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Leadership Workshop

18 Leadership Workshop Ideas for Management Training

Do you agree that not all leaders are born experts and have leadership skills? I believe that such skills and expertise can be taught through different workshops. Herein you can explore 18 excellent leadership workshop ideas to conduct management training.
Best Customer Service Tools

Comparison of 19 Best Customer Service Tools

Are you looking to improve customer experience and save support reps time? Automate customer service and attain all your objectives with these below-mentioned 19 best customer service tools. We have compared these tools on the basis of their features, price, ratings, and pros & cons.
Knowledge Centered Support (KCS)

What is Knowledge Centered Support And Why It Matters To You?

Today, numerous successful organizations are deploying, improving, and testing Knowledge Centered Support (KCS). It is how the agents answer the customers’ problems, make an enduring impression, interact with them while providing them solutions; and that is all that concerns. Read more to understand this concept.
User Manual: Meaning and Definition

What is a user manual and why is it important?

To make an effective user manual, first, you must understand what a user manual is. It is such a manual that contains vital information for the users to make them use the product or service in the most beneficial way. Continue reading this blog to understand it in detail.
Notion Integrations to Use

15 Best Notion Integrations to Strengthen Workflows

One of the reasons Notion has risen to a cult favorite status in the land of productivity is its simple interface. As a beginner, the Notion interface requires little to no learning curve. Let’s explore some Notion integrations that will help you raise your output and henceforth, your profit margin.
FAQ Examples

FAQ Examples: 25 FAQ Pages You Need to See

You might have observed that every professional business website contains a FAQ page. Well, this is not a simple coincidence or just another trend. FAQ pages are of utmost importance for any website. Let’s take a closer look at this concept by examining these 25 FAQ examples.
Best Knowledge Base Software for Businesses

Knowledge Base Software for Businesses: The Complete Guide

Offering a great customer experience is the new norm. Businesses are always looking to increase their client's experience as it is considered a must if you want to grow the business. Knowledge base software for business helps you avoid any kind of organizational drawbacks as vital data gets stored and shared with the team. This helps them solve customers’ queries in no time. Read on to take a deeper look at this concept.
automate customer service

5 Ways to Streamline Customer Service and Improve the User Experience

Do you aim to enhance customer experience and save support reps time? Automate customer service and attain all your objectives as your team gets more time to focus on critical tasks. You can set up a knowledge base or chatbots that helps in regulating the service. Read on to understand this concept in detail.
product positioning guide

What is Product Positioning: Strategies For Growth

Do you know what product positioning is and how it is helpful for your business? Refer to this blog that contains almost all the information about product positioning from points to consider before positioning your product to how to develop strategy for positioning for your product.

7 Bad Customer Service Habits You Need to End Right Away

Your customers may or may not remember a good customer service experience. Nevertheless, the experience stays with them subconsciously. But, they’ll surely remember a bad customer service experience, for a very long time. To make a lasting impression by offering exceptional services, read to identify and eliminate these 7 bad customer service habits.
Customer Feedback Strategy

A Comprehensive Guide to Customer Feedback Strategy

One of the vital ways to gather unique ideas for businesses for improving their products is by requesting customer feedback. For this, adopting a customer feedback strategy helps the operations and marketing department in designing creative processes to boost the business. Read on to understand this strategy in detail.
What is Root Cause Analysis (RCA)?

What is Root Cause Analysis: Problem Solving Method for Success

As a critical tool, Root Cause Analysis is a noteworthy way to conduct a system-wide and comprehensive review of vital problems as well as the factors and events that cause the issue. Ascertain the negative events, look at the complicated systems, recognize the prime points of failure, and finally, determine their respective solutions. Read on to understand what root cause analysis is!
Overcoming Collaboration Issues in Workplace

7 Collaboration Problems in the Workspace + How to Solve Them

Today’s workplaces are becoming dynamic, giving rise to collaboration problems. The best way to curb such an issue is to merge traditional techniques with modernized collaborative solutions. Adopting collaborative methods, team members can trace all the required resources and tools in one platform – in their knowledge base. Read more to get more understanding about it!
Tacit Knowledge

Tacit Knowledge: Definition & Real Examples

Have you ever experienced difficulty in expressing knowledge that you obtained from personal experience? That is exactly what tacit knowledge is termed as! In a working environment, tacit knowledge is the implementation of implicit knowledge that is specific to an organization. Read on to find more about tacit knowledge with examples.
What is Employee Handbook?

