Top Digital Knowledge Management Platforms To Boost Your Business

What if I tell you that Google processes around 40K search queries per second – the figure is astonishing, right?  Nowadays, trusting a digital medium enhances people’s involvement, helping local businesses update the information accordingly.

The business must adopt digital knowledge management platforms to maintain accurate and perfect information on digital platforms.

According to reports, 80% of potential customers abandon the business brand if they find incorrect information. The customers mostly seek the business name, address, and phone numbers to get in touch with your business.

Every business must keep motivating customer journey and experience as a top priority to increase the footfalls and ROI to a great extent.

What is Digital Knowledge Management?

Digital Knowledge Management (DKM) means creating and managing information about your business on public-discoverable digital platforms. All these pieces of information are available on the business website, making it a center of attraction for the consumers.

Do you think that the website is the best option for searching for information?

As per the recent survey, 73% of traffic comes from third-party mediums, which means the consumer’s way of searching for something related to information has been evolved. The third-party includes search engines, voice assistants, chat interfaces, maps, and directories.

Bigger businesses can afford to hire a digital knowledge manager that takes care of curating business information designed for consumers to make it available for the public and regularly updates different channels.

But what about the local businesses? For business owners, digital knowledge management platforms prove to be a boon as it increases visibility, maximizes business brand awareness, and enhances customer experience.

Customers are curious to get information like:

  • Store address, business phone number, and email address
  • Working hours – in case of emergencies
  • Product, inventory, or service details
  • Details of occasional events – time, date, and description
  • Seasonal products

As there is a long list to update, it becomes a time-consuming task to maintain all this business information on different channels, and that’s where knowledge management platforms play a crucial role in your business.

How will Digital Knowledge Management Elevate Your Business Revenue?

Do you know why your customer switches to another business? The answer is “inaccurate or insufficient information.” Yes, you read it correctly. The business performance and bottom line enhance automatically if your information is correct and up-to-date.

Imagine a scenario where a customer looks for data or information about your business like phone numbers on search engines to get in touch with you. The consumers get a number from Google under your brand name and get defrauded with X amount.

Horrible, isn’t it? You may not only lose a customer, but your brand might put at stake if he/she files a complaint against your brand name.

Digital Knowledge Management Advantages

How Digital Knowledge Management Platforms help your business?

  • Relieve you and local businesses from all the pains
  • Possess a strong potential to improve business search rank
  • Initiate using social media platforms to involve more people online
  • Providing something accurate and correct information to retain existing consumers
  • Gain new ones for enhancing business opportunities

And not only this, a perfect marketing communications strategy is one that ensures all-round visibility control of your brand or business listing. DKM is one out of the pool of plan. In addition to it, the other marketing strategy includes viewing of customer reviews, responsiveness, and load-time for the responsive website.

By accumulating all the business strategies, the consumers could reap the desired outcome. We can suggest that hiring a knowledge management company could be an ideal decision to achieve great success in the current market view.

The company will help you get started in implementing the marketing strategy and earning more significant revenue.

According to Google’s data, 76% of people will visit the place the same day, which searches it on google’s website or using a mobile device, and out of this, 28% will likely make a purchase. The other benefits of digital knowledge are:

  • Ensure higher customer satisfaction.
  • Discoverability on search engines.
  • Gain a broader audience.
  • It is delivering consistent and accurate data or information.
  • View Links to business social media profiles.

Build an advanced knowledge base for your customers and give them answers fast – real fast.

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Best DKM Platforms To Consider For Your Business

    1. Yext



      Yext, by Howard Lerman, is one of the most popular digital knowledge management platforms. It is ideal for businesses, enterprises, and startups worldwide to answer their customers’ queries every time they search.

      The digital audience grabs the advantages for their queries or questions to be solved using Yext. Yext supports search engine optimization (SEO), voice search, and other intelligent services that drive consumer discovery to manage a business’s digital information or data on a large scale.

      Many big sharks like Taco Bell, Rite Aid, Steward Health Care, T Mobile, and Marriot use this digital management platform to manage their digital information easily.

      Top Features

      • Integration with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Google Home Mini.
      • Enhance their brand engagement, boost overall sales, and increase traffic.
      • Best for impressive solution for B2C business models
      • Social Media Integration
      • Improving Customer Relationships
    2. BirdEye


      BirdEye is a SaaS platform that collects feedback from different portals on behalf of their customer (business) to understand them better and implement the ones that are right for the business opportunity.

      The professionals fetch the business data by listening to the potential customers and employees on different channels, reviews, and surveys. After that, the software analyzes the data or information with NLP or BigData’s help and then takes necessary actions.

      BirdEye serves Dental, Healthcare, Real Estate, Legal, Automotive, Insurance, Hospitality, and many more. And the companies that trust BirdEye are MathisBrothers, Echo Wireless, Complete Care, and Teague Chiropractic. It is one of the best solutions for businesses regardless of size and type that wants to sustain vendors’ long-term rise and ensure high revenue.

      Top Features

      • Marketing Communication is Simple and Easy to Understand
      • Complete Control over the Business Profile
      • Available online for Reviewing
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • Supports Business Listing Management

      Reputation optimizes customer experiences online and onsite and figure out how to improve the service for boosting revenue. This DKM platform provides a reputation score to business after analyzing how your business listing appears on online directories, maps apps or available online and onsite.

      You get a detailed report of your business’s reputation based on numerous factors and your brand’s visibility. The company has received many accolades for its uninterrupted and accurate insights. The significant stakeholders who consider as their helping hand are Banner Health, BMW, Ford Motor, Hertz, General Motors, US bank, more than 750 others.

      Top Features

      • Impressive and Effective Mobile App
      • Integration with Social Media Sites
      • SEO Optimization
      • Marketing Communications

Build an advanced knowledge base for your customers and give them answers fast – real fast.

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      • Management of Science Information
      • Business or Organization
      • Computer Science Field
      • Accurate Planning and Development
      • Organizational Environment
  • Better Way to Perform Investigation
  • Ability to do Negotiation
  • Must have Good Communication Skill
  • Designing and Building Application
The knowledge management platform is a software solution mainly used to organize information or data, allowing employees and consumers to access and distribute information on the website instantly. On the other hand, DKM impacts both business owners and consumers positively and is concerned with managing publicly available information on platforms like Google, GoDaddy, TripAdvisor, etc.
Both tasks have different platforms that perform specific functions of KM and DKM. If you want to know more about Knowledge Management, you can read our blog to cover everything related to KM.

ConclusionWhich DKM platform suits the best for your business website?

Digital Knowledge Management is an extensive topic, and all the practices do not apply to everyone. There is a lot of information available on media platforms, and to make the life of a manager easy, platforms like Yext,, and BirdEye are the best for multiple businesses.

If you have any questions for us or would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to contact us by providing your details here, and we will be happy to hear from you.

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