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Top 7 Bloomfire Competitors

  1. The Cloud Tutorial

    Looking for a knowledge base platform that helps the company to save their valuable time and resources to answer the same questions, again and again?

    Look no more!  The Cloud Tutorial (TCT) is the answer to all your questions.

    The primary objective of The Cloud Tutorial is to allow your customers to find their answers quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on your next big innovation.

    The Cloud Tutorial
    Using this innovative knowledge management system, the users can quickly perform the data segregation categorically into categories and sub-categories to smoothly perform knowledge management. This tool possesses strong potential with its easy-to-use word-like editor for incredibly effortless document creation. Content management is a no-brainer, and you can access and manage all the data models easily.

    So the next big question is: Who can benefit the most from The Cloud Tutorial platform?

    • Companies with 50+ employees who have to manage everything with a minimum effort
    • Startups who want to focus on innovation and growth
    • Agencies who want to provide the best service to their customers
    • Small-scale firms who want to stop asking repetitive questions

    It is not just any ordinary knowledge base product but is an advanced and feature-rich service provider for sharing knowledge. This knowledge-sharing platform provides an impressive solution in terms of essential information, documents, and offers perfect answers to their queries.

    The Cloud Tutorial helps companies of all sizes and sectors to assemble the data. The information can be any policies, essential procedures, FAQs, user manuals, guides, SOP….you can have it all, and much more, everything in one centralized location.
    The Cloud Tutorial Knowledge Management Software
    The customers can easily and instantly access it from anywhere and anytime.

    How do YOUR customers benefit?

    1. No unnecessary long, back-and-forth communication between consumers and the customer support team
    2. Consumers can quickly access all the relevant details with appropriate answers to their queries in real-time…the way 89% of millennials like it
    • Supports full customization options
    • Making the FAQ page internal, external, or both
    • Custom SSL
    • Efficient analytics and reporting
    • Responsive content management system
    • Best user experience
    • Intelligent google-like search

    Best Knowledge Management Software: The Cloud Tutorial

    What you will love about The Cloud Tutorial?

    First, let’s discuss the features mentioned above in a bit more detail.

    • Customizations: Your help pages are your brand’s property….they need to provide your complete brand experience, not some third party service. Which is exactly why you need to take full advantage of the customizations TCT offers. you can drag and drop your company’s brand logo and other branding themes, or perform the layout customization by updating the HTML/CSS files if coding is your Forte!
    • Not all information is meant for everyone. So why should your FAQ page be the same? You have 6 different options so that your FAQ page can be viewed by everyone, hidden from search engines, accessible to specific people, password-protected, and viewable for a limited period of time…the choice is yours
    • In recent years, the ‘s’ at the end of “https” has made the largest difference. You can create a secure FAQ page with our custom SSL
    • Everyone loves numbers, especially when they lead to growth. You want to know what your users are searching for, what searches did not yield any results, and much more. Maybe the next big feature update can come from your customers themselves! Get all these crucial data and statistics easily in a few clicks.
    • Let’s not forget the core of your requirements. You want to create content quickly and easily and update it even faster. With our content editor, you feel like you are writing in Word, and update means just hitting the save button and no coding at all!

    “This platform has helped me a lot in answering my customer’s never-ending questions.”

    -Williams Mark

    FAQ Software: The Cloud Tutorial
    Your articles won’t be restricted to a few pre-defined categories. Your knowledge base should not be limited by this. The Cloud Tutorial has unlimited categories, so you can organize your knowledge base to provide the best possible outcome. The users or teams can quickly search with more convenience and get inspiring results according to the category. Using the subcategory option allows the users to explore data in detail and promptly fetch the information they need.

    The next important thing is your Team Members. Chances are there are at least a few people who contribute to the knowledge base, then editors, managers, and administrators come into the picture. This knowledge sharing solution allows the users and firm to work in a team for managing knowledge base articles, FAQs, and even the self-help desk tool.

    You can choose a pre-defined role for any user, or create a custom role. In addition to this, what distinguished TCT from any other software on this list is the ability to give the same person 2 different roles in different projects/workspaces. You can be the administrator in one project and a writer in another. All of this can be done with only a few clicks and no confusion at all!

