How to Deliver Great Customer Experience on a Budget?

Delivering a great customer experience must be a top priority for businesses to thrive in this competitive world. The organizations that focus on this can decrease churn and boost revenues – leading to elevated profit!

A recent customer-experience survey found that determining satisfaction on customer journeys is 30% more anticipating than assessing happiness for every single interaction. 

Maximizing satisfaction has the possibility to increase customer satisfaction score by 20%, raise revenue by 15%, and lessen the cost of serving users by 20%. But, how? Find how you can provide a superior customer experience here.

What is Customer Experience?

How to Give Better Customer Experience

The customer experience (CX) is defined by the communication and experience your clients have with your brand throughout their complete customer journey – from initial contact to turning into loyal and happy users.

A positive customer experience is when they keep coming back and also share their experiences with others. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools for customer procurement and saves your funds and time.

No checklist can ensure good customer service. Your customers are going to be unique. Although, here are some key takeaways that can help you achieve great customer satisfaction.     

  • Listening to your customers should be your top priority
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of every customer through the customer feedback you receive in your business 
  • Implement a system to collect, analyze, and act on the feedback regularly 
  • Focus on solving specific problems and difficulties that your customers are experiencing

Following the best practices such as having a pleasant attitude and valuing your customer’s time accelerates the engine. It’s not only about meeting their expectations but going one step further than that.


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Why is Customer Experience so Important?

Poor Customer Service

No company can survive without its customers. Companies are focusing on becoming customer-centric to improve the retention and satisfaction of their customers. An outstanding customer experience will also boost upselling and cross-selling for your business. Here is why a brand should analyze customer experience: 

  1. According to Forbes, 74% of customers want companies to understand their needs 
  2. 64% believe that customer satisfaction is more important than price 
  3. A Bloomberg Businessweek survey says that companies are now focusing on improving service and thereby eliminating the cost of poor customer service.
  4. Only 8% of customers feel that they are getting good customer support 
  5. 75% of management executives and customer service leaders consider customer service as the most important
  6. US companies lose $1.6 trillion annually due to bad customer service      

How to Evaluate Customer Experience?

A business needs proactive customer service to drive sales. Organizations that worked on increasing customer experience observed an 84% boost in revenue, 79% cost savings, and a 92% rise in customer loyalty. To evaluate CX, observe the following factors:

  1. Find Customer Churn Rate and its Reasons

    A regular examination of your churned clients can assess whether your churn rate is escalating or declining, explanations for these churns, and measures your customer service team may take to prevent a similar situation.

  2. Examine Customer Satisfaction Analysis

    Exercising customer satisfaction surveys at regular intervals and after significant moments during the customer journey, provide insights into your users’ experience with your product and brand. A remarkable way to measure customer experience is by calculating Net Promoter Score or NPS.

    Evaluating NPS from several aspects across a customer journey will depict what you must do to improve and where you are imparting an exceptional experience. Additionally, you may follow up on your customer feedback (positive or negative) to connect with consumers, strengthen your bond with them, and hence, augment loyalty and retention.

  3. Evaluate Ticket Movements

    You may analyze recurring issues related to customer support tickets, review their probable reasons, and how you can resolve them. This will permit you to reduce the number of tickets representatives receive while offering an enjoyable and streamlined experience for your customers.

  4. Create Forum for Customers to Submit Suggestions

    You may build a forum for your consumers to request new features or products to make your deliverables more useful. Make this forum shared via social media, a community page, and email survey and give customers a chance to offer recommendations proactively.

9 Ways to Provide Outstanding Customer Experience while Saving Money

Here are our ten ways to deliver an excellent customer experience. 

  1. Understand Your Product

    Your customer support agent needs to have complete expertise in your products or services. Extensive knowledge of the product is a valuable skill. The aim should be to explain features and use-cases thoughtfully and share the benefits of using your product. 

    Your customers need to feel that they are getting full value for their money. Hence, make it a goal that your customer support agents have an in-depth understanding of your products or services.

  2. Have a Positive Attitude

    The right attitude should reflect in your tone of voice and language because most customer interactions won’t be face-to-face. Written communication (via email) can easily get misinterpreted.

    The brain uses multiple signals for interpreting emotional tone, which includes facial expression and body language. Both of these will be missing in an online conversation, and it can create a wrong impression. 

    Pro tip: Try to use emojis or good humor to get understood by others. Call them from your phone if you feel that chat conversation or email is getting tense.

  3. Be Creative in Problem Solving

    Over 80% of customers stop doing business due to the bad customer service of a company. Hence, it should be a top priority to provide a better experience to them. Here is an example. 

    Zappos once sent a man free shoes the night before the wedding. It was because they accidentally sent his order to the wrong location. The company not only corrected its mistake but went even beyond that, which is a perfect example of great customer service. In return, Zappos gained a loyal customer for life.

  4. Respond to your customers quickly

    66% of people feel that their time is valuable and don’t want it to get wasted in any online customer experience. Hence, your aim should be to resolve their problems quickly.

    CloudTutorial is a fully customized platform that provides categories and subcategories to make the search convenient for your users. This makes you respond and close the tickets fruitfully and rapidly.

  5. Personalize your Brand

    40% of customers want real-time service. They don’t like being a ticket number that receives automated responses. Customers don’t prefer getting directed to different persons for their queries.

    Do you know your customer’s birthdays? or their hobbies or interests? The point is that you should apply a personal touch whenever you can. It will make your customers feel like you know them and that you care.

