Best Help Desk Software (Including Free Options)

Fact: 31% of the customers believe that good customer service comes with appropriate assistance from a knowledgeable representative. (Source)

Nowadays, many organizations strive to enhance customer satisfaction by delivering the best possible services to their customers. So, they opt to use the best help desk software that not only matches their business requirements but enhances their business productivity.

Before we understand the help desk software concept, we first need to clarify the key criteria for the help desk.

Help Desk Software Criteria

Before we start our journey of understanding help desk software solutions, we have gathered a list of essential criteria that should be taken into consideration before opting to select the best one for your business.

  • Implementation should be easy: Compared to the traditional approach, the service desks or help desk software should have faster and responsive customer support to implement on a large scale. One of the best recommendations for you is to look for customer references to validate vendor claims for a better outcome.
  • It must support automated ticket management: The SaaS help desk solution should comprehensively support all existing support processes with rule-based triggers, notifications, and views. Moreover, the help desk software must possess robust self-service options that make it relatively easy for you to deal with a ticketing system.
  • It should possess multi-channel support:  For enhancing customer engagement, the help desk solution should enable agents to manage support processes across email centrally, Web, social media, online live chat, community forums, and native support for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry.
  • Reporting: It is one of the most essential help desk software factors that helps managers and agents efficiently run reports and use advanced analytics to track metrics like customer satisfaction, agent performance, and ticket resolution times. In addition to it, such reports can be easily shared with other colleagues in the organization to enhance better customer interactions to a great extent.
  • Integration:  The solution should come with pre-built integrations to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Time Tracking & Billing, Project Management, and many other applications and offer APIs for custom integrations. Moreover, it should have integration support to deal with your existing solutions to operate with ease and faster.
  • Customization: Branding in the Internet age requires that web-based solutions be fully customizable to conform to company standards. The help desk software should be easy-to-use and fully customized, making it easy for you and your organization to deal with various help desk aspects.

So, select the best help desk software after analyzing the criteria listed above and enhance customer satisfaction by delivering the best services to them.

11 Best Help Desk Software Solutions

  1. CloudTutorial

    The Cloud Tutorial

    CloudTutorial is one of the top help desk software solutions that provide efficient customer support by allowing your customers to quickly and efficiently find their answers.

    CloudTutorial’s primary objective is to provide you with a knowledge base platform that helps to deal with knowledge management to a great extent. This help desk software allows you to create a user-friendly FAQ site quickly. Very quickly.

    “This platform has helped me a lot in answering my customer’s never-ending questions.” – Williams Mark.

    With its innovative knowledge-sharing capabilities, CloudTutorial helps users create and share knowledge with their customers with ease. It’s not just any ordinary knowledge base product but an advanced and feature-rich service provider for sharing knowledge, thereby enhancing the customer contentment to a great extent.

    CloudTutorial is an ideal help desk platform for 

    • Companies with 50+ employees who have to manage everything with a minimum effort
    • Startups who want to focus on innovation and growth
    • Agencies who want to provide the best service to their customers
    • Small-scale firms who want to stop answering repetitive questions

    Do you know that about 70 percent of customers prefer to use a company’s website to get answers to their questions rather than use a phone or email?

    The most exciting part of this help desk solution is that it comes up with an attractive editor that works similarly like Word. You can drag and drop your company’s brand logo and other branding themes or perform the layout customization by updating the HTML/CSS files if coding is your Forte!  Just save it once you are done, and no need for any specific coding skills.

    What makes CloudTutorial be an inspiring help desk solution?

