19 Call Center Best Practices for the ‘WOW’ Customer Service

These days, businesses rely on communicating with their clientele more than ever before.  In any call center, just pleasant customer service is not enough to provide great customer experience.  So, we ought to use call center best practices to satisfy their customers and attain revenue goals.

It is imperative to recognize the dynamic role contact centers play.  While consumers remain to be empowered by the data they can search online, they still switch to the phone for getting answers to their intricate questions.

Research by Forrester presented that of all the accessible consumer service channels, online FAQs were most utilized, around 76%, followed by call centers which are 73%.  The report also showed that a customer’s experience with a call center had a huge influence on their goodwill.  

In the occurrences of any poor contact center etiquette or customer experience failure, 64% of clienteles told that they would stop endorsing the business.  And, once a business is lost after delivering a poor consumer service experience, that business has a 20% chance of winning that consumer back.  Moving ahead, let’s discuss everything in detail.

What are the Best Practices to Follow in a Call Centre?

  1. Balance Tools With A Personal Touch

    The key solutions like IVRs and chatbots occasionally hinder in getting the assistance you require.  After many years of unproductive customer service tools, 86% of consumers do not have faith in them.  They feel the need to communicate with a real individual.

    You can link this with your customer service goals.  You can make your consumers feel good by letting them get in touch with a well-trained representative.

    Inspire your customer service representatives to show their personality with the customers.  Add character to your support courses without being unethical.  Facilitate your contact center tools and technology to deliver a personal human touch.  Every time you may give your customers an option to reach an auto attendant or a live agent.

  2. Train To Gain Efficiency

    Operational agent training is perhaps one of the most apparent call center best practices, but it is certainly a region that could be upgraded at many companies.  Training your team to execute at a great level is the groundwork of any organization and the whole training procedure must be treated with proper attention.

    Learn from the best!  Being one of the Fortune 100 top companies, Zappos knows the significance of adequate agent training and immerses every new employee in its in-house software package to study the vibrant business processes, strategy, and company culture.

    Contact center training for newly joined employees often goes on for around six weeks where they spend time on practicing calls as well as learning theory with their managers.  Nevertheless, call center metrics and training should not be observed as a one-time event.  Instead, you must integrate consistent coaching sessions into your procedures to aid the underachieving team.

    Leverage some of the best practices from your highest performing representatives to get other members of the team up to that level.  As per McKinsey global employee engagement contact centre survey in September 2017, more than half of call centers deliver no less than three weeks of training.

  3. Serve Value: The Prime Goal

    Many companies see customer support as a tiresome yet essential element for running a business successfully.  But you should not consider contact center service like a boring task.  Instead, you must serve by listening to clienteles actively and doing your best to assist them.

    Your first and foremost priority is to resolve customers’ problems and make them happy.  Simply answering calls would not present consumers the service they require and this may even result in several undesirable reviews for your enterprise.

    Focus on serving value to your customers and being as supportive as possible, after all, they are the most significant part of your call center industry.  For example, Starbucks is one of the top companies that listen to their customers.  In 2008, they started ‘My Starbucks Idea’ intending to give their customers an easy mode to submit their concerns and requests in a better place rather than just placing a suggestion box.

  4. Have An Integrated Omnichannel Service

    In a mobile-first ecosphere, Omni channels must be like an evident call center best practice.  The upsurge of social media, constant use of mobile phones, and a desire for choices mean that it has become vital to winning customer loyalty.

    With each service channel you built, you are delivering more convenience.  But customers anticipate all the channels to produce your best service level and competence.  If the systems are damaged with unintegrated applications and inappropriate data sources, customers receive different call center experiences by the channels.

    Such inconsistency indicates a complete negative customer experience.  You must ensure that your call center agent desktops, websites, mobile apps, chat, email, and text function as one synchronized system within an omnichannel contact center.

  5. Don’t Forget Your Supervisors

    When call centers are observed like cost centers, they usually run on constricted budgets.  This crushes training reserves, particularly the ones that are saved for training your supervisors.  Call centers must resist the approach that ‘supervisors would pick it up as they move.’

    Instead, these centers must invest in supervisors’ training and development so they become proficient in everything from coaching to managing escalated calls to analyzing the call center metrics.  Top companies like Amazon plan to enhance their people’s skills through the Associate 2 Tech program and Amazon Technical Academy.

  6. Choose The Right Call Centers Metrics

    Call centers have several things that they can measure.  It turns out to be alluring to make every measurement equally imperative.  This can lead to an overload of data and a chief metric can get misplaced in the shuffle.

    Such businesses should have KPIs that they can use to evaluate the condition of the operations.  You must comprise a mix of customer and operational-related metrics.  Every call centre has a unique set of priorities, and here some instances of call center metrics that are typically worthy to form analysis:

    • First call resolution
    • Average handle time
    • Average wait time
    • Schedule adherence
    • Turnover rate
    • Resolution rate
    • Quality scores
    • Customer experience and satisfaction

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  7. Scale Customer Service With VoIP

    You may incorporate a cloud phone system if you plan to scale your service.  With such a cloud system, you can have your team members work remotely with greater efficiency.  Several systems have precise VoIP phone numbers and these numbers let you communicate with clienteles utilizing any internet-connected scheme.  This costs a fraction of the charge of any landline.