    Since TCT allows for unlimited customizations, Custom Domain comes as no surprise. Since your knowledge base should be matching your company name, and not a random number, you can select a domain name of your choice.  Just provide your preferred domain name when you sign up, and if available, TCT gives you the domain of your choice. You don’t have to do any set-up and maintenance, as TCT will do all the heavy lifting for you.

    When will TCT fail to meet expectations?

    We are a knowledge base that aims to take the donkey work out of the picture by smartly handling all the repetitive communications, be it with your customers or your employees. If one is still not over their nostalgia, answering the same thing for the 100th time via an email, TCT can help you get rid of that time consuming and unproductive system. You can answer frequently asked questions for your customers, set up SOPs and onboarding process for your employees, and have a how-to section for absolutely anything.

    But what we aren’t is an email ticketing system.  With TCT, your email load will decrease significantly, but you will still get some emails from time to time.  TCT does not provide any sort of ticketing system to help you manage your inboxes. Another service we do not provide is live chat support. Live chat can be extremely expensive and can get out of hands in no time. We do not offer live chat, as we believe that most of the questions are repetitive. Why pay more, when you can get the best services at considerably low costs.

  2. HelpJuice

    HelpJuice is another leading knowledge base software that helps the organization to deal with the creation and modification of internal and customer knowledge bases.

    With its attractive dashboard and concurrent collaboration, the agents and teams can easily avail the benefit of writing and updating the documents or information quite interactive, no matter where they are located in the world.

    What does Helpjuice offer to its consumers?

    The consumers can grab the opportunities to make selections from multiple themes and also allows them to perform the swift and customization options on a large scale.

    Helpjuice allows consumers to perform the tracking process to evaluate the knowledge base effectively. The complete details about the workforce typically search for and how effectively the search results opt to be. Such information helps the individuals view the analytics reports to perform the actionable insights for delivering the perfect knowledge management system.

    • Collaborative workspace
    • Innovative search functionality
    • Customizable branding capability
    • Self-learning search functions
    • Improvised user experience


    What users like about this Software?

    So what is so unique about this software?

    Intelligent Predictive Search: The tool allows the user to view the suggestions typically in the dropdown format once they enter any character or string in the search bar.

    Now how does the suggestion works?

    Typically, the suggestions usually occur from the extensive database and also from the user’s browsing history.

    In addition to intelligent search, there are other reasons that lead to happy customers. Some of them include Impressive Support Team, Intuitive UI, Scalability, and Simple Categorization which complete the list.

    What users don’t like about HelpJuice?

    Let’s state the obvious here. The pricing is a bit too much. For the most basic plan, you have to pay $120 per month. And this is only for 4 users. Then there is a plan that allows you to have 16 users for $200 per month, and another plan which has room for 60 users, costing you $289 per month. If your organization has more than 60 employees, be ready to pay $999 per month. Yes, that is correct! The pricing is a bit high, especially if your needs are not very complex.

    Secondly, the admin dashboard lack some of the basic features like a feedback mechanism. If you are paying for such intricate software, then this feature should be available.

    The main one on the list, the editor faces a shortage of functionalities in order to perform search options. This feature is extremely needed if you have a significant amount of articles, and you need to perform an advanced search with a lot of customizations. Lastly, the lask of Salesforce integration has disappointed a lot of users. If you don’t use Salesforce, then this is not an issue for you, but if you do, then you may want to look for alternatives that offer SalesForce integration.

  3. Confluence

    Confluence – The knowledge management solution that helps businesses of all sizes to create knowledge bases and perform project tracking on a large scale.

    Confluence allows the users to perform the content sharing typically in the form of images, documents, and even multimedia platforms. It will enable the team members to deal with the additional spaces to connect various team tasks and activities in businesses ranging from small-size to large-scale companies.

    What teams or consumers can benefit from Confluence?

    They can easily avail of the Atlassian suite’s features and functionalities as it provides strong integration with Atlassian. In addition to it, this knowledge base tool allows users to use a broader range of plugins.