    • Tailormade FAQ page: Users can easily create and manage a FAQ page directly to their website to enhance customer service. Using FAQ, you can quickly grab more understanding of the specific topic or issue they are facing or working on. 
    • Fully customized platform: The platform allows the users to create and manage a knowledge base as per the business needs. This self-service portal provides complete freedom to enhance your brand’s experience.
    • Data segregation: Using this innovative knowledge management system, the users can quickly perform the data segregation categorically into categories and subcategories to smoothly perform knowledge management.
    • SSL support: In recent years, the ‘s’ at the end of “HTTPS” has made the most considerable difference. You can create a secure FAQ page with our custom SSL.
    • Smart contact form: This help desk software solution helps users by providing the suggestion as soon as they start typing in a problem. It depends on the user’s queries; our system starts suggesting relevant articles to solve the problem.
    • Typo detection: CloudTutorial is a portal that typically detects a typo and informs the search engine to handle it accordingly. Even if the spellings are not correct, CloudTutorial will show relevant help articles.
    • Password-protected articles: You can create password-protected articles that won’t even show up in a google search. You can also set an expiration time, i.e., a specific article can expire after a decided time.
    • Multiple Roles: This knowledge base platform allows you to assign various roles to a single resource, i.e., the Manager of one project can be an editor of the other project.


    • Free version for only one team member (Starts at Free)
    • Bronze: $14.99 per month for 5 team members
    • Silver: $49.99 per month for 50 team members
    • Gold: $99.99 per month for 250 team members

  2. Salesforce Service Cloud

    SalesForce KM

    Salesforce Service Cloud is an interactive help desk software that provides your customers with the information and support they need. It is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that offers the customer service and support application to customize to fit your business needs.

    With Service Cloud, the organizations can choose the perfect communication way to reach their customers —by email, phone, social media, online communities, chat, text, and more.

    This cloud-based help desk software enables the users to automate service processes, workflow streamlining, and find experts to support customer service agents. Moreover, the agents have all the tools they need to respond efficiently to customer questions and requests. 

    Service Cloud fosters one-to-one marketing relationships to boost agent productivity. This help desk software possesses a strong ability to listen and respond to customers by automatically routing the case to a particular agent.

    The most exciting part of this help desk software supports the Salesforce Community Cloud integration, providing interactive communication channels for customer service agents and customers.

    Service Cloud’s top features include:

    • Agent workspace: The service agents use an omnichannel console to grab a 360-degree view of the customers. It possesses a responsive user-interface and is responsible for collecting the customer’s data from multiple departments into a centralized area. 
    • Case management: The service agents primarily use the service console to switch among multiple cases using various channels. It allocates the case to the right agent and allows quicker response time, and enhances customer satisfaction. 
    • Knowledge management: This feature means customers are helping themselves. The customers can easily search for their required information from a centralized location, typically known as knowledge-base articles. The customer service agents create and access resources within the organization’s knowledge-base.
    • Service process automation: Make your complex services simple using service process automation. The customer service agents can easily avail the benefit of screen customization to deal with solving various issues. Service Cloud provides a two-way connection between the agent and customers for problem-solving capabilities.
    • Omnichannel routing: Appropriate cases and customer requests are efficiently routed to the perfect agent. With its omnichannel routing features, it becomes quite possible that all the customer requests are handled for immediate purposes.
    • Service Analytics: Service cloud software’s dashboard provides the customers access to CRM information like backlog analysis, chatbot performance, agent productivity, and the activity performed on daily operations.


    • 14-day free trial
    • Essentials: $25 per user per month
    • Professional: $75 per user per month
    • Enterprise: $150 per user per month
    • Unlimited: $300 per user per month

  3. Zoho Desk

    Zoho Help Desk Alternative

    Zoho Desk serves as one of the best help desk software that supports multichannel capabilities. This customer service software provides interactive IT support and helps desk solutions to small and mid-size businesses (SMBs).

    Zoho desk is an ideal choice for businesses that are looking to enhance business productivity and customer satisfaction. IT/ITES, enterprise, Telecom, SaaS, and SMB are the core businesses that use Zoho Desk on a large scale.

    Zoho desk offers substantial potential to deal with help desk solutions’ capabilities to enhance business productivity. Some of the best capabilities are omnichannel communication, better workflow automation, integration with third-party applications, and a responsive self-service portal.