How to Create an Employee Handbook: A Complete Guide with Examples

An employee handbook is the most significant documentation of every organization. It describes your key procedures and policies and defines your company culture. In this blog, you will discover how to write a strong employee handbook that your members would like to read and follow.
Knowledge Management Examples

Knowledge Management Examples: The Best 5 Systems Explained

Disseminating data in your organization is easy when you have a reliable knowledge management system to fulfill your needs, both at the departmental and company-wide levels. Here are some of the best knowledge management examples that are devised with top features to obtain the information you require, organize and verify it, and make it easy to share and retrieve. Read on to know more about it!
Zappos Values And Culture

7 Things to Learn From Zappos Vision Statement

A positive and stable company culture has several benefits that make a company walk towards the path of success. Fostering a culture that offers top-quality products and services is the top-most priority for Zappos. It is well-known for delivering its services that are beyond the normal. For creating a robust culture, read on to understand the lessons learned from Zappos’ vision statement.
Business Principles Examples

12 Key Business Principles Examples For Success in Modern Business

All businesses prosper due to certain vital principles implemented by entrepreneurs and business owners. So, whether you are employed in a company or plan to start your own business, your knowledge of these 12 foundational business principles examples can help you attain the desired success. How? Read on to find out more about it!
Sales Battle Cards

What are Sales Battle Cards and How to Use Them?

It is a competitive open market with several and huge competitor bases. To give a breather to your sales team, sales battle cards come into the scene. The sales reps, without a battle card, are like jumping into the battleground without any plan or device. This card is a crucial tool in a salesperson’s armory. Stay hooked to avail a complete understanding of this concept.
Weekly Check In

A Guide to Making the Most Out of Your Weekly Check In

Monitoring the employee's progress and removing roadblocks they experience from time to time has become imperative. Such observation and a weekly check-in improve the work culture and henceforth the functioning of organizations. Keep reading to know how this practice boosts the morale and productivity of teams.
Weekly Cadence

How to Establish Weekly Cadence: Guide for Managers

How often should you conduct team meetings? An ideal weekly cadence requires careful consideration to schedule team meetings at a fruitful frequency. Holding a regular meeting is essential, but too many meetings can be detrimental to productivity, and lack of it can leave team members hanging. Read on to gauge an understanding of this concept.
Create a User Manual in Word

How to Create a User Manual in Word: The Complete Guide

Generating a user manual may be a hit or miss event in documentation, formatting, and research but the final output makes all the efforts worthwhile. Microsoft Word’s templates furnish a customized framework, permitting you to focus on the presentation of data about your service or product. Read on to find out how to create a user manual in word.
How to Create Interactive User Manuals?

Creating Interactive Manuals Has Never Been Easy: 8 Tips to Help You

Do you want to simplify your policy or product that poses numerous queries from your audience? To resolve these questions, incorporate interactive guides or walkthroughs that direct users to use the particular product with its utmost capacity. Here, get an in-depth understanding of creating interactive manuals in minutes!
Best Company Principles

12 Brilliant Company Principles That Drives Success

Do you agree that great businesses start small? Such companies become successful based on specific principles that are implemented by entrepreneurs and CEOs. These core values and business principles are the ones that make a company sustainable. Let’s observe 12 brilliant company principles that drive success.
How to Create a User Manual for Website?