    Confluence is an ideal choice for any organization that can usually handle the communication skills emerging regarding technical based needs.

    • Interactive categorization possible
    • Supports discussion boards
    • Perfect content management system
    • Efficient knowledge base management
    • Self-service portal
    • Full-text search


    What users like about this software?

    The universal information sharing platform has definitely got a lot of upvotes. If you are a large firm, then you can create a unique platform accessible to all your users. This data is available in a centralized location and is open to all the employee staff. The next thing that people like about Confluence is the extensive ecosystem of plugins and extensions. The platform consists of multiple functionalities that make it relatively easy for consumers to search the specific data from numerous sources. If you are a JIRA user, then you will particularly love the JIRA integration, which allows for smooth task management and helps the enterprise deal with basic requirements.

    The project management capabilities of this solution are also worth the mention. It facilitates project planning, designing, and implementing to a great extent. In addition to it, it also keeps track of best practices that come within the enterprise. Lastly, the documentation attributes of the tool provide efficient documentation that is relatively easy to digest. Such documentation helps the business to enhance the performance and productivity on a large scale.

    What users don’t like about Confluence?

    Firstly, the permission problem is quite a bit of a challenge to a lot of users. You want to have as much control as possible over the permission of all your users. Many users might find some difficulties in setting appropriate permissions and subsequently take no notice of upcoming notifications to work for further usage.

    Next, it also lags behind in Instance Configuration. Instance set-up is quite complicated, taking too much time, resources, and expenses for any individual to grab the working scenario of the application.

    lastly, one can’t simply turn a blind eye to the high price that comes attached to this Atlassian Product. The most significant constraint that many companies face in Confluence is its high pricing model. It typically charges as per the business needs and sometimes might go to high pricing more than expectations.

  4. Document360

    Having a unique user-interface, the various businesses of varied departments use Document360 to create innovative documents. It supports third-party integrations to quickly set up and help minimize the customer’s support request.

    Document360 is a great choice for the companies that possess huge documents for the office purpose and that too, with less resistance to change.

    What basic notion does the organization opt for?

    Using the following factors, it becomes quite interesting that organizations greatly enhance knowledge management projects’ performance and efficiency.

    • Perfect Planning
    • Accuracy in measuring business value and benefits
    • Minimizing the effects of rollout mechanism

    If we talk about the basic price structure for Document360, then for sure, it possesses interactive and attractive subscription plans that work specifically as per the organization’s budget and work experience.

    Document360’s responsive knowledge base software specifically for the large teams. It also includes impressive collaboration features of the knowledge base solution that help the enterprises deal with more efficient knowledge base platforms.

    But what about consumers? How can they avail of the benefit?

    • Creation of multiple knowledge base sites depending on various projects
    • Works on both internal and external knowledge bases categories

    Top Features

    • Ease to build, design, and implement self-service KMS
    • SaaS for document management system
    • Supports version control system
    • Perfect markdown editor
    • Advanced analytics and reporting
    • Supports discussion boards

    Document 360

    What uses like about this software?

    The first thing that gets a great amount of attention from new users is the Categorization Feature. The software allows the users or teams to categorize the articles and data to define it more smoothly. Next, the search capabilities. It provides an impressive knowledge base content that makes it relatively comfortable to deal with the search engine.

    The database integrations, due to which the teams can easily avail the benefit to grab a large number of data using multiple sources of database integration, is helpful to a lot of companies. Lastly, the developers can quickly push their codes and updates regularly to provide a cost-effective solution to the firm.

    What users don’t like about Document360?

    There are two particular things that a lot of users have expressed their opinion about. Firstly, the lack of third-party integration. The customer finds it quite complex to deal with integration supports with other applications.

    In addition to this, there is the issue with Markdown Editor. The users face multiple problems using the markdown editor as it does not allow them to perform automated spell check-in that specific mode

  5. eXo Platform

    eXo is not only a knowledge base software but is a feature-rich open-source. It will enable the team to perform collaboration that deals with knowledge management components on a large scale.

