to share with your customers. To customize, you don’t have to be tech-savvy as it is extremely easy to handle.


“I used to get a lot of queries and questions from my customers and it tried me up on a daily basis. I was so exhausted answering my customer’s questions about my product. Then, I came to know about the knowledge-sharing platform and adopt Cloud Tutorial. And I can’t tell how much time I can save. This platform helped me a lot in answering my customer’s never-ending questions.”

Williams Mark

“After investing in the knowledge base platform (The Cloud Tutorial), what we can see is an improvement in the way how we deliver information to our customers. Earlier, our sales and marketing team need to get in touch with customers to answer their queries, but the help desk has reduced customers’ queries by 87%. ”

Ned Kelly

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Provide unbeatable customer service by building a knowledge base for your app

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