How to Create User Manual for Websites: Guide with Benefits & Steps

A valuable user document should have all the essentials that are necessary and related to the complete product cycle. For any company, creating a user manual for a website is a useful marketing material to achieve the visioned output. Read on to examine the steps required to make one!
What is Project Post-Mortem

How to Run an Effective Project Post Mortem? The Complete Guide

Want to get a chance to divulge into a project’s course and examine why things functioned the way they did? Conduct a project post mortem meeting which not only increases transparency but also means that the next time when you run a post mortem meeting, you will have all the stats and information handy; without having to delve through ceaseless email chains.
Complete Guide - Customer Engagement Metrics

7 Customer Engagement Metrics to Track + How to Measure Them?

This intuitive guide on customer engagement metrics helps you comprehend whether your company functions well or not. With this analysis, you can gain insights on how to tweak campaigns to reverberate with your audience. Read on to select the metric that will help your business to appease the customers’ appetite for your products!
Top Open-Source User Manual Creator

How Does an Open Source User Manual Creator Do Your Job?

Choosing an open-source user manual creator seems tedious? Worry not! We have jotted down some of the best tools that are well-suited for documenting and sharing product-related information with your users. Have a glance at the software before selecting one for your business.
How to use Knowledge Sharing Methods?

Top Knowledge Sharing Methods to Use Right Now!

One of the best practices to develop a knowledge-sharing platform is to give your users a comfortable space where they can express their ideas and seek support when required. Read on to know how you can access and search relevant information, chat with a team, streamline onboarding, and generate synergy with knowledge sharing methods!
SaaS Best Practices To Grow Your Company

SaaS Best Practices: Make Your SaaS Company Grow!

A SaaS product is the major driver for consumer acquisition, preservation, and extension. For this, you need to make sure that your users get the right support at the right time from your representatives. Now enhance your customer support and reduce churn rate by following these SaaS best practices!
How to Create User Manual for Web Applications

How to Create User Manual For Web Application in 2021? (Free Templates)

Gizmos and web applications being omnipresent demands a basic understanding of technical knowledge. And this can be well-crafted in a manual where the benefits of your products are communicated well. Companies market web apps that help you target existing and potential consumers easily. To help users understand these apps, let’s examine how to create user manuals for web applications in 2021.
A comprehensive guide on CRM Reports

15 Powerful CRM Reports to Use and Why to Use Them?

Do you know that there are a number of CRM reports that are very much important for your business? In case you are not aware of those reports, then this blog is for you. Herein we have listed 15 powerful CRM reports and why to use them.
tips for successful sales presentation

Give an Outstanding Sales Presentation: 12 Tips and Tricks

Your sales presentation reveals a story, offers a demo, and shows data. It is the most important undertaking in your sales operations that demonstrates the potency of your product or service. Here, lets’ see how you can keep your prospects engaged and let them close a deal with your company.
Root Cause Analysis Templates

How to Perform Root Cause Analysis (+5 Free Templates)

A root cause analysis template or the root cause corrective action template usually includes event description, investigative method and team, timeline, root cause, and corrective action. Read on to find more about root cause analysis templates!
How to Write Effective Training Manuals

Complete Guide to Creating Effective Training Manuals

Organizations create training manuals to boost business efficiency and ensure that every employee has the information and tools necessary to stand out at their jobs. These manuals are informational guides that are easy to follow. They outline notions in clear language, using relevant images and examples. Here, let's examine how this manual can become a reliable resource for managers and employees.
Create an Internal Knowledge Base

Internal Knowledge Base: How to Build the Perfect One

What are the three most important things to consider while building an internal knowledge base? The content should be relevant, easy to find, and easy to understand! Select the information to be included carefully and opt for a reliable knowledge base software. Read on to know how to build this knowledge base!
A Complete Guide to Sales Metrics

Sales Metrics: What, When, and How to Track

Wondering how to escalate your sales performance? Assessing and monitoring sales metrics is the answer! They assist you to adjust sales compensation, identify any strategic issues, and track progress toward goals. Here, learn how sales metrics can help you transform your sales policy and drive more revenue!
Create Documentation Online

