Top Bloomfire Competitors & Alternatives

Are you looking for an alternative to Bloomfire to give your team a contextual knowledge quality management solution? Then, it’s a great decision. 

Bloomfire is a well-known collaboration and knowledge management platform designed to offer a range of features, including file sharing, discussion forums, and analytics tools. 

However, despite its popularity, it may not always be the right fit for some organizations. That’s why it’s important to consider alternative solutions that can offer similar capabilities and meet the unique needs of your team. 

In this blog, we will take a closer look at some of the top Bloomfire competitors and alternatives, comparing their top features, pros, and cons to help you make an informed decision.  So, without further delay, let us discover the best solutions for your team’s needs!

Top 7 Bloomfire Competitors

  1. CloudTutorial

    The first bloomfire competitor on the list is The Cloud Tutorial. A knowledge base platform that helps the company to save their valuable time and resources to answer the same questions, again and again, is The Cloud Tutorial (TCT). The primary objective of The Cloud Tutorial is to quickly provide customers with the information they need. 

    Using this innovative knowledge management system, the users can quickly perform the data segregation categorically and even sub-category to smoothly perform knowledge management. 

    This tool possesses the solid potential for efficiently deal with easy-to-use content management by using an editor to access and manage all the company data models easily.

    Who can benefit the most from The Cloud Tutorial platform?

    • Top companies
    • Startups
    • Agencies
    • Small-scale firms

    It is an advanced and feature-rich service provider for sharing knowledge, not just any ordinary knowledge base product. This knowledge-sharing platform provides an impressive solution for essential information, documents and offers perfect answers to their queries.

    The Cloud Tutorial helps companies of all sizes and sectors to assemble the data. Such information can be any policies, essential procedures, FAQs, user manuals, guides, SOP all together in one centralized location. 

    The customers can easily and instantly access it from anywhere and anytime. With the help of TCT, you can provide a high-quality customer experience.

    Top Features

    • Supports full customization options
    • Maintaining team members internally and externally
    • SSL integration
    • Efficient analytics and reporting
    • Responsive content management system
    • Best user experience


    • The categorization option allows users to search with more convenience quickly.
    • The Team Members feature allows the users to work in a team for managing knowledge base articles.
    • Users create pages using a wide range of themes using layout customization.
    • Domain customization to match the brand name.


    • Lack of email ticketing system
    • No Live Chat Support

    Looking For The Best Platform To Create Knowledge Base?

    CloudTutorial is a KB software, allowing businesses to create knowledge base platforms, user manuals, and FAQ pages.

  2. HelpJuice

    HelpJuice inc is one of the leading and top-notch knowledge base tools that help the organization deal with the creation and modification of internal and customer knowledge bases to a great extent. HelpJuice aims to organize company knowledge & expertise and make it accessible and shareable. It can deliver a knowledge base at the right time, saving users the effort of searching for it.  

    Helpjuice inc allows consumers to perform the tracking process to evaluate the knowledge base portal effectively. Such information helps the individuals view the analytics reports to perform the actionable insights for delivering the perfect knowledge management system. It also allows user feedback on its knowledge bases. 

    Top Features

    • Collaborative workspace
    • Attractive dashboard
    • Innovative search functionality
    • Customizable branding capability
    • Self-learning search functions
    • Improvised user experience
    • File sharing services


    • Intelligent Predictive Search to view the suggestions typically in the dropdown format.
    • It provides an impressive support team.
    • Intuitive UI that brings more interest to the user.
    • Scalability to quickly adjust, no matter the business size and type.
    • Simple categorization.


    • Lack of feedback mechanism.
    • A shortage of functionalities in order to perform search options.
    • Limited integration to Salesforce
  3. Confluence

    Confluence is the perfect knowledge management solution that helps businesses of all sizes create knowledge bases and perform project tracking on a large scale.

    Confluence users can share content typically in images, documents, and even multimedia platforms. Furthermore, Confluence will enable the team members to deal with the additional spaces to connect various team tasks and activities in small-size to large-scale companies.

