5 Amazing Customer Feedback Forms You Need To See

We understand that a customer’s feedback and opinions are significant because they influence the sustainability of the company through its whole lifecycle.  The best way to rapidly collect such feedback is with the customer feedback forms.  Some forms are intended to accumulate a lot of simple replies speedily.

While other forms are designed to collect in-depth data and manage it efficiently.  In this blog, we have listed some of the amazing customer feedback forms that you need to see today.

What Is A Customer Feedback Form And Why Do You Need One?

To be more efficient, you require to get customer feedback on parts of the business that are significant.  Producing and conveying an operative customer feedback form template to understand and measure what brings consumer loyalty is crucial to business development. 

Nevertheless, going about it inaccurately can essentially drive down customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and draw invalid or improper conclusions.

Customer Feedback Form

A customer feedback form is a technique of attaining answers about your service, business, and product from the users.  The objective of such forms is to attain a good understanding of the complete customer experience at your organization, so you can identify what fragments of your product or service require improvement.

Customer feedback is the information supplied by customers about whether they are dissatisfied or satisfied with a service or product and about the overall experience they had with an enterprise.  Their view is a source for enhancing customer experience and modifying the actions to their requirements. 

Such information can be accumulated with diverse types of surveys that will help you get a complete picture of how your customers observe your brand.

Why You Need A Customer Feedback Form

Huge giants understand an imperative role that customer feedback form template plays in the business.  They constantly pay attention to the opinions of their customers.  If you also want to be ahead of the prevailing competition you must never cease listening to your customers’ feedback whether it is negative or positive.

  • It aids you to ascertain customer satisfaction.
  • It allows you to listen to the voice of the customers.
  • It assists to classify unhappy consumers and work in the direction of improving the experience.
  • It makes consumers feel important and involved.
  • It aids to detect happy consumers and supports in retaining them.
  • It assists in making significant business decisions.
  • It states the areas that require improvement and the areas which are functioning well.

5 Customer Feedback Form That Work

The customer feedback form is the tool that is utilized to gauge customer satisfaction and ascertain whether or not the business is capable of achieving its set goal.  The goal could be anything from how simple it is to search for certain information on the website or product satisfaction.  Below are some of the most popular customer feedback form types:

  1. Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Net Promoter is the percentage of consumers rating their probability to recommend a product, a service, or a company to a colleague or friend as 9 or 10 – promoters; minus the fraction rating this at 6 or below – detractors, on a measure from 0-10. 

    The respondents who give a score of 7 are denoted as ‘passives’; and do not include in the total percentage calculation.  The outcome of such a calculation is stated without a percentage symbol.

    It is the management tool that is used as an estimate of customer satisfaction and has been presented to connect revenue growth relative to the competitors in the market.  NPS has been extensively implemented by Fortune 500 businesses and other such organizations. 

    Employers or companies ask the enquiries of the employee, customer, or other such respondents like partners, suppliers, and resellers.

    NPS has a range between −100, being all the respondents as ‘detractors’ and +100, being all the respondents as ‘promoters’.  The scores fluctuate considerably between trades, so a decent score is simply the one whose tendency is better than that of contenders in the identical industry.

    You can calculate your complete NPS by subtracting the portion of detractors – particularly, those who replied with a number between 0 and 6 – from the percentage of promoters – those who replied with 9 or 10.  Since these statistics are measured as a percentage, the total NPS mark can be between 100 and -100, irrespective of the number of consumers surveyed. 

    Such a score has been depicted to connect with other commercial metrics, like revenue and customer retention, so it is an apt indicator of how your company is performing overall.

    Ting, the phone service, presents a decent example of NPS customer feedback surveys.  This survey asks a simple NPS question – ‘How probable are you to recommend Ting to a colleague or friend?’ – and an open-ended follow-up enquiry – ‘State more about why you opted for this number.’ 

    In this way, the customers can mention the things they principally liked or did not like.  This collects vital data without overwhelming the customers with queries.