Top 7 Tools You Need to Create Documentation Online in 2021

One of the difficult parts of having software is not writing the code but documenting it. The majority of developers find such documentation to be time-consuming and complex. To overcome this hurdle, create documentation online with some awesome tools. Look no further! Read on to find some of the best documentation tools on the globe!
Intercom Review

Intercom Reviews: Pricing, Pros and Cons

Intercom is a remarkable customer support tool that helps you build custom chatbots. It gets connected to your tech stack, acts as an extension of your support team, and automates workflows. Both Intercom and CloudTutorial compete in features, and both have numerous users worldwide utilizing the tool to regulate their consumer service. Read on and help yourselves select the best one!
Different Types of Knowledge: Explicit Knowledge

Explicit Knowledge: Definition & In-Depth Explanation

Explicit knowledge, being the most basic type of knowledge, is much easier to pass along as it is documented and highly accessible. When the data is organized, structured, processed, and interpreted, the outcome is explicit knowledge. Let’s read further to gain a better understanding of the concept with this blog.
InterOffice Memo Templates

How to Write An Interoffice Memo (With Templates)

Are you planning to write an interoffice memo? Take a quick look at this blog that contains templates to help you write an interoffice memo in the simplest manner. Do check out this blog and make use of these templates.
Help Scout Review

Help Scout Review: Pros, Cons, Ratings and More!

Help Scout is an excellent tool for businesses. It has helped them forge strong customer relations. But if you still have confusion whether you should adopt this software for your business or not, then refer to this blog on Help Scout review.
SaaS Support Solutions

Best SaaS Customer Support Solutions in 2023

Amongst tech and SaaS companies, customer success is a chief buzzword. Keeping customers at the heart of their every activity is their notion. Have a trustworthy success team that can enhance the association with your customers. Read on to understand how SaaS support solutions can assist you in gaining the highest user satisfaction!
Bloomfire Competitor and Alternatives

Top Bloomfire Competitors & Alternatives

Bloomfire is one of the easiest knowledge management systems in the market, but it does come with many issues like integration problems, GUI enhancement, lack of multimedia options and more. Due to this, if you are looking for top Bloomfire alternatives and competitors, refer to this blog!
Free Internal Knowledge Management Software

Free Internal Knowledge Base Software Compared

Sharing company information with your employees through documents, pdf, emails, recorded videos is a thing of the past now. It’s high time that you ditch all of those traditional methods ...
Using Markdown for Documentation

A Complete Guide to Using Markdown For Documentation

Do you want to make use of Markdown language for documentation? Want to know how you can make use of Markdown and what are the benefits of this language? Continue reading this blog and find a complete guide on using Markdown for documentation.
How to Write a User Manual?

How to Create a User Manual that Your Users Will Love?

Creating user manuals or documentation is the best way to deliver customer service. If you invest your time into forming your manual full of valuable information, then it will yield you several benefits in the long run. Read on to learn the easy steps in making a great user manual!
Bloomfire Review

Bloomfire Review: Platform, Pricing & Usability

Eliminate panicky Slack requests, repetitive questions, and shoulder taps! How? By having a secure knowledge engagement platform – Bloomfire. It empowers your team to search information rapidly, create new content in the cloud-based platform, and upload content in any format. Here, with the Bloomfire review, get to know this product thoroughly before you adapt it!
Team Building Workshop Ideas and Games

41 Team Building Workshop Ideas to Boost Team Collaboration

Are you looking for the best team-building workshop ideas to boost team collaboration? In this blog, we have covered more than 40 team building ideas that can boost your team’s collaboration. Continue reading this blog to explore the ideas!
Find Free Online Manuals

How to Find Online Manuals for Free in Minutes?