    Zoho desk typically follows a robust ticket management solution. Generally, the tickets are created using a customer service portal, email, or social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. With its unique ticketing system, service agents can easily view the customer’s previous history details.

    Below are the essential features of Zoho Desk:

    • Ticket Management: Zoho desk provides an interactive way to create and manage tickets in a well-defined manner to enhance customer service. 
    • Zia: AI-driven support assistant makes the customer service team more efficient using data mining and machine learning techs. 
    • Self-service: The customers help themselves to find the appropriate answers for their questions from wherever they are. 
    • Agent productivity: An inspiring feature for agents through which all the essential functionalities are available to collaborate, communicate, and secure the customer relationship on a large scale.
    • Extensibility: This help desk portal allows the users to connect with all the necessary tools that customer support teams use in real-time scenarios. Moreover, it becomes a boon for your employees to deal with easy-to-use platforms and enhance business productivity to a great extent.
    • Customization: The help desk software provides complete freedom to the customers and agents to customize it as per their needs, look and feel, and astonishing behaviour.
    • Security: Complete data protection is the leading factor that helps the customer support team provide to their customers. It can be in the form of roles, profiles, data-sharing capabilities, and also field-level security.


    • 15- day free trial for 3 free agents
    • Standard: 720(INR)/agent/month
    • Professional: 1200/agent/month
    • Enterprise: 2100/agent/month

    Build an advanced knowledge base for your customers and give them answers fast – real fast.

    Take your app and help center to the next level with CloudTutorial.

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  4. Freshdesk


    Freshdesk is a cloud-based help desk solution that makes customer communication easy for both customers and organizations. It works on both Windows and Linux OS and supports multi-channel capabilities that help the customer stay connected across different channels.

    Freshdesk is solely responsible for streamlining the customer conversations that initiates from multiple sources into one centralized location. This brings insurance that customer service agents don’t have to shuffle between different tools for multi-channels.

    Freshdesk’s features include:

    • Remote customer service: The organization’s team members can easily avail themselves of the customer support benefit from wherever they are. All just they need is an active internet connection and a laptop/desktop.
    • Automating routine workflow: The complete automation of all the essential working steps is performed to enhance business productivity and customer contentment. This autopilot feature helps you to focus more on their meaningful customer interactions and conversations.
    • CRM/ERP integration: Freshdesk supports a range of integration with cutting-edge applications to boost your customer support strategy. It allows you to deal with more than 200 apps available in the marketplace, which makes customer satisfaction great.
    • Clean user interface: This cloud-based help desk software supports an intuitive UI that makes it relatively easy for the users to improve their working environment. It is bundled with impressive functionality that helps your customers to deal with easy-to-navigate UI.
    • Flexible pricing: Based on different departments for your business, Freshdesk includes various business plans with varied functionalities. It depends on the organization’s team members to select the best plans as per their business needs.

    With its integrated game mechanism, Freshdesk supports ticketing systems as chances for agents to score points. Support managers can easily set up quests for agents to complete specific tasks like filling up the organization’s knowledge base on a large scale.


    • Sprout: 21 days of a free trial
    • Blossom: 999/agent/month
    • Garden: 2599/agent/month
    • Estate: 3599/agent/month
    • Forest: 7199/agent/month

  5. JIRA Service Desk

    Atlassian Jira

    Jira Service Desk is a service desk software that helps the organization enhance business productivity using responsive IT support, service, and customer support teams. Jira service desk is solely responsible for handling everything related to IT and support teams like service request, incident, problem, and change management.

    Jira’s service desk integrates with Jira Software that helps IT and development teams work better together to improve business efficiency to a great extent. Users can connect service desk tickets to Jira Software issues and get to the root cause of problems before they escalate.

    Jira service desk strives to provide a unified view of work by tracking, triaging, and assigning multiple incoming requests from various sources using queues and SLAs. Moreover, it provides a conversational ticketing system that helps your employees to seek help directly from Slack, and agents eventually track all the vital information they need in Jira service management.

