Use Cases

How CloudTutorial helps enterprises, small businesses, and individuals

  • User Manual

    User Manual

    It’s time to ditch old-school user manuals and paper guides and adopt online user guides for your customers to help them find the right information instantly. With CloudTutorial, you can create, publish, organize a media-rich user manual in one place.

  • FAQ/Help site

    FAQ/Help site

    Answer your customers’ queries in real-time with the FAQ page. Now, no more calls from your customers for the same question again and again. With CloudTutorial FAQ software, create FAQ and help site to optimize your customer self-service experience.

  • Corporate Wiki

    Corporate Wiki

    What if you can get your wiki up and running without any coding or IT help? And what if such an integral knowledge base allows you to store and share info easily? Wonderful, isn’t it! With CloudTutorial wiki software, you can create documentation and wikis from scratch by importing HTML files in just a few clicks.

  • Internal Knowledgebase

    Internal Knowledgebase

    Want to organize your company’s scattered knowledge and information in one place? Do you want to make it easy for your employees to get information right when they need it? With our internal knowledge base, create your KB for employees to get answers to their questions.

  • External Knowledgebase

    External Knowledgebase

    Do you want to create a centralized information repository for your customers? Our external knowledge base software is the best option to adopt that answers your customers’ questions fast and provide them with relevant self-help information in real-time.

  • Customer Service and Support

    Customer Service and Support

    Do you want to reduce your customer support tickets by 80%? Use CloudTutorial customer support software solution to create a self-service help-desk for your customers to get answers to their queries 24*7. Give it a try and know how it benefits your business!

  • Wiki Website

    Wiki Website

    Build the perfect wiki website in just a few minutes with our CloudTutorial software. You can brand your wiki with a customized logo, design, images, layouts, and templates. Moreover, manage all the content in one place and track progress without any hassle.

  • Personal Knowledge Management

    Personal Knowledge Management

    Don’t you think that working on different cloud apps is chaotic? CloudTutorial is an advanced personal knowledge management software to manage all your information, data, docs, and notes in one place. You have everything available under the same cloud-based interface 24*7.

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If You Just Need a Simple Self-Serve Knowledge Base

Without all the complicated features, additional time, and cost associated with a fully fledged help-desk system, then CloudTutorial is the perfect tool for you.


User Friendly UI01

Upload documents and publish them in minutes. Our UI is intuitive and easy to use that even non-techies figure it out quickly.

User Friendly UI

Quick Search


Quick, Smart Search02

Our powerful search gets your users—even if they misspell a word. Its Google-like ability suggests relevant articles that answer users’ questions before they can even ask.


Analytics and Smart Reports03

Our AI search compiles highly-searched topics that you haven’t covered yet, tracks each article’s usefulness, and highlights ones that need updating. Know what to work on next.

Analytics and Smart Reports

Custom Domain


Custom Domain04

If you want to customize the domain using only your brand name, then our knowledge base platform provides this option. With the custom domain, make your website live at


Visible to Search Engine05

We have optimized our FAQ structure, so the right people will find your help articles when searching for solutions on the web.

KB Visible to Search Engine



I cannot praise this product enough! I searched high and low for a simple FAQ solution and was getting really fed-up with navigating around so many features I didn’t want or need, so when I found the CloudTutorial it was like a breath of fresh air.
Since implementing it in our app, retention and revenues have sky-rocketed and our ratings have gone from an average 2.2 to 4.4. This product is therefore definitely getting 5 stars from me!


Mathieu Arsenault (Co-Founder)


A big shout out to CloudTutorial for outstanding tech support! It made tasks simpler and better. Earlier my users had a hard time searching relevant info from our 108-pages PDF manual. With the amazing features of CloudTutorial, the manual got condensed into a single online platform from where my users can find required info in a flash! I would recommend it to those who are looking for an online knowledge base with a reasonable price, efficient technology, and 24*7 customer support.

C3 Data

Jeff DeToffol (Customer Support)


Our users often have support questions when using our software and before we were having to reply to all of them manually, which took a lot of resources and some customers were getting fed up with delayed response times.
Now we’re using the knowledge-base provided by the CloudTutorial, not only are we saving time and money, but our users are a lot happier, which has helped to improve our retention also. Thanks CloudTutorial… I’ll definitely be recommending this product to others.


Dhaval Khant (Customer Success Manager)

Flexible for Any Industry

Customize your knowledge base to offer the best support experience to your customers, no matter what business you’re in.

Get Answers To Most Common Questions

  • STEP 1Discover

    Know what your customers are searching. Are they finding what they’re looking for? Or do they need new features or services?

  • STEP 2Build

    Act on user feedback. With our detailed KB search analytics, you’ll know what new products or services to work on next.

  • STEP 3Solve

    Let customers solve problems on their own and build a self-service culture.

Built With CloudTutorial

We promise that it wouldn’t look like any ordinary boring FAQ template. Customize as you like, even if you don’t know how to code.



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