When searching for a free online manual, there are resources that can save you from much time and effort. Having a manual not only renders you a method to store your knowledge or information, but also you can take advantage of augmented searchability. Read on more to study such manuals in detail.
Customer Service Challenges

10 Customer Service Challenges You Face and Their Solution

Generally, customer service is neglected, but it is certainly one of the most crucial functions of an organization. Also, there are certain customer service challenges that can be super frustrating to your service agent. To circumvent such odd situations, read further and find out the best solutions that let you sail through the storm!
User Manual for Software Applications

How to Write User Manual For Software Application in 5 Easy Steps

The user guide is technical documentation meant to provide instruction and information on using a particular software or system. A user manual for software applications encompasses written guides and their related images. Stay tuned to know more about writing such a software app manual!
Cost of Poor Customer Service

Curb The Cost of Poor Customer Service with These 5 Practices!

Poor customer service is one of the fastest ways for a company to lose its customers. Here, learn what are the main reasons why your customers leave displeased and unfold the facts about the cost of poor customer service. Also, observe some of the best measures that you can implement to prevent such unnecessary expenses and thrive in the market!
Knowledge Management Process

What is a Knowledge Management Process? 8 Quick Steps to Implement It

What are the basic steps and challenges of implementing knowledge management processes? Companies that make this type of investment in knowledge management attain tangible results rapidly. It helps in enhancing efficiency and facilitates better decision making across the departments. Check out this blog to find more about it.
Knowledge Base Software for Website

Knowledge Base Software for Website: The Complete Guide

These days it is common for many companies to have an online knowledge base (KB) for their users. If you are a fast-growing SaaS start-up with a huge amount of documentation, using knowledge base software for your website becomes crucial. Read on to know more about KB software solutions.
How to Write User Manual

How to Write a User Manual: Easy Steps & Tricks (Free Templates)

Each user manual should have an objective. It is also vital to know the type of audience who will read your manual to impact how you will create it. So now the real question is, ‘How to write a user manual?’ Read on to find out more about such a manual and its documentation!
Knowledge Management Tools

Best Knowledge Management Tools (KMTools)

These best Knowledge management tools (KM Tools) provide a knowledge base that can be well-integrated and used by both your employees and customers. Such self-service alternatives enhance the customer experience as the users find answers or solutions with ease.
Technical Specification Document: A Complete Introduction

How to Write Technical Specifications: The Complete Guide

Ever wondered why you need to write technical specifications and what importance does it carry? Technical spec document is the documentation every product or project manager must write before beginning the actual software development. Read on to find a complete guide on how to write technical specifications.
best technical documentation software

Best Technical Documentation Software & Tools

Technical writing and its documentation seem tedious? Ease off your burden with the right software and tools that help writers curate apt content to make the contextual information easy to understand. Then, read on to grasp an understanding of various software!
Call Center Knowledge Base Software Solution

10 Best Call Center Knowledge Base Software Compared

Knowledge base software helps call centers integrate with businesses and provide unparalleled customer support. Here is the list of 10 best call center knowledge base software that you can check and adopt for your business. Ready to explore?
Models of Knowledge Management

Models of Knowledge Management (KM Models) Explained

Want to know what knowledge management is and what are the different models of it? Then, you have landed in the right place as here we have explained KM Models in detail. So, without having a second thought, continue reading it.
Create an Online User Manual

How to Create an Online User Manual: The Comprehensive Guide

Now, creating an online user manual is no more difficult task as you can make use of the top tools that allow writing a user manual online in just a few minutes. Yes, you can try different tools and select the best one to rely on when it comes to writing user manuals.
Writing Effective Standard Operating Procedures

How to Write Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)?

No matter what type of business you are in, a precise standard operating procedure (SOP) document will assist your team members to understand how to execute routine tasks safely. There are a few vital steps you can implement in order to organize your ideas and plan the most successful path to standardizing all your processes. Let’s read more to find out how to write SOPs?
Declarative Knowledge

What is Declarative Knowledge and How to Use It?

Do you know what declarative knowledge is and how it is beneficial for your company or business? Here in this blog, we are going to discuss declarative knowledge, benefits, its examples and a lot more. So, continue reading.
Procedural Knowledge

What is Procedural Knowledge and How to Use It?