    Jira service desk typically brings IT and development teams to work together on one platform, which, in turn, becomes relatively easy to deal with perfect team collaboration. Such collaboration helps the employees to report incidents or issues as they come and drive them to the correct representative to solve them. 

    Jira Service Desk’s top features include:

    • Intuitive UI: The customers can easily access their information with an efficient Jira’s help desk solution. The customized self-service portal allows you to deal with responsive design, easy-to-use instructions, and natural language, helping them eliminate complicated processes.
    • Service desk performance metrics: Jira service desk generally comes up with detailed metrics information that provides a clear view of the service team’s performance. Some of the essential metrics include reports, SLAs, total workloads, and others that enhance customer satisfaction.
    • Complete transparent Jira dashboard: Every team member in a project can create a personal dashboard in the service desk software to access and track routine activities.  It helps you and sales teams be more efficient, productive, and connected to other teams using the Jira dashboard.
    • Ensure real-time collaboration: The Atlassian service desk allows the customers and sales team to attach and share the screenshots directly into their tickets. Moreover, internal team members easily collaborate with supporting agents to address the tickets whenever possible.
    • Real-time reporting: This help desk software allows you to track the customers’ performance and support teams without sparing your time working with spreadsheets. With the built-in reporting features, you can easily track as well as report on requests.


    • Free trial for 3 agents
    • Standard: $20/agent/month
    • Premium: $40/agent/month
    • Enterprise: Contact sales team

  6. Zendesk


    Zendesk is a cloud-based help desk software that provides an impressive way to deal with customer service that offers omnichannel support. All the customer interaction across phone, chat, email, social media, and any other channel come together, all in one place.

    With its practical, time-saving tools like triggers and automation, Zendesk helps organizations to streamline customer support to a great extent. Zendesk usually contains in-built support desk software that is helpful for customers and service desk agents. 

    Zendesk software helps the organizations to enable ITIL processes without the typical ITIL tool complexity. Moreover, this help desk solution contains more flexibility and analytics that provides your help desk system to facilitate continuous improvement indeed.

    77% of customers are more likely to leave a website if there is no option for live chat

    Zendesk is a unique help desk solution that offers a customizable front-end portal, live chat features, and integration with Salesforce and Google Analytics. Zendesk is an ideal choice for a wide range of vertical markets, including technology, government, media, and retail, from small to large.

    Zendesk offers a feature-rich ticketing system that helps your service agents keep track of the customers’ tickets. So, the customers just need to go through the existing tickets to find answers based on their queries. 

    Let’s see what are inspiring features of Zendesk:

    • Automating & tracking key tasks: Zendesk possesses robust automation tools that help IT teams to manage various incidents, issues, problems, and even service requests of customers. You can easily tag issues to report, categorize, and track problem management across tickets. 
    • Employee’s self-service portal: You can easily save time on password resets and several common IT questions using this live chat software. Moreover, it supports multi-channel ticketing systems on various channels; there exist different ways for employees for ticket submission.
    • Robust analytics for informed decisions: You can easily track essential metrics like first response time and restoring time using Zendesk’s pre-built report. In addition to it, you can also align the report to ITIL best practices and report them on incidents, problems, and even change requests.
    • Better UI: Zendesk UI offers you no transitions to grab attention, and the data density on screen at any one time is low. The UI is more efficient as the customers find everything they need to be displayed at once without clicking between tabs or windows.


    • Essential: $5 per agent per month
    • Team: $19 per agent per month
    • Professional: $49 per agent per month
    • Enterprise: $99 per agent per month
    • Elite: $199 per agent per month

  7. Jitbit HelpDesk


    Jitbit helpDesk is a ticketing software that helps the customer support team deliver the best services.

    This helpdesk software allows you to track the customer’s requests with full customization options and easily integrates with your mailbox. It supports both “on-premise” versions as well as SaaS one.