    Who can benefit the most from the eXo platform? – Medium-sized and Large-sized enterprises

    The primary goal of this knowledge management system tool is to provide the companies with an inspiring information solution to drive business performance to a great extent. In addition to it, the Exo platform allows the teams or consumers to enable the knowledge transfer among the network and subsequently improvise the training to every employee working in the firm.

    eXo platform possesses powerful document management software, allowing the users or employees to have access to secure digital file systems. It becomes relatively easy for them to store and share knowledge among the network.

    What consumers and companies do use the eXo platform?

    • Build and manage business wikis
    • Set up searchable forums
    • Streamline sharing of knowledge

    Moreover, the eXo platform provides an impressive search engine and necessary permission to access the same private details.

    • Supports remote editing
    • Provides version control system
    • Possess secure backups for future purpose
    • An impressive content management platform
    • Full-text search functionality
    • Supports social media integration (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn)

    Exo KM

    What users like about this platform?

    Let’s start with the best thing about this solution –  it’s a cost-effective pricing model. It is an essential factor that helps the enterprise and users work more efficiently without worrying about financial situations. It is typically necessary for advanced pricing models that the users can opt for the perfect selection. In addition, the platform possesses a robust, collaboration-oriented UI that helps the consumers identify the designing strategies that completely based on collaboration terminologies.

    For the extension lovers, the solution offers a collection of add-ons and Chrome extensions to help individuals perform the operations as per their business requirements. in addition to that, it allows the users to store and share information in real-time from anywhere and anytime within the firm and globally. This has made working remotely easier. Lastly, the inbuilt chat app with HD video conferencing capabilities makes it easy to communicate better between the firm and employees.

    What users don’t like about eXo?

    Firstly, storing the data in the cloud has a downside. The users typically face the flexibility issue to extract the data from the database, and the working process is too slow. So even though you are able to access your files from anywhere, it certainly takes up a considerable amount of time.

    In addition to that, the massive load system has definitely caused a lot of problems for some users. Loading data onto the system takes up a considerable amount of time, and the process is certainly not something that can be completed on the go. Lastly, the development tools are quite hard enough to help the developers to perform their operations. So there is definitely a learning curve associated with the solution.

  6. Guru

    Guru is a  cloud-based knowledge management tool that allows the companies to store their data and complete the retrieval process altogether in one place.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables the teams or agents to deal with data suggestions and get rid of searching data that opt during a service interaction.

    How does the Guru work?

    • A piece of collective company knowledge is centralized using the Guru platform, and the verification process is performed to determine its accuracy.
    • Subsequently, Artificial Intelligence comes into action to deliver essential details to users.
    • With most proficient communication and collaboration apps, it becomes relatively easy for employees to access the knowledge using Slack and Chrome.

    Guru follows the principle: Delivering the perfect knowledge to the ideal place. This eventually saves the user’s time and effort in searching for the information.  In simple words, Guru is concerned with a knowledge management system and works with an organization’s collective intelligence.

    Apart from AI, Guru uses Machine Learning technology to enhance business performance and productivity to a great extent. Moreover, It allows the businesses to perform the upgrade process daily and related workflow to work as per the time and function.

    • Regular reminders for knowledge base updates
    • Supports reporting and analytics
    • Possess web application and browser extension
    • Live chat support
    • Knowledge base management
    • Cataloging functionality
    • Self-Service Portal

    Guru KM

    What users like about this platform?

    The first thing that a lot of users like about this software is its Slack and Chrome Extension. These extensions make work relatively easy and quick. The next thing users love is its drag and drop feature, which makes re-organizing articles surprisingly quick.

    The last thing to complete this list is its Intuitive UI. The tool has a powerful and responsive user-interface that simplifies the users’ daily operations. The user also has an innovative option to perform customization on such UI to work on their business requirements.

    What users don’t like about Guru?

    Knowledge management tools are designed to make lives easy. But sometimes, certain features make things harder. One such thing is the layout tools of Guru. The software possesses weak layout tools. It means that the users or teams might find more difficulty searching for the required data in a specified format.

    The next thing is the lack of “drafts”. If you have written an article, but are not ready to publish it yet, or are waiting for a second opinion before publishing it, then the lack of this feature will certainly cause problems for you.

