Should You Automate Customer Service: The Ultimate Guide

66% of adults value their time as the most important factor when dealing with a company. (Forrester)

The research statistics stated above show how important time is when customers are talking to your company. This time is even more important when talking to your support team. Customer support agents can speak with a limited number of people at a time.

Also, they would need some time to research the described issue, which makes customer interactions slow, frustrating the customer even more. This is where you need to automate customer service.

What exactly is Automated Customer Service?

why to make automated customer service

“Automation in the customer service industry is when customer service software is used to automate a few tasks of support reps, saving the support team a lot of time and effort.”

Automation tools help support teams all around the globe with helpful suggestions and quick resolution of issues. This helps with a better customer satisfaction rate.

Automation tools are a necessity for companies that are struggling to handle support requests efficiently. 

Pros of Automated Customer Service

There are a lot of benefits you can opt for from customer service automation.

  1. 24/7 Availability

    In the age of digitization, you can offer customer support almost all the time. Creating a setup of human agents who are available 24/7 becomes a colossal task.

    An advantage of automated tools like a knowledge base and chatbots is that they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This helps serve customers around the clock without the need for human intervention, making it one of the best features of self-service technologies.

  2. Efficient Solution for Repetitive Questions

    Be it a call center or a chat, or any other support medium, your customers will keep asking the same questions again and again, hogging up all the time of customer service agents.

    With the employment of customer service automation, you can share an FAQ list or provide a support article that can help you evade customers’ repetitive queries. That frees up the call center agent’s time as well as answers customers’ questions immediately, making it a win-win solution for both parties.

  3. Quick resolution of issues

    Fact: 89% of millennials search the web for answers before making a customer support call. (source)

    Quick resolution is where customer support automation shines. Instead of making a phone call and waiting on hold to talk to a human agent, customers prefer self-service because it offers quick resolution to their problems. It also has more detailed steps and perhaps a video or screenshots that make it easy to follow the steps. 

  4. Less pressure on help center agents

    The growing business also has an increasing need for support agents. But with inquiries coming in 24 hours a day which keeps increasing, your support rep will feel the pressure. Good and automated customer service software can reduce the load on help service agents by:

    • Suggesting the solutions during customer conversations.
    • Replying to recurring questions without any need of human interaction.
    • Answering themselves without forwarding the inquiry to the support agents.
    • Help share system information and customer feedback wherever needed.

    Combining all the provided help to your customer service team and self-service solutions supplied to the customers using automation, less pressure on the help center agents is assured.

  5. Cost Reduction

    Having an excellent automated customer service tool means less burden on your call center. This phenomenon can result in cost reduction as it will help you run things smoother with a smaller support team.

  6. Human Error Reduction

    Human support has its own benefits, but we humans cannot match the speed and accuracy of the AI-powered system that can run 24 hours a day. Using customer service automation tools to resolve issues helps avoid human error. In fact, systems that use machine learning and AI learn over time and become more efficient and accurate as time passes.


Do You Want to Have an FAQ Page?

CloudTutorial lets you create FAQ pages that provide solutions to customers’ common and repetitive queries.

Cons of Automated Customer Service

Not everything is roses with automation. There are use cases that might not benefit from automation services.

  1. Lack of human touch

    Sometimes all a customer wants is to talk to a human and get some answers. Customer service automation helps companies reduce the workload on the staff, but often clients do not want to talk to an automated chatbot or look at articles in the knowledge base for answers. 

    In this case, if you keep talking to your clients with automated answers, it will further increase their frustration.

    Pro Tip: Add a “Talk to human” button at the bottom of your knowledge base article and the bottom of the chatbot, so if anyone wants to talk to humans, they can be connected with service agents. Best to ask for a phone number so you can connect back.

  2. More training for the employees

    There are different customer self-service tools available in the market, each with their own flow the way they think will benefit the users more. Using automation tools means more training for the customer service team to get to know how to use the software and how to navigate if there is any problem.

    Moreover, organizations have to invest money and time in training and development. Here, easy-to-use software can turn down the hassle of learning it first and lets you focus on ways to amplify customer satisfaction levels.

  3. Lack of fixing for Complex issues

    Although automated customer service software can help support teams a lot, these artificial intelligence-enabled tools can go so far. Answering common questions is ok, but if there is an issue that needs some digging or to perform some extra steps, these tools have their limitations.

    As a result, your customers are thrown around to different articles and steps, but their issue is still valid, and they have no clue what to do, hence more frustration for the client.

How to Have Automated Customer Service?

There are two core models that you can use for automated customer service portals.

  • Knowledge base
  • Chatbot
  1. Knowledge base

    A knowledge base is the best model for an automated customer service portal. Here is how:

    • It is live 24/7.
    • It can be available in multiple languages.
    • Can answer customers quickly.
    • No need for human intervention.
    • Analytical customer feedback to get actionable items.

    You can use CloudTutorial as your knowledge base as it provides all the benefits needed for automating customer service. It is a standalone knowledge base that focuses on giving answers to customer questions without breaking your bank.

    • Setup

      The setup is quick and easy as it only takes about 15 minutes, and your knowledge base is ready to go live. Once you are prepared, you can import your old faqs and articles easily into CloudTutorial. If you do not have an idea what kind of layout you want to use, you can opt for our templates that can be modified into your own look and feel.