    Jitbit helpdesk software provides an interactive solution to your customers by finding answers they need with searchable FAQ and Knowledge Base with built-in analytics.

    With its self-service web portal, Jitbit allows you to track their tickets, submit new requests or chat directly with a help desk agent.

    Highlighting features of Jitbit Helpdesk

    • Ease to set up: This helpdesk software contains an inspiring ticketing system that deals with a simple yet powerful system and takes a few seconds to setup.
    • “Email First” helpdesk: The software is solely responsible for converting your incoming emails into tickets and subsequently sending out notifications directly to both users and agents.
    • Robust and amenable: The helpdesk software is equipped with effective email processing and automation with the lowest possible price available in the market.
    • Mobile helpdesk: This helpdesk software is available with free mobile apps for both Android and iOS. It allows your customers to access the service wherever they go.
    • Help desk automation: The help desk software possesses powerful automation triggers that customers ask Jitbit to send automatic replies, assign technicians to tickets, and set ticket due dates.


    • 21- days free trial
    • Freelancer: $29/month for 1 user
    • Startup: $69/month up to 4 users
    • Company: $129/month 
    • Enterprise: $249/month

    Build an advanced knowledge base for your customers and give them answers fast – real fast.

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  8. HubSpot Service Hub


    HubSpot introduced a new customer service software named Service Hub with a primary aim to deliver better services to the customers. This help desk management software is built to help service teams manage, make a connection, and truly understand the customer’s issues.

    The primary objective of Service Hub is to help organizations to turn average customers into active promoters and enhance business strength and productivity. This help desk software helps the marketing, sales, and service team to share a single view of the customer and improve the customer experience to a great extent.

    Let’s see the features of Hubspot Service Hub:

    • Impressive feedback surveys: The Hubspot Service Hub possesses feedback survey tools that allow organizations to collect feedback based on customer’s support, satisfaction, and loyalty. There are three essential parameters on which the input is performed: customer effort score, customer satisfaction, and net promoter score.
    • Ticketing system: The helpdesk software allows you to set up various pipelines for your tickets to separate internal and external links or sort them across different teams or departments.
    • Effective knowledge base: This help desk software allows the customers to set permission-level at every page. It enables you to create multiple resources that are visible only to your customers and employees.
    • Hubspot Conversations integration: With such active integration support, the support requests and live chat features can reference your knowledge base and ticketing system using this live chat software.
    • Analytics & Reporting: You can efficiently perform each tool’s analysis and subsequently generate the report smoothly.  The reports are created for every survey, tickets, and even knowledge bases.


    • Free trial version available
    • Starter: $45/month
    • Professional: $360/month
    • Enterprise: $1200/month

  9. Freshservice


    Freshservice is a cloud-based service desk and IT service management (ITSM) solution specifically designed using ITIL best practices to help IT organizations focus on exceptional service delivery and satisfying customer.

    Currently, Freshservice is the help desk software that serves industries like SMB, mid-market, and enterprise customers worldwide. The primary reason users use this help desk solution is the ease of use, speed of setup, customer service, and affordability.

    Freshservice is configurable and customizable to meet customers’ requirements and easily integrates with other business and IT help desk systems with its intuitive UI. 

    Google Apps, Dropbox, AWS, and Bomgar are the most widely used cloud services that support integration with Freshservice help desk software to enhance the service deployment on a large scale.

    Below are the top features of Freshservice:

    • Asset management: Manage and track all your assets in a single view from anywhere, through all phases – be it procurement, maintenance, depreciation, or disposal. Get a timeline of all events at a glance.
    • Integrated IT Service Management platform: With an integrated ITSM and project management, you can easily plan projects better within the ITIL modules and manage them from a single window of your portal.
    • Self-service Portal: The help desk software contains a unique ticketing system that enables users to look up knowledge base solutions before raising tickets for their issues. It allows the users to directly raise customer requests from the support portal to reflect its identity.
    • Problem management:  The problem management features the users to isolate the various existing problems, provide links to current or past incidents, and even perform root cause analysis with different collaboration tools. It eventually minimizes the disruption that frequently occurs to the business.


