Case study

The Client

  • Industry


    Software, Apps, Technology

  • Location


    Canada (Global)

UpperInc. is a route planning and optimization software that helps couriers and delivery companies save time and money in their delivery route preparation and execution. The software lets you input all the addresses, create delivery paths, and optimize the best delivery routes for your business.

It’s both a web-based and mobile app with versions for iOs and Android.

The Challenge

UpperInc is a startup that needed to expand their support capabilities so they can grow their customer base while staying lean.

Mathieu already knew they need to build a Knowledge Base, but he wanted to find an affordable one that can support the requirements startups like them have.

In a nutshell…

  • They were getting 20-30 support tickets weekly, more than half of which are repetitive questions.

  • They had no support team member who can man the chat and talk to customers 24/7.

  • Their team spent 2-3 hours a day resolving issues that the users could have easily avoided, fixed on their own, or remedied with little intervention from them.

  • They are a mobile app, so if their KB is embedded into the app, the size of that app would increase. And that would’ve negatively affected their downloads.

  • They needed the flexibility to update the help articles without uploading a new version of the app in the app store.

  • Most KB tools out there are loaded up with features they don’t need (i.e., chatbots, smart ticketing system, and versioning).

Fortunately, Mathieu found the perfect tool for them: CloudTutorial.

“I’d been searching for a good FAQ type solution for a while, and had tried a few other competing products, but found them over-engineered with a load of features we didn’t really need, nor wanted to pay extra for.”

The Solution

An easy-to-use Knowledge Base that’s startup-friendly

UpperInc. can’t afford to wait another day with their support team lagging behind support tickets, but they don’t have enough funds to hire more team members. They’re in a crucial situation and they need to act fast. If their response times are long, their customers might grow tired of waiting and might leave. When that happens, they will lose money.

They found CloudTutorial and knew that it’s the perfect choice. They needed a simple Knowledge Base to scale customer service without having to hire more people. With CloudTutorial, they were able to set up their custom-branded knowledge-base literally within minutes. Their support team found it a real breeze to populate it with FAQ articles.

What they loved the most about it, according to Mathieu, are these 3:

  • Smart Contact Form. CloudTutorial has a Google-like search that’s fast and smart— it suggests relevant articles as the user is typing (even if he misspell some words). This dramatically reduced the tickets because users find the answers to their questions before they can even create a ticket.

  • Search Reports. Since they can now track what their users search, they instantly know how exactly they can improve their product UX. They also see which FAQ topics they need to write on to fill the gaps.

  • Generous Pricing Structure. Mathieu wants to make sure they’re getting back every dollar that they invest in. And they’re enjoying that with their CloudTutorial plan. It lets 5 team members collaborate and maintain 25 articles on 2 custom-branded, SSL-equipped KB sites for only $14.99 a month.

When UpperInc. started using CloudTutorial, no question goes unanswered and this made their customers happy.


Simple-to-use Knowledge Base Platform
  • Quick, smart search

  • Custom domain

  • Custom-branded

  • Reports that uncover real user insights

“So, when I eventually found the CloudTutorial I knew immediately it was the right application for our requirements, and the pricing was affordable too, so for us, it was a hands-down winner!”

The Results

  • Increase Revenues with CloudTutorial

    80% increase in MRR

  • Increase Revenue with Knowledge Base

    Increase in App Revenues (Subscription)

  • Increase User Retention

    Retention rate increased significantly

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction with CloudTutorial

    Average rating jumped from 2.3 to 4.4 stars

80% increase in MRR

From answering 20-30 customer support tickets per week, UpperInc’s support requests have gone down to only 2-3 weekly.

Users no longer get stuck. They were able to find and use the features they need. They have made customers happier that they not only upgraded, but they stick around.

“Now our users are getting instant answers to their queries without contacting support, we’ve also managed to reduce our support staff, which has generated major cost-savings for the business.”


Reduced customer support tickets
  • 80% fewer customer tickets

  • Happier customers

  • From 2.4 to 4.4 review stars

  • Reduced churn by 60%

  • Increase user retention

  • Boosted revenues by 80%

Increase in Daily Visits with CloudTutorial
Fewer Customer Queries with CloudTutorial

All of these contributed to 5x-ing their revenues a month after.

Increase in App Revenues (Subscription)

Increased App Revenues with CloudTutorial

“The biggest factor for us is that since we’ve had our knowledge base in place, our app’s retention rate has increased significantly, which has also had a major impact on our subscription revenues, which rocketed directly after the moment we installed the FAQ icon in our app. AND our average rating has jumped from 2.3 to 4.29 stars, so we are super happy.”

They have improved the overall customer experience of their app users and this translated to:

Retention rate increased significantly…

Improved Retention Rate with Knowledge Base

Average rating jumped from 2.3 to 4.29 stars…

Higher Customer Satisfaction with CloudTutorial
Brands with superior customer experience bring in 5.7x more revenue than competitors that lag in customer experience.*
Make customers happy with a self-serve Knowledge Base that doesn’t break the bank.