  6. Customers Prefer Self-Service

    Customers like to solve their issues by themselves. Self-service is an easy way to improve customer sentiment. It is also cost-effective and scalable. You can put your content in front and center, which will help your customers take a look at the answers quickly.

    81% of customers try to solve the problems by themselves before reaching out to a live chat. 71% want the ability to solve the problem on their own. In the end, customers can always contact you if they don’t find any solutions.

  7. Focus on Building Customer Relationship

    Treat your customers like the center of the world. They are an integral part of your business. 

    Kristin Smaby said it best thatIt’s time to consider an entirely different approach: Build human-centric customer service through better technology and genuine people. So, understand your customers. Humanize them. Humanize yourself. It’s worth it.”

  8. Listen to your Customers

    Customer feedback strategy is more than just looking at the data. It is about listening to them in real-time. Listening improves the possibility that you will understand their genuine problems and actively solve them. It will make your customers happy, which is beneficial for your business. 

    Active listening shows that you are aware of the customer’s emotional state and unique personality, and it will help you decide how to respond to them. Remember, One-size-fits-all doesn’t work in customer service. 

  9. Go Extra Mile

    Customer service is more than just ticking all the boxes. Sometimes it is anticipating your customers’ needs before they even have the chance to express them.

    You can use CloudTutorial as a knowledge base and benefit from its features to provide good customer service. This KMS platform will let your customers find answers to their queries speedily. Moreover, you can use it to develop a user-friendly FAQ website.


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Tools to Manage Customer Experience

Improving customer experience policy is necessary for increasing profits, sales, and customer lifetime value. Good software aids brands collect, trace, organize, manage, analyze, execute, and personalize relevant interactions with customers. Here listed are some of the tools that help in managing CX:

  1. CloudTutorial

    Increase your conversion rates with the below-mentioned CloudTutorial’s features:

    • Create an SEO-friendly knowledge base free of cost
    • Drag and drop files from one category to other
    • Select domain of your choice (e.g.:
    • Add team members with custom roles
    • No need to have backup
    • Smart AI search and contact form
    Better Customer Experience

    CloudTutorial, being a KMS platform, offers SEO-friendly knowledge base templates that are easy to employ. It provides unlimited article categories, traces each article’s efficacy, and exhibits the ones that need improvement.

    Its Google-like expertise proposes articles that answer your consumers’ queries even before they ask questions. Also, its FAQ structure is exceptionally optimized in a way that users find your help articles while seeking varied solutions on the web.

  2. HubSpot

    Here are the vital features of HubSpot:

    • Universal inbox that accumulates customer interactions and service record
    • Live chat and bots’ integration to your site
    • Provides email automation and social media integration and management
    • Renders custom reports to a dashboard for easy assessment

    HubSpot is a sales and inbound marketing platform that aids companies to entice visitors, convert prospects, and seal the deal. This tool offers a ticketing and a help desk that assists in recording customer questions and tracking recurrent support cases. When utilizing its CRM platform, marketers can attain supreme alignment with sales to validate investments.

  3. Satmetrix

    Following are some crucial features of Satmetrix:

    • Programmed analytics to uncover unprecedented insights
    • Data collection and integration
    • Customer experience insights delivery
    • Targeted change
    • Action management process and monitoring

    Satmetrix aids you in understanding the connection between business outcomes and customer behavior. Also, you can publish positive feedback collected from the customers on social media directly. In order to have a clearer understanding of customer sentiments, Satmetrix presents surveys with innovative capabilities – segmenting by industry, product, or location.

  4. Zendesk

    The top features of Zendesk help desk software are:

    • Help desk automation
    • Real-time data on the activities and actions
    • Request forms and ticket fields
    • A personalized view of the queue as per the ticket status, assignee, group, and several conditions
    • Inbuilt SLA enabling agents to set their parameters
    • Support ticket system offers multi-channel, multilingual, audit trail, and centralized hub

    Zendesk lets you create a self-help center for your clients and resolve their problems with a ticket system rapidly. Customization options, reporting, and multiple integrations make it one of the industry’s most preferred tools.

    The ticketing segment (Zendesk Support) functions along with the other resolutions within the Zendesk suite such as live chat (Zendesk Chat), call center (Zendesk Talk), and the knowledge base (Zendesk Guide).

  5. IBM Tealeaf

    Below listed are some remarkable features of IBM Tealeaf:

    • Reliable, secure, and private architecture
    • Flexible archiving
    • Filtering and manipulation functions to track and protect the data
    • Customer sessions are archived and compressed
    • Flexible and scalable platform
    • Seamless integration

    Tealeaf is one of the prime Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions in the market. Presenting helpful insights into your users’ behavior permits you to identify any issues, make calculated improvements, and track customer engagement metrics.


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A good customer experience is timely, personalized, relevant, simple/effortless, remarkable, seamless, consistent, and memorable.
Customer experience management is the practice of reacting and designing to customer interactions. The aim is to meet or exceed their expectations, which leads to better customer satisfaction, advocacy, and loyalty.
Treat your customers as you want to get treated if you are in their place. Show gratitude and empathy to them. Thank them for their understanding, patience, and loyalty. If a customer makes a complaint, listen to them carefully to understand what went wrong with your product.

Customers can get on-the-spot answers through CloudTutorial without having to wait for their emails to get answered. An AI-powered FAQ section decreases the thousands of emails your customer support team gets in their inbox. It lets you segregate every piece of data by categories and sub-categories.


To attain success, business models may get altered but consumers must be your top priority. As their priorities shift and smarter technologies and newer trends emerge, you need to adapt to these alterations quickly. 

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