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Started with a dream of delivering a simpler, easier, faster, and empowered knowledge sharing platform, CloudTutorial has been serving many top companies, startups, agencies, and small-scale firms. We are not just another ordinary knowledge base product in the market; we are an advanced and feature-rich knowledge-sharing platform service provider. We are dedicated to helping teams of all sizes to get better at delivering smooth customer service experiences.

Through CloudTutorial platform, we are changing the way you provide solutions, information, documents, and answers to your customer’s questions and queries. We help companies of all sizes to gather all the data and information like policies, procedures, processes, FAQs, online help, user manuals, SOP, and articles in one place so that their customers can easily and instantly access it from anywhere and anytime.

We help teams grow and thrive together
Our Product

CloudTutorial – A Reliable Software and Trusted Service

CloudTutorial is a knowledge base platform that is mainly designed and developed to help companies, organizations, enterprises, and startups to enhance customer relationships. The software helps companies to gather all the information and data like online help, process & procedure documents, articles, product FAQs, and useful information, allowing customers to get answers to their queries in real-time.

The one-stop solution for answering your customer’s repetitive questions and queries, CloudTutorial eliminates the need for calls between your customers and the customer support team. By making the perfect use of our platform, you can provide your customers with access to all the relevant information that answers their queries in no-time.

Our Core Values

Do you know what makes us apart from other companies? The core values that we believe in. The values are the backbone behind our successful knowledge-sharing platform that is changing the way businesses deliver customer support services.

Talk to customers

Transparency is the key

We believe that transparency is the key. This is the reason we keep everything transparent with our clients. The more we will share, the more trust we can build with our clients. Moreover, we keep our clients involved when it comes to taking some major decisions, making them aware of all the things that they should be aware of.

Ask questions


We never believe in just increasing the number of clients who adopt our platform. In fact, we believe in solving the problems that different businesses are facing while answering the queries of their customers. Here, our team is accountable for the success and results that you are expecting from this platform.

Find answers

Make Things Possible

We make many things possible for your business whether it is about answering your customers’ queries, guiding your employees with your company’s process, policies, procedures. Our knowledge base platform will handle it without any efforts.

Start small

Stronger Together

When we are together, we are stronger. This is the reason why we keep our clients together with us. We are together as one team to make things easier, smoother, and possible for your business.

Share early and often

Better Every Day

We, along with our team, are constantly working on our software to make it more powerful and advanced in terms of features and functionalities. We make our platform better, allowing our clients to get more features and benefits to improve their customer service.

Optimize for the long term

One Step Ahead

We always believe in staying one step ahead from our competitors, and this is why our knowledge-sharing platform is different from other available platforms. We are always on the hunt to make our platform more advanced so that our clients have more functionalities in their hands.

Celebrate results together


You can rely on us and keep everything on our knowledge-sharing platform. You can let your customers and product users rely on our platform, answering their queries, and providing instant access to the information.

Our Team

Marie Reid

Rakesh Patel

Founder & CEO

Marie Reid

Riddhi Patel

Content Creator

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