    In addition to this, there are several instances where the software crashes. You will lose all your data in such cases, and many people have been compelled to take a backup on google drive, or other forms of cloud storage, due to the unreliability of the solution.

    lastly, the search algorithm and the AI feature is not the best. even though the tool is being updated, if you are one of us, can’t live without the AI, then this is definitely going to cause you a lot of problems. The search results are inaccurate from time to time, and work is done to improve it.

  7. Sabio

    For any organization that primarily aims to deal with the constant updating of the system in its knowledge management strategy, Sabio is the one-stop solution.

    The corporation or the employees can quickly store and fetch the company’s data or information smoothly. Sabio typically follows the “Tree” structure, which allows the users to search for their knowledge base articles quite easily.

    The suggestion typically identifies the range that needs to work as per the customer’s primary goals.

    Who can benefit from Sabio?

    Sabio is a cloud-based KMS that deals with cross-organizational businesses, typically of all sizes.

    One of the essential key points is its self-learning search. In such a case, the system uses smart algorithms to have learning processes from a user’s interactions. This eventually helps the users to find data that needs to be more efficient and productive.

    Do you know Helpjuice and Sabio share common characteristics? Yes, you read it correctly.

    • Great Importance to convenience
    • Easy-to-Use platform
    • Supports WYSIWYG content editor
    • Astonishing archiving and versioning
    • Templates configuration

    The companies can quickly perform the knowledge bases optimization by providing knowledge base analytics to them.

    • Easy to use, deploy, and administer
    • CRM support
    • Ticketing app integration
    • Decision tree
    • Effective API
    • Available in iOS and Android
    • Supports plugins for ZenDesk, FreshDesk, and Salesforce


    What users like about this software?

    If you like things done quickly, then you will love the quick implementation of this platform. The platform provides an impressive way of designing, building, and deploying the knowledge base smoothly. In addition to the quick implementation, the on-boarding process is quick as well. This software is incredibly easy to use, and the platform allows consumers to deal with quick administering and information sharing unambiguously.

    The cost-performance ratio is extremely justified for this software. You get great features, for the amount you pay. The price is fair, and the usability is great. Lastly, the minimalist design, with only the necessary items and options increase a great deal of productivity.

    What users don’t like about Sabio?

    The first issue that this platform faces is the lack of integration. There are no integration options, and this makes work tedious sometimes. In addition to this, the search function is not lightning fast like Google and does need a bit of time to get a hang of. So if you have a lot of articles, and new people joining your organization frequently, you can finish the story here, as your life will get unimaginably harder in no time.

    The most common issue is with the slow editor. the document editor is quite slow. So it takes a lot of time to download your reports and articles. But the bigger challenge is the slow saving of changes. If you are editing a document, and making multiple changes, the time to save those changes is definitely enough to reduce productivity.

So, these were the number of alternatives to Bloomfire. Each of these software solutions has great functionality and a great fit for your needs.


Bloomfire is a platform that allows organizations and their team to make perfect decisions with self-assurance. It involves user engagement by centralizing and sharing information to make it searchable among the network. In addition to it, the firm can quickly connect, store, and share people, processes, and knowledge.

Bloomfire is the best knowledge base collaboration platform that makes the enterprise to deal with impressive customer service.

  • Organization-Wide Knowledge Engagement
  • Market Research and Insights
  • Interactive Customer Support
  • Implementation and configuration must be easily accessible
  • The current knowledge management system must support third-party integration
  • Must fulfill the core training requirements and its related materials
  • Must be easy to use by any means
  • Should support impressive search functionality
  • Effective Customer service
  • Pricing model as per budget


Which one of the Bloomfire Competitors is the best for your organization’s needs?

We have seen almost seven top-most alternatives to Bloomfire based on recent user reviews. The Cloud Tutorial (TCT) is one of the Bloomfire alternatives options that provide impressive customer service solutions in terms of security and knowledge sharing among the employees residing in the firm.

Moreover, throughout this blog, Bloomfire’s competitors cover the complete information regarding the team collaboration platform within your company.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this content, you can share your valuable feedback or contact us for further details.

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