    Confluence is ideal for any organization that can usually handle the sales enablement solutions and communication skills emerging regarding technical-based needs. Atlassian Confluence, as compared to Bloomfire, is an innovative project management tool as the best call center software.

    Top Features

    • Interactive categorization possible
    • Supports discussion boards
    • Perfect content management system
    • Efficient knowledge base management
    • Full-text search


    • Data is available in a centralized location and is open to all the employee staff.
    • Extensive ecosystem of plugins and extensions.
    • Support platform integration.
    • Efficient documentation that is relatively easy to digest.


    • Permission problem.
    • Cross-organization collaboration issue.
    • High cost.
  4. Document360

    Having a unique and magnificent user interface, the various businesses of varied departments use Document360 to create an innovative base platform. It supports third-party seamless integrations to quickly set up a sales enablement solution and help minimize the customer’s support request.

    Document360 is the perfect choice for companies that possess huge office documents with less resistance to change. 

    Document360 is the leading and most responsive knowledge base software specifically for large teams’. It also includes impressive collaboration features of the knowledge base solution that help the enterprises deal with more efficient knowledge base platforms. 

    Top Features

    • Ease to build, design and implement self-service KMS
    • SaaS for document management system
    • Supports version control system
    • Perfect markdown editor
    • Advanced analytics and reporting
    • Supports discussion boards


    • Categorization features to categorize the articles and data to define it more smoothly.
    • Intuitive knowledge base management.
    • Database integrations.
    • Best for developers.


    • Lacking Third-Party Integration.
    • The issue with Markdown Editor.
  5. Tettra

    Tettra is a cloud-based internal knowledge management system for in-house teams to manage knowledge, projects, documents, and collaboration. It is excellent for customer-facing teams, agencies, and even large organizations and infuses trust across your organization.

    With Tettra, your team can easily search the knowledge base for answers and perform internal knowledge sharing without leaving their internal chat tools. It makes the onboarding of new employees a hassle-free experience. Tettra’s knowledge base fosters knowledge sharing, encourages collaboration, and gives employees easy access to expert-verified business knowledge.

    Top Features

    • Internal knowledge base repository
    • Search and organization
    • Customizable templates
    • Commenting and collaboration
    • Access management
    • Integration with other tools
    • Analytics function


    • MS teams and Slack integration
    • User-friendly interface
    • Easier navigation
    • Unlimited data storage


    • Suitable for internal use only
    • Sometimes work slow
    • Few bug reports
  6. Sabio

    For any organization that primarily aims to deal with the constant updating of the system in its knowledge management strategy, Sabio is the one-stop solution.

    The corporation or the employees can quickly store and fetch the company’s data or information smoothly. In addition, Sabio typically follows the “Tree” structure, which allows the users to search for their knowledge base articles quite easily.

    With Sabio, the system uses smart algorithms to have learning processes from a user’s interactions. This eventually helps the users to find data that needs to be more efficient and productive.

    The companies can quickly perform the knowledge bases optimization by providing knowledge base analytics to them. 

    Top Features

    • Easy to use, deploy, and administer
    • CRM support
    • Ticketing app integration
    • Decision tree
    • Effective API
    • Available in iOS and Android
    • Supports plugins for ZenDesk, FreshDesk and Salesforce


    • Quick Implementation.
    • Best for all business sizes and types
    • Extensive service center knowledge.


    • Lacking Search Function.
  7. eXo Platform

    eXo platform is not only a knowledge base software option but is a feature-rich open-source. Therefore, it will enable the team to perform collaboration that deals with a knowledge management platform on a large scale. 

    Who can benefit the most from the eXo platform? – Medium-sized and Large-sized enterprises.

    The primary goal of this knowledge management system tool, exo platform, is to provide the companies with an inspiring information and sales enablement solution to drive business performance and revenue to a great extent. 

    In addition to it, the Exo platform allows the sales teams or consumers to enable the knowledge transfer with each other in the network and subsequently improvise the training to every employee working in the company. 

    Moreover, exo platform is a knowledge base software that provides an impressive search engine and necessary permission to access the same private details.