    Efficiency Score: 4.5/5

    UX Score: 4/5

    Value Score: 4.5/5

  2. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

    Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score presents you with a measurable and easy method to ascertain any portion of your business.  CSAT utilizes a scale of 1-3 or 1-5 and asks consumers to rate their contentment.

    Subway proves to be a good instance of CSAT and NPS customer feedback examination.  This uncomplicated, three-part consumer feedback survey offers a general satisfaction score out of 10, satisfaction scores on distinct features of the eatery, and an open-ended box where the customers can supply more data and the business can study more about precise advantages or problems.  This is an exceptional starting point for forming your CSAT feedback form.

    Such a survey is perfect when you require the following:

    • Data on the most essential aspects of your company
    • Gathering customer feedback rapidly
    • Computable information to compare month to month or year over year

    This type of survey has the below-mentioned advantages:

    • Effortlessly quantifiable
    • Pictures make the survey easy to read and comprehend
    • Provides specific and general information
    • Easy to compare data year over year
    • Easy for consumers to fill out

    Efficiency Score: 4/5

    UX Score: 4.5/5

    Value Score: 4.5/5

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  3. Detecting Problems

    Customer feedback surveys can be utilized to evaluate a customer’s overall feelings or experience about your company, or they might measure a particular communication.  Some feedback forms can be employed to view how your service or product functions. 

    After use or visit, a brief survey can exhibit what operated well and what did not.  This kind of survey works well with the apps, where you can instantly deliver and submit a survey within the platform.

    Skype is a notable example of such a type of survey.  After attending each Skype call, this feedback survey provides customers with a rapid general assessment and a list of the most occurring issues experienced on the call. 

    However, a single survey is not of much help by itself.  The collections of surveys depict Skype problems that are most prevalent and whether such problems have been diminished or not.

    Efficiency Score: 3.5/5

    Value Score: 4/5

  4. Knowing Your Customer

    Most of the customer feedback survey examples are about customer’s replies to your company, nevertheless, certain surveys are exercised to collect more data about your customers explicitly. 

    Understanding who your consumers are, their jobs, concerns, what they anticipate from your company, and other such information can assist you to serve them in a better way.  The best method to collect such information is to enquire utilizing a customer survey.

    This type of survey is generally longer and more comprehensive than other available surveys.  Hubspot, a marketing automation platform, proves to be a good instance of the data-gathering consumer survey. 

    Utilizing a series of queries about the customers’ responsibilities, jobs, and technology usage, Hubspot was capable to see what challenges and concerns their consumers faced, and how they could provide the best solution.

    Efficiency Score: 3.5/5

    Value Score: 4/5

  5. Customer Effort Score (CES)

    Customer Effort Score (CES) measures how tough a specific task is to finish.  Utilizing several pictures, a consumer can define how difficult or easy it was to finish these tasks.  This is generally used to evaluate purchasing experiences or customer service responses, however, it has other additional usages too.

    A great example of a CES survey is the Customer survey application Starred.  Here, images make it easy to choose quickly the appropriate reply and eradicate any misperception.  A follow-up question permits consumers to define any apparent issues they met or certain things they found particularly appropriate.

    Efficiency Score: 4/5

    UX Score: 4.5/5

    Value Score: 4/5

Common Elements In These Amazing Customer Feedback Forms

The best customer feedback forms are those that are simple and engaging.  To assist you to create a robust feedback form, consider these common elements:

  • Match labels and fields:  Place every label close to its matching field.  This lessens the time it takes for any user to finish the form.
  • An important role of white space:  White space can aid decrease general reader tiredness and help consumers distinguish between diverse segments of the form easily.
  • Make a receptive mobile design:  With around 3.5 billion smartphone consumers globally, receptive mobile designs for such feedback forms have turned out to be more significant than ever.  Every online form must comprise a vigorous mobile experience or at least can resize the form.
  • Try not to make every field mandatory:  Whenever feasible, offer your customers some optional fields.  In this way, they can finish as much or as little of the form as they desire.
  • Comprise a ‘free text’ box:  You can request your users if there is anything they would like to share or you can certainly ask a precise open-ended question.
  • Form steady rating scales:  If you comprise more than one query with rating scales, make sure that the scales are consistent.  If 1 is stated to be the best and 5 is stated to be the worst in the first question, do not change this scale in the subsequent questions. 

