Best Document Collaboration Tools: File Collaboration Software

If you are searching for ways to improve your business processes and workflows, you must adopt an online file collaboration software.  There is a wide-range of such flexible and affordable tools obtainable in the market.

For anybody who is not a millennial, do you recall when you had to keep files of thousands of papers by hand?  It is such a reminder of the past era that makes us thankful for tools and technology available today. 

The document collaboration tools are one of the innovative changes that have assisted in increasing the productivity of any workspace.

What is Document Collaboration?

Document collaboration states to more than one individual co-authoring a particular document.  Nevertheless, most individuals nowadays when speaking about document collaboration refer to approaches for a team of employees to function together. 

They can work on an automated document from computer workstations based at any place across the globe.

Initially online document collaboration utilized email, where comments would be specified in that email with the file or document attached.  The issue was that this was not an apt document-centric resolution.  The discussions and comments around the file were distinct from the file itself.

Most of these collaboration schemes need a server computer, which upholds the copies of documents for remote accessibility.  This computer may be activated by the company possessing the documents or outsourced to certain services. 

For this purpose, numerous firms are employing email less and document collaboration and file-sharing tools more.

Do You Really Need a Document Collaboration Tool?

The document collaboration software has several benefits that can aid your company get new heights of accomplishment with diminished overhead.  Below are some of the reasons describing why you need a document collaboration tool:

  1. Enhanced Collaboration in Dispersed Teams

    Most of the organizations have huge work teams and offices in numerous dissimilar cities and in diverse time zones.  There has to be an effective way to share files amongst these distributed teams and the solution for such organizations is online document collaboration. 

    Such tools not only bring the members closer but also provide a virtual workspace for colleagues to co-operate efficiently.

  2. Integrated Knowledge Depository

    Some of the collaboration tools comprise the alternative to manage the files into a searchable dome which makes it simpler to administer the combined knowledge of the team and make knowledge management and sharing easier.

  3. Improved Accessibility

    The chief benefit of employing document collaboration software is the ease to have access to any information.  The document collaboration tools deliver a chief location for all documents, rich media, and other files. 

    This, in turn, makes it easy for team members to access information, regardless of their location.

  4. Security Amplified

    As we know that emails can be easily forwarded or unintentionally sent to an incorrect individual.  But a collaboration software provides you with the capability to regulate who has access to your documents or files.

10 Best Document Collaboration Tools

Due to the recent Coronavirus epidemic, nearly all technology enterprises have shifted to remote working.  The aim to curb the spread of the novel virus and hence, remote working turned out to be an appropriate solution.

Enterprises like Automattic, which introduced WordPress, already adopted ‘remote working’ before this epidemic as they shut their 15,000 sq feet San Francisco workplace since their ‘staff rarely showed up.’ 

Automattic provides its teams with $250/month extra money to expend coffee at Starbucks or on co-working spaces.

This move has led to an upsurge of several online document collaboration tools that can aid your teams’ work like they are in one place.  Some of the finest document collaboration tools are as follows:

  1. Zoho Office Suite


    Zoho docs’ offers online document storage and organization proficiencies that assist project supervisors to keep their files, videos, images, and other such documents on track.  This also makes it easier for all the teams to get such documents whenever they require.

    This collaboration tool delivers functionality for around 160 dissimilar file types and has high-level encryption and security.  It can be utilized by companies of any size as this tool is extremely scalable.

  2. CloudTutorial

    CloudTutorial is an exceptionally robust document collaboration tool that makes the assessing and approval procedure precise, profitable, and productive.  This tool aims to make it easy for all your internal and external stakeholders to leave feedback on almost every type of document.

    It provides the platform that assists the project managers and their teams to organize and centralize their work while they work together in real time.  It can administer digital content intelligently, making the collaboration more operative. 

    This collaboration tool can be scaled to put up with teams of all sizes.

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  3. Dropbox Paper

    dropbox paper

    Dropbox Paper is the tool that aids remote and creative teams segment and exchanges their notions in an integrated place.  This makes it amazingly easy to cooperate in real-time while they allocate tasks and make to-do lists.