    Top Features

    • Supports remote editing
    • Robust document management software
    • Provides version control system
    • Possess secure backups for future purpose
    • An impressive content management platform
    • Full-text search functionality
    • Better customer support
    • Supports social media integration (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn)


    • Cost-effective pricing model.
    • Collaboration-oriented UI that helps the consumers identify the designing strategies.
    • Wide range of add-ons.
    • Cloud-Based to store and share information in real-time from anywhere and anytime within the firm and globally.
    • A better way of communication.


    • Data Extraction Issue.
    • Massive Load System.
  8. Guru

    Guru is a  cloud-based impressive knowledge management tool that allows companies to store their data and complete the retrieval process altogether in one place. 

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables the sales teams or agents to deal with data suggestions and get rid of searching data that opt during a service interaction.  

    How does the Guru work?

    • A piece of collective company knowledge is centralized using the Guru platform, and the verification process is performed to determine its accuracy.
    • Subsequently, Artificial Intelligence comes into action to deliver essential details to users. 
    • With the most proficient communication and collaboration apps, it becomes relatively easy for Guru users to access the knowledge using Slack and Chrome.

    Guru follows the principle: Delivering the perfect knowledge to the ideal place eventually saves the user’s time and effort.  In simple words, Guru is concerned with a knowledge management system and works with an organization’s collective intelligence.

    Apart from AI, Guru uses Machine Learning technology to enhance business 

    performance, revenue, sales enablement and productivity to a great extent. 

    Top Features

    • Regular reminders for knowledge base updates
    • Supports reporting and analytics
    • Possess web application and browser extension
    • Live chat support
    • Knowledge base management
    • Cataloging functionality 


    • It comes with a Slack and Chrome extension add-on.
    • Perfect and Intuitive UI that simplifies the users’ daily operations.
    • Advanced layout tools.


    • Complicated Drag-and-Drop feature
  9. Slite

    Slite allows remote teams to share knowledge in a single space to stay connected. That’s what Slite is excellent at doing. 

    Slite is an all-in-one knowledge-sharing solution with a simple interface for knowledge management and team collaboration. It can be used to create channels where they can store documents, spreadsheets, charts, and videos and easily collaborate with other teams or team members. Slite’s template includes ready-to-use documents, company handbooks, meeting notes, and more.

    Top Features

    • Real-time collaboration
    • Search and organization
    • Version History
    • Access control
    • Integration
    • Custom branding


    • Easy import and export features for GoogleDocs, Evernote
    • Track the progress of different teams
    • Unlimited workspace
    • Ready-made templates


    • Rendering speed issues
    • Difficult to copy and paste
    • Limited data storage
    • No SEO features


    • Quick Implementation.
    • Best for all business sizes and types
    • Extensive service center knowledge.


    • Lacking Search Function.

So, these were the number of top alternatives to Bloomfire competitors that help us to deal with easily accessible knowledge base platforms within the organization on a large scale.


Want To Know How CloudToturial Helps You?

CloudTutorial is a knowledge sharing platform to manage to answer your customers’ queries in matter of seconds.

Bloomfire is a platform that allows organizations and their team to make perfect knowledgeable decisions with self-assurance. It involves user engagement by centralizing and sharing information to make it searchable among the network.

Bloomfire is the best knowledge base collaboration platform that makes the enterprise to deal with the following factors of impressive customer service:

  • Organization-Wide Knowledge Engagement
  • Market Research and Real-Time Insights
  • Interactive Customer Support
  • Implementation and configuration must be easily accessible
  • The current knowledge management system must support third-party integration
  • Must fulfil the core training requirements and its related materials
  • Must be easy to use by any means
  • Pricing model as per budget


Now that you have checked all the 7 alternatives of Bloomfire, you can choose one for your needs and requirements. Mentioned alternatives and competitors of Bloomfire are well-known for their advanced features and functionalities that make things easier to manage when it comes to internal and external knowledge management. 

Among listed options, CloudTutorial is one of the Bloomfire alternatives options that provide impressive customer service solutions in terms of security and knowledge sharing among the employees working in the firm. 

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