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How To Create A Customer Feedback Form?

How to create Customer Feedback Forms?

The easiest method to ask customers to view and classify growth opportunities is to have a streamlined and simple feedback form.  A customer feedback form template must comprise clear questions, easy to understand instructions, and clean-looking elements.  In this section, let’s observe how to create a customer feedback form.

Step 1. Build Using The Right Elements

a) Select the form elements

There are manifold elements that you can include in your customer feedback form template – ranging from open-ended questions to scoring.  You can device usual research elements into your survey form too.  With CloudTutorial, you can easily set up apt elements that can make your form user-friendly.  You must build such forms that can even be embedded in your mobile app.

There are several kinds of scoring elements that you can add to your form.  The two prominent types are Customer Effort Score (CES) and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

b) Routing

For more knowledgeable users, routing is also offered.  This is exercised when you need the customers to reply to a follow-up enquiry based on their preceding reply.

c) Contact Details

Another component that proves to be helpful for your feedback form template is gathering the contact details of your visitors.  You can make a form that requests – name, telephone number, and e-mail address.  Utilizing this data, you can follow-up or take action on the feedback delivered by each consumer.

Step 2. Design

Now that you know what questions you want to ask, it is time to personalize the feedback form template by providing them with your own style.

a) Exclusive feedback form

You can modify the look and feel of your form by aligning them with your organization’s house-style or corporate identity.  In this phase, you can integrate things like your brand logo and create the form that appears to be the part of your website.

b) Supplementary design instructions

In terms of design, you must avoid any sort of clutter and the form looks uncomplicated.  To be visually appealing, make sure you label well.  And most importantly, do not force your customers to provide feedback because it is completely voluntary.

Step 3. Configure

This is the last and the most strategic phase of building a customer feedback form.  There are numerous pain points in the customer expedition that prove to be good moments that initiate feedback requests.  The two chief points that are most effective are exit forms and task completion.

a) Task completion form

Targeting consumers who have finished a definite task on your website can be very significant.  This task can be a purchase or simply forming a new account.  With this kind of feedback form, you can request relevant and distinct questions about the procedure they have just finished.

b) Exit form

It is relatively common for customers to cease their online actions.  For example, customers will add numerous items to the cart and then may leave your site.  By implementing an exit survey form, you can enquire – ‘Why didn’t you make the purchase?’ and ‘What can we do to improve the checkout procedure?’

c) Preview

After having saved your alterations in the system and you have configured the feedback form, you can utilize the preview page to view all the changes and how the final look appears.  This is an apt way of observing what your consumers will view when incited to fill the form.

d) Examine and act

After all the set-up, here comes the most critical phase of the procedure – examine and then take the necessary action.  Several giants contain the feedback tools but do not do anything with the collected data.  In fact, grab this opportunity to involve with your consumers and provide them with a pleasant and meaningful customer experience.

To create a customer feedback form, you can keep required fields to a minimum, use multiple-choice questions instead of text boxes, add a small prize to motivate respondents, and tell the users how long it takes to complete your feedback form.
The 5 best ways to get consistent feedback from your consumers are usability tests, feedback boxes, reach out directly, user activity, and surveys.
The questions that must be included in a feedback form are:
  • Do you feel our customer service is worth the cost?
  • How do you define the purchasing experience?
  • What challenges are you facing?
  • What persuaded you to purchase the product?

Understanding your customers’ interaction with your product or service is a vital part to improve your business.  You may use these customer feedback forms to get the desired outcome.  Consider what you require to achieve with each one and select a survey that suits your objectives. With CloudTutorial, get the right tools and survey to collect feedback and enhance your productivity to deliver consistent results to your customers.

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