    Nevertheless, it does not deliver much urbane functionality.  In its place, it emphasizes presenting a simple way, which makes it simple for the new users to begin and understand the functionality of the tool.

  4. Paperflite


    Paperflite is a file collaboration and project management platform that aids sales and marketing teams to organize, share, and allocate their vital content.  This is the tool that aims to store all your content in a searchable and centralized hub. 

    Such a hub is updated regularly.  You can trace crucial metrics such as downloads, views, average view real-time, and even shares.

    It assists project managers to implement and organize several advertising collaterals.  It aids them to organize, distribute, and curate more such resources specifically to put a termination to confusing and complicated email loops.

  5. Google Docs

    Google Suite

    Google Docs, being a part of the Google Drive suite, is the platform that has a remarkable collection of document editing and formatting options.  The sharing of files or documents here is very easy.  Moreover, you can request collaborators via email or a shareable link.

    Fundamentally, it is a cloud based substitute to Word that improves its worth through additional control and security for your project managers.  You can upload and export google documents in a variety of formats like DOCX and PDF. 

    The documents here are auto-saved as and when you make any change.  It is extremely easy to share files and you can also make them private.

  6. Notion


    Notion is a document collaboration software that offers slack integration and in-app comments.  This ultimately increases visibility into the main areas of the project, upsurges transparency, and lifts the results.

    It gives your project managers a tool that can be utilized to nurture discussion and collaboration in any project.  It is very easy to generate dashboards without possessing any IT or coding experience.  In turn, you can employ such dashboards to share data and track metrics.

  7. Box


    Box is a web-based tool that gives project administrators and managers a fundamental view of all the content in a particular project, which makes it beneficial from a project management outlook.

    It is a platform that makes it extremely easy for your team collaboration of workers to promptly share documents and access their files anywhere it is needed.  Consequently, they can effortlessly administer content and get all the files as required.

  8. SharePoint


    SharePoint proves to be an excellent tool in establishing itself as an intellectual intranet that sets prime platforms and resources at accessible places for any project manager and team member.

    This is one of the best tools that deliver swift access to resources, team sites, and portals.  It is a simple platform that includes a collection of additional traits.  Some of them are annotation tools, desktop sharing and viewing, instant messaging, and web slides.

  9. Quip


    Quip is a team collaboration and communication tool that permits all the employees of the team to generate and edit live spreadsheets and documents.  It eliminates long email threads from your workspace by supplying discussion threads and chat rooms for every document.

    It is the tool for project administrators that organizes and centralizes their team’s development.  It promotes collaboration by permitting them to manage projects, make and segment documents, and preserve close links with their colleagues. 

    A quip is an online tool that can be read on an extensive array of devices – Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.  This will help the team members to function together in smarter and faster ways.

  10. Atlassian Confluence


    Confluence is a file collaboration tool for the team members to connect internally.  It allows the teams to generate, segment, and collaborate spreadsheets, documents, images, and presentations easily.  Keeping the track of the project’s development is very easy in this software.

    The team members can trace every change and version made to the samepage and link to Jira to offer insights into their progress work with quick issue creation, reports, and automatic networking.  It is a collaborative and open tool that makes it simpler for its clients to work together on a huge collection of documents.

    A report presented by McKinsey states that knowledge workers devote around 14% of their week collaborating and communicating internally.  This study also displayed that cultivating internal teamwork through various tools could aid increase productivity by 20-25%.

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The comparison table of document collaboration tools presented below will help you choose one that will foster co-operation and productivity in your business.

