Intercom Reviews: Pricing, Pros and Cons

95% of clients say that customer service is extremely important to gain and maintain brand loyalty. For this, it becomes essential that you select proper tools to serve delightful service to every customer.

Dissimilar to the mixture of disconnected solutions, Intercom gives everything you require to comprehend, interact with, and support your users and visitors in one integrated platform that is easy for everyone to use. Here, through Intercom Review, let’s understand the strengths and shortcomings and the best alternative to opt for your business in 2021.

Intercom Review

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Best for: Delivering customer experience through bots and personalized messaging.

Rating: 4.4/5

Intercom is a robust tool in the Lifecycle/Engagement Marketing category of tech stack and has around 30,000 paying clients worldwide. This customer communication platform possesses a suite of cohesive products for each team – including marketing, sales, support, and product. You can have targeted interaction with consumers on your website and inside apps.

What is Intercom?

Intercom is a Conversational Relationship Platform (CRP) that allows the organization to deliver better customer relationships through personalized and messenger-based experiences across the customer journey.

Atlassian, Shopify, and New Relic are the leading organizations that use Intercom to deliver conversational customer experiences through a chat interface, better user interface, internal bots, knowledge base search, and personalized messaging.

Intercom works well for almost all the organization; no matter the company size and shape. 


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How to Use an Intercom?

Let’s now discuss the effective ways to use the Intercom in your organization. 

  1. Intercom statistics to enhance customer value

    Intercom software comes up with an in-built feature to create and share statistical reports of daily operations. Generally, it allows you to set up an email in a specific sequence and send it to customers available on the database.

    It becomes the customer support team’s sole responsibility to schedule email campaigns and in-app messages to deal with some educational sections. 

    Intercom usually maintains stats for each of these sections and tests such email stats. Detailed reporting using filtering and exporting the data is possible with the help of Intercom.

  2. Initiating Automated Feedback on The Previous Cancellation Process

    What happens if you haven’t replied to the previous email?

    Intercom allows you to create an automated exit survey email and structure an email based on custom attributes that are triggered by cancellation events.

    Initiating automated feedback

    With the intercom’s help, you can quickly send an email sequence to the list of the people who have not replied to the previous email. 

    It is solely responsible for handling such issues related to performing automated feedback and improving customer interactions smoothly.

  3. Verification of Right-fit Customers

    An automatic email triggering daily typically occurs once the user has signed up with the software. A trial version starts with a message that we might call someday.

    A system is generally bounded with the specific questions and timing facilities on each calling function. It states that it is not related to any sales-related information, but for solving the problems you face.

    Such systems easily identify whether any teenager is talking on the call who signed up for his coursework project or a real customer who you needed guidance.

    Intercom provides an interactive live chat system that helps the sales department deal with excellent direct and straightforward questions, thereby enhancing the customer conversation on a large scale. However, the lacking point of Intercom here is dealing with the responsive chat system when handling multiple chats and filtering them at once.

  4. Onboarding Business Clients and Not Losing Them

    Generally, enterprise clients do not grab the opportunity of dealing with Intercom onboarding emails. Such clients never sign up, but they are already on the organization’s Intercom lead list.

    Special attention is given to the features that most startups give the least attention to their features page section. The creation of in-app messages becomes relatively easy, specifically for a separate enterprise page, and team members send an email to Intercom leads.

    Talking about the major downside with Intercom, customer support makes customers a bit annoyed for getting a response after a long time.

  5. Checking in with Target Customers Smoothly

    If you know your customers very well and also know that they are not using features and it’s just because they were not on-boarded.

    On Intercom’s inbox product, rather than setting up an automated message which might catch the wrong people at the wrong time, you can create a manual message and send it to a usage-based filtered group of customers. 

    The message can link to the Intercom help center section generated by the articles module, add ons, or a blog post.

    Intercom’s service for its customers causes completely preventable service disruption, taking several hours of outage for the team and has been challenging to get in touch with.

  6. Working as a team across CS, Support, and Account Management

    Intercom allows the account manager to automatically deal with customer conversations to see emails and chats coming from. It saves hours per day by getting rid of guessing about who said what.

    So, in the future, the team can quickly see the whole conversation with any single customer. Even though there still exist some gaps between the help center and email features, you can easily add an internal note or ping a colleague using email.

  7. Reaching Customers Even Before They Raise A Query

    Intercom provides an impressive function where you can easily extract the attributes from the database along with some user details. The details are browser, location, social media profiles, and others, but still, there are some complexities for differentiating identified and unidentified users to gain customer success.

    Moreover, it contains a chat side panel that automatically fetches the user’s running browser, OS, signed up time, session time, and even which features they have installed. 

    Usually, the health score is created by surveying the following essential metrics:

    • Session counts related to product usage
    • Key features and usage of the product
    • Enhancement of the account in $ as time move on
    • Length of time as a customer
    • Several upsells were completed
    • NPS results
    • Number of times they call for support
    • Product tours feedback

    This info is not constant; they often vary based on the product. So, just create your health score and make contact with them for further investigation. 

