5 Ways to Streamline Customer Service and Improve the User Experience

Have you ever considered automating customer service at your company? You can improve the customer experience while saving time and money by automating customer service. However, let’s first define what “automated customer service” actually means. 

Using technology, such as chatbots or email automation, to respond to customer requests and questions without any human interaction is known as automated customer service. This can involve doing anything from processing orders and resolving problems to responding to frequently asked questions. 

A study shows that nearly 88% of people within the US prefer brands with self-service portals, this is why the need of automation is growing.  
The various ways you can automate customer service tasks will be covered in this blog, along with the benefits and drawbacks of doing so. Let’s begin by examining live chatbots.

Live Chatbots

Live chatbots are virtual assistants that engage in real-time conversation with users using artificial intelligence. They can be accessed through your website or messaging services like Facebook Messenger. 

The use of live chatbots for customer service team has a variety of benefits. They can deal with a lot of complex queries, which frees up your support team to concentrate on more difficult work. Additionally, chatbots can respond quickly and effectively, which may increase customer satisfaction. 

But how exactly do live chatbots operate? The chatbot employs natural language processing or pre-programmed responses when a consumer starts a chat to determine what the inquiry or problem is. The consumer is then given a relevant response by the chatbot or is pointed in the right direction to a human agent or resource. 

Bank of America and Sephora are two businesses that use live chatbots to provide customer support. Erica, a chatbot from Bank of America, can assist users with chores like paying bills and checking account balances, while Sephora Virtual Artist, a chatbot from Sephora, enables users to try on various beauty looks and provide product recommendations. 

Here are some things to bear in mind if you’re interested in installing live chatbots for customer service at your company: 

  • Make it clear to the customer that they are speaking with a bot: Confusion can be avoided and consumer expectations can be managed in this way. 
  • Use a friendly tone of voice: To promote client engagement, chatbots should be approachable and kind. 
  • Test and improve: To make sure your chatbot is producing accurate and useful responses, it’s crucial to test and improve it continuously.

Email Automation

Email automation is another method of automated customer service assistance in addition to live chatbots. Email automation is the use of pre-written emails to automatically react to frequent client enquiries, including purchase updates,shipment details, or cther customer concerns. 

The use of email automation for customer care has a number of advantages. One benefit is that automated emails can deal with a large volume of enquiries, saving time and resources. Because it enables you to customize emails to particular consumer segments or demands, email automation may also offer a consistent and personalized customer experience

Airbnb and Spotify are two businesses that use email automation to support customers. Prior to and following a guest’s stay, Airbnb automatically provides them with instructions on how to check in and out and get in touch with the owner. The playlists and artist recommendations that Spotify delivers to users are based on their listening history and preferences. 

Here are some points to keep in mind if you want to use email automation as an automated customer service software at your company: 

  • Create email list segments: This might help you customize your automated emails to provide personalized support to meet the needs of particular consumer segments. 
  • Make your emails more unique: Your emails will feel more personalized and meaningful if you use the customer’s name or make use of their purchase history. 
  • Use succinct and straightforward subject lines: This will increase the likelihood that the receiver will open and read your emails. 
  • Test and improve: To make sure your email automation is sending out correct and useful responses, you need to constantly test and improve it, just like you would with live chatbots.

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Social Media Automation

Social media automation is another technique for automating customer support. Social media automation is the practice of using software to plan postings and monitor customer complaints on websites like Twitter or Instagram. 

You can save time and money by using social media automation for customer care since it makes it possible to effectively handle a huge volume of questions with automated systems. You can schedule articles in advance and set up automated responses to simple customer queries, which can help you give a consistent and responsive client experience. 

Starbucks and Zappos are two instances of businesses embracing social media automation for customer care. Starbucks uses social media automation to advertise new items and limited-time deals as well as to address questions and grievances from customers. To offer customers individualized product recommendations and help, Zappos employs social media automation. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you’re interested in adopting social media automation for customer support at your company: 

  • Track client enquiries using hashtags and keywords: This can assist you in promptly recognizing and meeting customer wants. 
  • Regularly check your social media accounts: Even with customer service automation, it’s crucial to periodically assess how well you’re doing at responding to clients in a quick and useful manner. 
  • Maintain a constant voice and tone: When interacting with direct customers on social media, it’s crucial to be approachable and kind, much like with real chatbots. 
  • Evaluate and enhance: To make sure your social media automation is delivering precise and beneficial replies, just as with the other forms of automation we’ve covered, it’s crucial to continuously test and improve it.