    • 21- day free trial
    • Starter: 999/agent/month
    • Growth: 2499/agent/month
    • Pro: 3999/agent/month
    • Enterprise: 4999/agent/month

  10. HappyFox

    HappyFox Alternatives

    HappyFox is a cloud-based help desk software that supports essential features like ticketing, asset, task, and knowledge management. 

    Happyfox allows you to create recurring tickets or use additional automation features to enhance support response time drastically. Moreover, it plays a vital role in minimizing chaos and bringing order to your support process with a robust support ticket system, self-service knowledge base, and community forums.

    HappyFox is easy to set up and offers an intuitive interface. With this help desk software’s help, you can deal with various aspects like canned responses, bulk actions, work schedule, ticket templates, smart rules, and beautiful real-time reporting.

    Let’s focus on the essential features of Happyfox:

    • Help desk analytics dashboard: Happyfox help desk system contains a responsive dashboard that has variables like recent tickets, ticket inflow, status, priority distribution, and team performance from a visual dashboard.
    • Activities tracker: This help desk software has an activity log that captures all ticket level actions in chronological order with an accurate timestamp, helping you scan the extent of staff participation.
    • Automating time tracking: You can automatically track and log time spent on a ticket, create timesheets, and send time spent on support for billing and invoicing.
    • Ease in report creation: Happyfox allows you to create custom reports to view complex support data simplified into visual charts and graphs. In addition to it, you can filter the report with more data sources and conditions to spot exciting trends.


    • Mighty: $29/agent/month
    • Fantastic:  $49/agent/month
    • Enterprise:  $69/agent/month
    • Enterprise plus:  $89/agent/month
    • Unlimited agents:  $1499/month

  11. Bitrix24


    Bitrix24 provides free help desk software that allows you to host live chat features into your organization’s website directly.

    Bitrix24 is a multifunctional platform with Live chat, a website widget, and over 35 tools inside the help desk software. Moreover, it is a CRM system with an omnichannel Contact Center using various communication channels like telephony, email box, social networks, and popular messengers.

    Bitrix24 is an inspiring help desk software that works on the core CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. It becomes relatively easy for you to add to your public pages and receive recommendations if any. Live chat is fully customizable and can be used for multiple purposes, as well as web forms.

    Inspiring benefits of Bitrix24:

    • Customizable live chatbox: The help desk software allows quite an ease for you to embed your code into a live chat and beautify the appearance as per your needs. 
    • Supports smart routing: It allows you to route tickets based on essential metrics like queue rules, timeout settings, conversation transfer, and even automated response. 
    • Workflow automation: This helpdesk system contains a unique workflow that works entirely as per the standard methods. This IT help desk software helps individuals to make through them the complete working scenario for the consumers.
    • Mobile support: Bitrix24 allows you to deal with the live chat functionalities and ease to use IT support even from their mobile device. It supports both Android and iOS. 


    • Free version available
    • Start+ : $14.40/month for 2 users
    • CRM+: $41.40/month for 6 users (CRM)
    • Project+ : $41.40/month for 24 users (Project management)

    We have highlighted the best help desk software of 2020-21 to make the appropriate selection of the perfect help desk solution for your business needs.


Which help desk software suits the best for your organization’s needs?

The most essential point that you need to consider before making a proper selection of help desk software is to clear your mind regarding what you want in your software. Once you are ready with your shortlist, select the top help desk software solutions that match your requirements.

You will come across many help desk software of 2021 to enhance customer satisfaction, but the best help desk software solution is the one that supports an easy-to-use platform. CloudTutorial is the best and inspiring software solution that deals with a knowledge-sharing platform and provides self-service options in FAQ-based solutions.

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