  8. Asking People The Reason for Not Using The Features

    The friendly and simple strategy of asking people regarding the usage of features is the first and foremost thing that needs to be applied. If yes, then it’s okay. But if not using, then the people are asked about the appropriate reason for improving business performance.

    Intercom takes too much time to respond to the user, thereby minimizing customer support and business performance.

    So, these were some of the remarkable ways that you can opt for Intercom for your team and organization. 

Intercom Overview and Product Details

  1. Enhanced User Experience 

    Intercom Messenger is an in-built chat widget that provides customers with an impressive and ease of use live chat experience to a great extent. 

    Intercom possesses several live chat innovations. For example, it removes unfriendly pre-chat forms by embedding a small email capture form in the chat itself. However, the UI usually separates regular data events in an untidy manner, but this could be cleaner.

  2. Capture More Leads and Customer Support

    By using Intercom, customer engagement becomes inspiring to find the best leads with targeted messages instead of using forms to a great extent. 

    You can easily enhance business productivity without breaking your existing workflows by integrating Intercom with Salesforce. So, you’re connected to the correct salesperson, but it should be easier so that users do not face any problem.

  3. Live Segments and Filters

    Intercom dashboard contains detailed information about the client like status updates, new clients, active clients, and inactive clients. Apart from this, an alert notification is sent to the clients about the same. 

    In addition to it, you can even create custom segments based on user attributes or events to get complete customer details. 

    It gives you vital insights to build targeted campaigns to your desired audiences with such accurate information on customer behavior. One major downside is that Intercom Javascript for live messaging and Ruby gem does not work harmoniously to send info back to the system.

  4. Real-time Metrics

    Real time metrics

    With Intercom’s help, tracking and monitoring how campaigns are performed in real-time can enhance customer support.

    An intercom is an easy-to-use software that provides users to access data like click-through, open rates, and other interactive actions. Such essential metrics can easily enhance customer support and improve your campaign to be more effective and interactive.

  5. Triggered Messages Using Intercom

    Intercom works as a leading messaging platform to handle and easy to set up behaviour-based triggered campaigns in order to target specific users. 

    Such users perform certain tasks and activities at specific stages like new, active, and even inactive users to enhance the team and client’s conversation.

  6. Sophisticated Targeting Options

    A considerable personalized tool is a must to deal with customer communication tools.

    Intercom’s messaging suite comes with a free and ease of use customer data platform or source to allow you to view and leverage leads to intelligence. 

    Salesforce and HubSpot are two leading and popular CRM software that is integrated smoothly with Intercom.

  7. Multi-Platform Communications in One Place

    Intercom is limited to your website performance and contains components for email messages and in-app messages. However, the behavioral trigger messages work in in-app messages, too.

    It allows you to manage all your communications from one location to break down silos and help the team manage different user interfaces for your organization, no matter of company size and shape.

    This collaboration platform helps the sales and support department to deal with customer engagement solutions using live chat features to a great extent. It even helps you improve your team’s performance with a valuable analytics source, but it takes a high price from you based on your company size.

  8. Send Product Release Updates Directly to Users

    Intercom includes various features that help you send product release updates directly to your user’s email when you are planning to sell an application at a faster response time.

    What additional features does the app offer?

    • It grants you the ability to send in-app messages
    • Encourage users to take any action while they’re using your product
    • Provide them with tools to improve their experience

    Each type of message contains Intercom’s great messaging features and formatting options. Both campaigns and messages are getting more complex and more significant, making it nerve-racking to make Intercom updates since it could break the great flow. 

  9. Super Slick Chat Window

    Super Slick Chat Window

    Chat windows are an essential component for any website nowadays. The most exciting part of Intercom’s chat window is its familiarity. 


    It allows the customers to communicate easily with friends, family, and coworkers using social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and even SMS and other chat services. 

    Intercom’s chat window contains options to embed video, images, GIFs, emojis, and articles. But technical issues still exist when the user clicks on the chat window’s workers’ profile link to get accurate profile data.

    These were the leading and essential information related to Intercom software. Now let us highlight users’ reviews for this software.

Intercom Reviews

Intercom software reviews

These ratings are typically based on users’ data who have shared their views and feedback on Capterra. The users are loving more about the live chat functionality and ease of use messaging platform with Intercom.  But on the other hand, Intercom is a bit pricey as compared to other impressive tools.


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Some of the intercom competitors are Freshdesk Messaging, CloudTutorial, Zendesk Support Suite, Drift, Helpshift, and Birdeye.
Each Intercom product is developed on the free Intercom platform, which allows you to view who your visitors and users are, and what activity they do on your site. Also, you can begin conversations with these individuals.
Intercom is a startup offering customer-chat software that operates with marketing and support teams. Several tiers of its service allow custom bots and automated ‘conversational’ campaigns.

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