    • Single account for all products

      You can create an automated customer service strategy for multiple sites using the same account, i.e., unlike other knowledge bases, there is no need to create two separate accounts for two different projects.

    • Advanced Text Editor

      A good editor matters a lot as this is where your key team members will be spending most of their time creating articles that will be helpful for the customers. The more helpful the articles, more it will reduce the call center burden.

      CloudTutorial’s advanced text editor makes it possible to create helpful articles without the need to switch between text editors. This also helps maintain versions of the created article since everything is created in the tool and is not copy-pasted from another text editor like Microsoft Word.

    • Search

      Good content is only helpful for a company if a customer can find it when needed. CloudTutorial is mainly known for its AI-powered search engine. Its powerful search engine helps clients find the answer to their questions quickly and easily. As soon as a client starts typing in the search box, they begin receiving suggestions as to what they might be looking for.

      One unique feature that no other knowledge base has is typo detection. If someone searches for solutions but has a typo in their search term, CloudTutorial AI detects there is a typo and informs the system to perform the search accordingly.

    • User Management

      Admin can assign different roles to all users depending on the need. You can either assign an already defined role to a user or create a custom role that suits your needs.

      Another feature unique to CloudTutorial’s automated customer service is the ability to assign multiple roles to a single user. Sometimes a single user can have a specific role in one project and a totally different one in another. 

      For example, a reviewer of one project can be a content creator of the other project. CloudTutorial lets you assign multiple roles to a single user based on the project he/she is signed in. This helps manage the whole team efficiently.

    • Reporting & Analytics

      Reporting is a vital perimeter for any customer service tool as it helps take measurable decisions to enhance customer experience.

      CloudTutorial has detailed reporting; it makes available information and creates analytical data that can be used to create measurable actions. Here are a few reports that we found to be very useful for automating customer service:

      • Daily visitors reporting
      • Export reports
      • Popular searched terms
      • Searches that turn out to be “no result found”
      • Most visited categories
      • User action details and much more

      You can also integrate Google Analytics and use the provided information to improve your customer experience.

    • Customization

      You can change the look and feel of the application so it reflects your brand. Customization using HTML/CSS can also be done if required.

      You can also set custom replies whenever someone fills in the form for query submission. These customizations can be used to reflect the company experience you want to give to your clients.


      Want to Create a Self-service Knowledge Base?

      CloudTutorial facilitates you to create a robust self-service knowledge base where you can make and share unlimited FREE articles.

  2. Chatbot

    A combination of a knowledge base with an AI chatbot can be the best-automated customer service experience your company can set up. 

    MobileMonkey can be a good fit as a chatbot for your company, along with CloudTutorial

    The setup is easy and straightforward for anyone to set it up. With simple drag and drop options, you can create the automated flow of the chat that is live 24/7 and talk to the incoming customer inquiry using AI without the need for a customer service agent.

    • An omnichannel chatbot makes all incoming messages combined into a single platform, be it website chat, social media, SMS, or any other platform.
    • This helps you manage all the incoming inquiries easily. It also ensures no inquiry is lost as all incoming chats are bundled together into a single platform.
    • With the functionality of reusability, you do not have to set up chatbot automation for different platforms separately.
    • Once you have set up your chatbot, you can re-use it for all platforms like Facebook, Instagram, website, SMS, etc.
    • You can also send a message blast to all your customers if there is any notification or an urgent message that needs to be communicated.

    An AI-enabled chatbot integrated with your knowledge base can be a perfectly automated system to handle customers. You can integrate commonly asked questions into your chatbot. If anyone asks the same question again, they are automatically redirected to the knowledge base article where the question is answered.


Using just a knowledge base can help a lot when automation is needed. That is why CloudTutorial is a recommended knowledge base as the price point is relatively low with no compromise on the quality and quick setup time.
The world is now considered a global village. With the whole world connected through the internet, there is a high chance your customers are sitting in a different timezone or belong to a different continent altogether. 24/7 availability of customer support makes sure every incoming inquiry is entertained, even if it is two o clock in the night for you.
The sales team can take advantage of knowledge base content as well. Sales can create their own articles explaining why business with their company is beneficial for the customer. They can use analytics to see if readers are finding it useful or skipping some content. Based on the reports, the sales team can take action and modify the content to make it more attractive for the reader.
It is highly unlikely that only chat can fulfill the role of the knowledge base. Chat can help communicate with the client and make it easy for the customer to talk to your support team using any channel, but it cannot give the customer a solution. To communicate the proposed solution to the customer a knowledge base is necessary.
Running customer service without automation can be a monumental task. There can be human errors, miscommunication, a considerable wait time, and difficulty to follow instructions. Today’s customer wants the issue to be resolved quickly and efficiently, which becomes nearly impossible without automation or highly trained huge customer service staff.


In today’s world where every customer expects to be entertained immediately, you must automate customer service that helps you in running your business successfully.

With CloudTutorial knowledge base platform, you can easily create an excellent customer service system where all customers are guided to the solution without the need for any human intervention. Sign up for FREE and avail its multiple benefits to enhance your customer experience.

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