Best Digital Knowledge Management Platforms to Boost your Business

What if I tell you that Google processes around 40K search queries per second – the figure is astonishing, right? One thing is proven that people trust the digital medium to get the most updated wealth of information. So, it becomes a duty for local businesses to update the correct information. Mostly, the customers seek to name, address, and phone number to get in touch with your business. And if you do not withstand to offer this information correctly, you may likely lose customers. According to reports, 80% of potential customers abandon the brand if they find incorrect information.

You must have heard a famous saying, “The first impression is the last impression,” and that very well suits here. The customer experience should be a top priority for any business, and not delivering it efficiently will negatively impact the business’s growth. If you are a business person who acknowledges to deliver correct business information (name, phone number, address, opening & closing hours, product catalog, menu, etc.) and considers the internet and technology to be vital for delivering the right data, then you should ponder upon Digital Knowledge Management(DKM) Platforms. The DKM ensures maintaining correct information on digital platforms to increase the footfalls and ROI of your business.



What is Digital Knowledge Management?

In simple words, Digital Knowledge Management means, the creation and management of business information and facts about business on public-discoverable digital platforms. All these pieces of information are available on the website and that makes it a center of attraction. But recently, it has been noted that 73% of traffic comes from third-party mediums, which means the consumer’s way of searching for information has been evolved. The third-party includes search engines, voice assistants, chat interfaces, maps, and directories. And keeping it up-to-date is as equally important as maintaining your website.

Bigger businesses can afford to hire a knowledge manager that takes care of curating business information to make it available for the public, and regularly updates different channels. But what about the local businesses? For them, digital knowledge management platforms prove to be a boon as it increases visibility, maximizes brand awareness, and enhances customer experience.

Customers are curious to get information like:

  • Store address, phone number, and email address
  • Working hours – in case of emergencies
  • Product, inventory, or service details
  • Details of occasional events – time, date, and description
  • Seasonal products

As there is a long list to update, it becomes a time-consuming task to maintain all this information on different channels, and that’s where knowledge management platforms play a crucial role in your business.

How will Digital Knowledge Management Elevate Your Business Revenue?

Digital Knowledge Management Advantages

Insufficient/inaccurate information is the primary reason why your customers may switch to another brand/business. And that’s why it is important to stand on your toes when it comes to providing business information correctly.

Imagine, a scenario where a customer looks for a phone number on search engines to get in touch with you. They get a number from Google under your brand name and get defrauded with X amount. Horrible, isn’t it? You may not only lose a customer, but your brand might put on stake if he/she files a complaint against your brand name.

Digital knowledge management platforms will relieve you and your local businesses from all the pains that you might suffer from. It has the power to improve your business search rank and get your business discovered by more number of people online. Also, by providing accurate and correct information, you may retain existing customers as well as gain new ones for your business.

And not only this, a perfect marketing strategy is one that ensures all-round visibility of your brand. DKM is one out of the pool of strategies. The other marketing strategy includes viewing of customer reviews, responsiveness, load-time, etc. By accumulating all the strategies, you could reap the desired results. We can suggest that hiring a knowledge management company could be an ideal decision in the current market scenario. The company will help in implementing the marketing strategy and earning greater revenue.

According to Google, 76% of people will visit the place the same day, who search it on google, and out of this, 28% will likely make a purchase. The other benefits of digital knowledge are:

  • Ensure higher customer satisfaction
  • Discoverability on search engines
  • Gain a larger audience
  • Delivering consistent and accurate information

5 DKM Platforms To Consider For Your Business

  1. Yext

    Yext is one of the most popular digital knowledge management platforms that widely used and adopted by businesses, enterprises, and startups worldwide to answer their customers’ queries every time when they search. It offers the most accurate answers to your consumers on your behalf. The primary job of Yext is to widely answer your digital audience and hold them to your business. It is one of the apps that support companies by managing their digital knowledge in the period of search engines, voice search, and intelligent services.

    Many big sharks like Taco Bell, Rite Aid, Steward Health Care, T Mobile, and Marriot make use of this digital management platform to easily manage their digital information. It also offers integrations with Google Assistant, Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home Mini. This DKM solution helps brands and companies to enhance their brand engagement, boost overall sales, and increase traffic. It has proven to be an exemplary solution for B2C business models, where customers like to personally visit the store.