Document Collaboration Tool Features Pros Cons
Zoho Office Suite
  • It has document archiving
  • Zoho workdrive renders collaboration tools
  • It consists of document indexing
  • It also has document assembly
  • Its documents synchronize with desktop devices
  • It is cost-effective, as compared to the rest of the options available
  • Zoho workdrive has robust security It incorporates file-storage facilities
  • It is difficult to perform some jobs
  • All the users require a Zoho Docs account to access the files
  • Its procedure for distributing files with external shareholders is multifaceted
  • It has a beautiful UI that is great to use
  • It facilitates task management
  • It provides an excellent document assembly
  • It is compatible with numerous file types
  • The editor here is attractive and minimalistic
  • It makes it easy to use
  • It offers several diverse templates
  • It is simple to organize documents and workspaces
  • It lacks certain functionalities
  • It needs an internet connection
Dropbox Paper
  • It provides workflow management
  • It assists in ideation
  • Dropbox Paper has efficient collaboration
  • It offers numerous collaboration tools, like chatting and commenting
  • It incorporates Dropbox
  • It has heaps of formatting alternatives
  • It needs internet connectivity
  • Usually, it is not very progressive
  • Its characteristics for tables are inadequate
  • It provides document indexing
  • It has customizable templates
  • It has an efficient text editor
  • It contains a full-text search
  • Its images and other files preserve their quality
  • Its content can be modified as per one’s need
  • It lessens the back-and-forth
  • The users can dispense complete content on this collaboration platform
  • It presents limited views
  • It lacks plug-ins
Google Docs
  • It aids in document creation
  • Google Docs has an efficient trait of file sharing
  • It renders an option of team chat
  • It makes project documentation simplified
  • If you are comfortable with supplementary Google tools, it feels accustomed
  • It is completely free to utilize
  • It delivers an exceptional document editing experience through the cloud storage
  • Google Docs certainly needs internet connectivity
  • It is difficult to attain refined formatting
  • It does not have some of the advanced features of Word’s
  • It has data source connectors
  • It offers customizable dashboards
  • It delivers insightful marketing reports
  • It presents accurate financial reports
  • It can generate custom applications
  • It is easy to make customized databases
  • It possesses a rich diversity of characteristics
  • The tables here are slightly shabby
  • Some huge apps and documents can be lethargic
  • An internet connection is obligatory
  • It has great document assembly
  • It provides document archiving
  • It supplies excellent version control
  • It possesses document indexing
  • It is secure and safe
  • It has a functional and simple UX
  • It has a well-functioning and reliable service
  • To function effortlessly, the users require to run it on comparatively powerful and new computers
  • With its preview tool, some of the files do not open
  • Its limited functionality makes it expensive
  • It possesses a centralized collaboration platform
  • It provides real time collaboration and editing
  • It renders discussion boards
  • It offers diverse views that can suit all the clients
  • It is intuitive
  • It has an outstanding UI
  • Its authorizations are hard to manage
  • It can be challenging to access the accounts of other users owing to its customization
  • Some of the features are tough to use
  • It supplies an effective version control
  • It supplies different collaboration tools
  • It has document archiving
  • Its file management is instinctive
  • It delivers real time collaboration, editing, and discussions
  • The group chats here augment visibility
  • It is tough for its users to return to an older version of any document
  • It needs a continuous internet connection
  • The spreadsheets here are so huge that they can lead to intense drops in performance
Atlassian Confluence
  • It has customizable templates
  • It provides effective collaboration tools
  • It facilitates idea and task management
  • It also supplies Gantt charts
  • Its search function is exceptional
  • It has potent administrative capacities
  • It is extremely easy to produce manifold documents
  • Its mobile app is effective and functional
  • All the users have to do some adjusting and mending to configure it properly
  • The new users might struggle with certain functionality
  • It has certain minor flukes that are problematic and can interrupt your work performance
A collaborative document is a file that several individuals edit to generate a single ultimate version control through cooperation and teamwork. Such collaborative documents may be text documents or word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, images, videos, maps, and PDFs.
Online collaboration tools are robust web-based applications that present elementary services like mechanisms for document sharing and collaborative search engines (CSE), and instant messaging for the teams to search the information dispersed within the system of the community, team, or organization.
With SharePoint or Office and OneDrive, multiple people can function together on an Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, or Word document. When everybody is employed in real-time it is known as co-authoring.

In the present day, the best document collaboration tools are specifically document-centric. CloudTutorial offers businesses with a robust document-oriented collaboration experience.

This can permit the users to add content-related comments and tag the document, preserving the whole version records, history, as well as keeping all activities and comments linked with that document.

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