Do you know what procedural knowledge is and how you can make use of it? In simple language, it is stated as knowing how to do something. To know more about it and its examples, continue reading this blog!
Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer: Plans & Templates

Are you looking for a better way to transfer knowledge in your organization? Read this blog to get detailed plans, templates and learn the best practices for an effective knowledge transfer for any company.
Knowledge Sharing in Organizations

10 Ways To Increase Knowledge Sharing In Organizations

A company’s most treasured resource is the knowledge of its teams. When these employees share their acquired knowledge, your organization gains the advantage of everyone’s intelligence. That is why knowledge sharing plays an essential role in organizations’ success. Read on to find out more on the ways to increase knowledge sharing!
Best Atlassian Alternatives

Top 11 Atlassian Jira Alternatives for Project Management 2021

Looking for Atlassian alternatives for your project management? Let’s assess different solutions, compare competencies in categories like integration and deployment, evaluating specific product capabilities, and service and support before we opt for a Jira alternative
Knowledge Acquisition

Knowledge Acquisition: Definition & In-Depth Explanation

Knowledge acquisition is essential for the success of the organization. Find out the characteristics of knowledge acquisition and the process to capture it in this blog. Moreover, we have also answered frequently asked questions from readers.
declarative vs procedural knowledge

Declarative and Procedural Knowledge: Differences & Uses

In this blog, we are discussing the difference between declarative knowledge and procedural knowledge. In declarative vs. procedural knowledge, the former states the knowledge but not the method to apply it while the latter provides controlled information along with the required knowledge. Read on and find vital differences and uses!
Top Open Source Help Desk Software

Top Open Source Help Desk Software Compared

Looking for the best Help desk software for your business? In this blog, we have shared the 12 best open-source software to help you resolve customer grievances faster than before.
Strategic Plan Templates

7 Most Popular Strategic Plan Templates to Grow Your Business

Incorporating a strategic plan is vital for any business. But you would be thinking that developing one takes time and resources! To ease out, we have listed what a strategic plan must include and popular templates that help your company take actions towards growth. Such templates’ core aim is to plan for the attainment of long-term organizational objectives.
Flare VS RoboHELP

Top Help Authoring Software Compared: Flare vs RoboHelp

Feeling confused in deciding whether to go for Flare or RoboHelp? Don’t worry. This blog will help you determine which application is an ideal fit for you. To know about their features and in-depth comparisons, continue reading this blog!
internal knowledge base examples

Internal Knowledge Base Examples with Best Practices

An internal knowledge base (KB) or an internal KB is a database that is created by the companies for their internal use. It functions as a help center where your teams can avail the actual information they require on a real-time basis. Here are some internal knowledge base examples to understand why you need a centralized information system in our company.
SECI Model

SECI Model: Knowledge Creation & Dimensions

The SECI model is exercised to propose a collection of routines and tasks and to define knowledge formation in virtual learning lessons and aid them to turn into methodical platforms of knowledge creation. Read on to find why the SECI model is the best-recognized theoretical framework for comprehending knowledge generation procedures in any organization!
Freshdesk Review

Freshdesk Review: Features, Pricing & Details

Freshdesk is famous for its help desk offerings aimed at small-scale businesses. A reasonable price and a simple interface make it an exceptional choice. With an influential set of features assembled into an intuitive UI, learn how your agents can sign in and start solving consumer problems right away!
Google Sites Tutorial

Your Ultimate Google Sites Tutorial: Create a Free Website Now!

Want to give your current website a quick renovation or develop a completely new website? Google Sites permit you to produce and tailor-made websites with an easy-to-use and accessible platform. Read on to get a step-by-step guide on how to build a website with Google Sites!
Best FAQ Software Solutions and Tools

Best FAQ Software Solutions & Tools

Want to create the best FAQ page for your company and reduce customer queries instantly? It’s time to adopt the best FAQ software tool to create a detailed FAQ page fast, really fast. Check out top FAQ software and tools to choose from.
top gitbook alternatives

Best Gitbook Alternatives & Competitors

Looking for the best alternatives to GitBook? We have shared the 11 alternatives or we can say competitors to GitBook. To know more about them, continue reading this blog.
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