Self-Service Knowledge Base

A self-service knowledge base is another way to support automation in addition to live chatbots, email automation, and social media. A knowledge base is a collection of materials, such as FAQs or step-by-step guides, that offer self service support to the customers for solving their own problems. This can be integrated into your website or client portal. 

As customers may find solutions to their own questions without contacting customer care, using a knowledge base for customer service can help you save time and resources. As it offers clients a useful and simple-to-use resource, it can also aid in boosting customer satisfaction and thus building customer relationships.

With CloudTutorial, you can create a self service knowledge base that includes FAQs,  including articles, guides, and video tutorials along with training materials to  help your customers. 

Here are some pointers to bear in mind if you’re interested in developing a knowledge base for customer support at your company: 

  • Organize your knowledge base: By categorizing your resources into distinct categories and subcategories, you may make it simple for clients to find what they’re looking for. 
  • Maintain a current knowledge base: It’s crucial to frequently examine and update your knowledge base to ensure it includes correct and relevant information. 
  • Utilize a range of formats: Consider including articles, videos, and other forms of resources to appeal to a variety of learners. 
  • Encourage comments: As this can help you spot areas for improvement and make sure your resources are meeting their needs, ask for customer feedback on your knowledge base materials.

Customer Service Automation: Advantages and Disadvantages

Live chatbots, automated email, automated social media, and an extensive knowledge base are just some of the automated customer service tools we’ve discussed. You might be wondering what will be the upsides and downsides of automated customer service software.

There are several positive aspects to automating customer support for your company. This can help you save time and money, boost productivity, and provide customers a more stable and personalized customer service. In addition, customer service automation can help you deal with a huge influx of questions, which is very helpful in busy times. 

The possible downsides of automated customer service platform must also be taken into account. Having a live person on the other end of the line is preferable for certain clients, and bots can’t answer every question. Also, clients may become annoyed when automated customer service systems reply with answers that are wrong or insufficient. 

What method, then, should be taken to better serve customers through automated communication channels? We need to find a happy medium between robots and people. With the help of automated system, your staff will have more time to focus on other priorities. Using chatbots and other forms of automated customer support technology can help you quickly sort through client enquiries and assign them to a suitable customer service agent.


Using automated solutions to handle regular chores and freeing your support team to focus on more difficult issues is one way to achieve a balance between automation and human involvement in customer care. Triaging customer enquiries and sending them to the right team member can also be accomplished with the use of automated customer support solutions, such as chatbots.
Live chatbots, automated email, automated social media, and a knowledge base are just some of the ways you may streamline customer care at your company. The best tools and technology for the customer service team can be found by analyzing your specific needs.
To automate customer service, it’s important to take into account variables including the frequency and complexity of client contacts, the volume of queries, and available resources. Consider consulting with your customer service department and doing some preliminary research to find the best course of action.
Metrics like response time, resolution rate, and customer satisfaction are good indicators of how well your automated customer care system is performing. Customers and the service staff should both be surveyed to help pinpoint problem areas.
It’s crucial to have a system in place for elevating issues from automated customer care to a human representative if you find that this level of assistance isn’t adequate for specific enquiries or scenarios. Customers may get more help whenever they need it if you include live chat and phone support into your customer service strategy.


In conclusion, your company can reap benefits, such as increased efficiency and a more consistent customer experience, by automating customer service processes. However, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits against the risks and strike a balance between machines and people. Building an efficient and effective customer service system requires first identifying and then meeting those demands. 

The use of technology is only projected to increase, which means that the importance of robotic customer support agents will only increase over time. To guarantee that your company is well-equipped to give a first-rate experience for its customers, it is important to keep up with the newest developments in technology and industry trends.

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