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Fully Customizable Knowledge Base Platform

Fully Customized Platform

Our platform is fully customized, allowing businesses of different industries to get tailor-made FAQ page, help desk, and SOP to share information. The platform can be customized with different themes, custom HTML/CSS, and custom contact form to meet the needs.

Organize Knowledge Base with Categories and Sub-Categories

Categories and Sub-categories Option

To make your customers, employees, and team members search easy and convenient, we have provided categories and sub-categories option in our knowledge sharing system. With sub-categories, users can easily explore different information and get what they are looking for.

Add Team members to Your Knowledge Base

Team Members

Our solution also enables businesses and entrepreneurs to add team members in the platform so that they can manage the articles, faq, and help desk and update them on time. It allows adding members with specific rights that you want to give to them.

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Workflows to keep content up to date

Knowledge your team can trust as a single source of truth

Customize your Knowledge Base

Customize HTML/CSS Option

Why use the same theme again and again? Our knowledge base software offers multiple themes so that you can choose different themes for different products. Customize the layout with HTML/CSS so that you can match your company’s brand.

Smart, Customizable Contact Form

Customize Contact Form

Our KMS platform also has a customized contact form, allowing you to edit fields in the form as per your requirement. You can edit fields by adding new, removing available ones, and editing as per the required information.

Automate documentation with integrations

Custom Domain

If you want to customize the domain using only your brand name, then our knowledge base platform also provides this option. With the custom domain, you can live your website at help.yourdomain.com.

Searchable and accessible where your team works

Cloud Tutorial brings knowledge into the context of conversations

Search that actually works

Auto SSL

The Cloud Tutorial platform also provides SSL (HTTPS) hosting for your website. When you use a subdomain of ours (e.g. https://yourname.cloudtutorial.com) HTTPS supports automatically with no set-up required.

Rename CloudTutorial Branding to your own Domain Name

Rename Cloud Tutorial Branding

If you want to rename the branding of The Cloud Tutorial from the platform, then you can do it following a few simple clicks. You can easily get rid of all CloudTutorial branding and rename it with your brand name and logo.

Change Theme and Appearance of Your Knowledge Base

Simple yet easy-to-use

Our knowledge base software is simple and easy-to-use that allows businesses to author articles, faq, help desk, and other documents of processes easily with just a few clicks. Manage your entire information, data, and important files in one place so that your employees and team members have instant access to it.

Answer repetitive questions quickly in chat

Import Files In-between Categories

Our platform also has a file import feature, allowing you to move articles, questions, files, or other documents from one category to another category. Just select the file that you want to move and import it to any category or sub-category you want.

Custom Reports on the efficiency of your Knowledge Base


The KMS solution has made it easy for you to track articles, information, and documents in terms of performance, views, and helpfulness. You can check the articles that are performing exceptionally and check the ones that need to be updated.

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