  2. BirdEye

    BirdEye is a SaaS platform that collects feedback from different portals on behalf of their customer (business) to better understand them and implement the ones that are right for the business objective. The marketing communications that happen at BirdEye is simple and easily understandable. They fetch the data by listening to the customers and employees on different channels, reviews, and surveys. After that, the software analyzes the information with the help of NLP or BigData, and then take necessary actions.

    The industries that BirdEye serves are Dental, Healthcare, Real Estate, Legal, Automotive, Insurance, Hospitality, and many more. And the companies that trust BirdEye are MathisBrothers, Echo Wireless, Complete Care, and Teague Chiropractic. Also, the business uses this DKM to be visible online through the use of reviews. It is one of the best solutions for the businesses that want to sustain for the long-term and ensure high revenue.

  3. optimizes customer experiences online and onsite and figure out the methods to improve the service for boosting revenue. This DKM platform provides a reputation score to business after analyzing how the business is found online and onsite. The measuring scale ranges from 100 to 1000 considering 9 different factors to evaluate and analyze. The company has brilliant brains that include engineers, scientists, and analysts that have developed a formula to calculate the reputation score. All these professionals come from top -tier schools like Standford and Berkley.

    This DKM platform builds a mobile app that allows you to evaluate the insights and take necessary steps if things don’t go in your favor. You can check the review and respond to it on the go. You get a detailed report of your business’s reputation based on numerous factors and the visibility of your brand. The company has received many accolades for its uninterrupted and accurate insights. The major stakeholders who consider as their helping hand are Banner Health, BMW, Ford Motor, Hertz, General Motors, US bank, more than 750 others.

  4. Bloomfire

    Bloomfire is a Saas-based company that creates web-based software apps that bolsters the knowledge and insight sharing at the workplace. It allows the user to create a team community for posting Q&As, adding or creating new content, and looking for existing content. It ensures the right flow of information as this is the main pillar for your brand/business. The application works through the internet and it bolsters more than 50 files, which includes audio, video, images, text documents, and many more.

    The world’s top brands like Capital One, FedEx, HomeAway, and many more trust bloom fire as it increases productivity, helps in making informed and sound decisions, and plays a major role in driving results. Also, BloomFire fetches market insights, more organization-wide engagement, and offer endless customer support. Along with AI features and intelligent services, it has also excelled in offering the best customer service module.

  5. Helpjuice

    Helpjuice is a digital knowledge management solution that offers efficient customer experience. It can be used for communication as well. Looking at the service that Helpjuice offers, this digital knowledge company can be best for the BPOs, KPOs, and outsourcing companies. These types of companies are located in multiple locations and have employees working in different shifts. The list of potential customers is Virgin mobile, WHO, Amazon, and Upstart.

    Helpjuice allows you to improve customer support through a knowledge base and strives to improve communication with the help of an internal knowledge base. An eye-catching feature is its google-like searching for customers as well as employees. Both customers and employees can use it easily and efficiently – any query just simply search on the FAQ page.


A digital knowledge manager is someone who handles, manages, and tracks all the authentic sources of knowledge about your company, brand, people, product, and event. He is someone, who assesses the information and manages how it will be disseminated to every single section in the right and smooth manner.

The knowledge management platform is a software solution that is mainly used for organizing information, allowing employees and customers to instantly access and distribute information. This platform is popular for keeping all the required data, information, resources, and data silos at one single platform, making it easier to find information.

On the other hand, DKM is concerned with managing publically available information on platforms like Google, GoDaddy, TripAdvisor, etc. Both tasks have different platforms that are designed for doing specific tasks of KM and DKM. If you want to know more about Knowledge Management, you can read our blog, where we cover every detail related to KM.

Generally, a knowledge manager is known for handling, promoting, and utilizing the company’s knowledge assets in the right manner. They have to handle work both internally through the company, and externally with the company’s capitalist, clients, and other people. 


We hope that this blog has helped you gain a better understanding of what is Digital Knowledge Management in the most general sense. Digital Knowledge Management is a very wide topic, and all the practices are not applicable to everyone. There is a lot of information available on media platforms and to make the life of a knowledge manager easy, platforms like Yext,, and BirdEye are the best.

If you have any questions for us or would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to contact us by providing your details here, and we will be happy to hear from you.