    Now there is no need to find office space or set-up an expensive Private Branch Exchange.  You may supply call centre reps with a VoIP app for their smartphones or computers, and you can get your system running.

    The best thing about VoIP is that your monthly fee provides unlimited phone calls between the call center agents.  Implementing such technology means there would be no extra costs to respond or place phone calls overseas. 

  8. Always, Always, Always Follow-Up!

    An indispensable call center practice to implement is making follow-ups with your customers after the call.  When a problem is solved, have a representative send customers an email to ensure that their problem was resolved effectively.  If it was, your call center agent can request a positive review, but if it was not, they have to take further steps to resolve the matter.

    This is critical because it averts a customer from being disappointed with your service.  Also, you have another chance to fix the issue and make them satisfied.  For example, Harley Davidson understands that buying a bike is a huge purchase.  It puts its ‘customers first approach’ and gets timely follow-up to maintain their relationship and thereby, win loyalty.

  9. Redirect To Helpful Tutorials And FAQ Content

    With the passing time, you would realize that you have received numerous identical questions.  At this point, it will be clever to issue the content that you can easily send to consumers in a few ticks.

    Such content like FAQ pages or tutorials must be stored in a self service knowledge base or be published on your website.  Clienteles can find this content and get all their questions responded immediately.

  10. Be Supportive To Your Agents

    Companies globally have been much focused on retaining consumers throughout the pandemic.  But strong brands recognize that beyond consumer contentment, supporting their teams through uncertainty and anxiety is equally important for long-term survival and business endurance.

    When your customer service agents feel supported, they execute better, making it stress-free to uphold business continuity in any crisis.  Employee care courses also have a lasting impact on turnover rates, employee engagement, agent productivity, customer retention, and loyalty, all of which have quantifiable monetary paybacks.

  11. Strive To Wow Your Customers

    We already understand how customer experience is critical for a business.  If you serve a customer inappropriately, they would not come back.  But if you meet their expectations, they prove to be a consistent source of income for the years to come.

    Today, contemporary buyers are unique.  Such buyers value customer reviews, expect immediate service, and access product research.  And your competitors are keeping a close watch to deliver the best services to them.

    This is the reason why your call centre must offer end-to-end customer experiences always.  Contemplate through the instant they visit your site to serve them with your product.  Moreover, when you walk an extra mile, you can augment customer lifetime value.  As per PwC, the below chart depicts that consumers tend to pay more for positive experiences.


  12. No One Likes Waiting!

    Being employed in a contact center can be a stressful job.  Such stress can affect your agent performance and productivity.  The minute they start to feel overworked, their capability to execute at a high level diminishes.

    This is where appropriate scheduling originates.  Supplying your agents enough idle time to refocus and recharge can make sure that your clienteles receive friendly and patient service.  Even a small-sized call center team can be tough to schedule.  Various variables can hinder the job.

    The factors like peak and low hours, employee availability, and employee ability, can make scheduling a full-time task.  That is the reason why it is vital to make usage of the finest tools accessible for this job.

  13. Share Positive Reviews

    If a client is satisfied with the services they get, they may be persuaded to write positive reviews.  It is the best practice to request consumers for a review if the call center agents get an opportunity to do so.

    In this way, your agents can direct consumers to your company’s Yelp listing, Facebook page, Google listing, and other such review platforms.  This, in turn, can enhance your site’s Google rankings and induce more clientele to purchase your products or get employment with your organization.

  14. Resolve Problems Consistently

    When consumers report complications, they need their matters resolved as rapidly as possible.  In addition to this, well-timed updates can upsurge customer satisfaction marks.

    Contact centers can curtail the call resolution time in various ways:

    • Manage anticipations and be apparent about the time required to resolve the problem
    • Rationalize customer support representatives’ workflows by systematizing monotonous tasks
    • Offer contact center agents access to the CRM
    • Update clienteles on the status of their problem regularly
    • Built a safety net to evade black holes of customer interaction and worries
    • Record customer’s problems into cases in a help desk

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  15. Evade Negative Speech

    Call center best practices comprise the formation of a script that mentions an upbeat tone, key phrases to leverage, and professional language.  However, you must also train call center agents to circumvent some phrases and kinds of language to evade negative contact.

    For instance, make the representatives utilize the phrases like, ‘I am sorry, I am not the best person to respond to your inquiry, but let me transmit you to our in-house expert.  Appreciate your patience’, instead of saying to a caller, ‘I am going to put you on hold.’

  16. Aim For Constant Improvement

    Your call center representatives must always be considering methods to improve.  This comprises being completely attentive to what customers say or ask.  Also, you must make use of the latest trends and technologies to stay on the top.

    The best method to ensure that you are unceasingly improving is to stay updated. CloudTutorial helps in maintaining your company culture, customer support, knowledge management, and more.

  17. Make Your Agents’ Life Easier!

    When your agents answer inbound calls, customer data is dispersed across the screen.  Such unorganized vital customer information does not help your agents to find accurate information when required.  This causes your customer service representatives to struggle on customer calls.

    You can save your representative’s time by constituting a screen pop feature in your system.  So, whenever a call lands, they can see valuable information in a second.  Most individuals appreciate personalized concern when they call a customer service center.  After your support team resolved their problem, they can easily upsell for more returns.

    You must take each opportunity to act on such real-time data.  With this, your agents can augment customer experience.  Customers tend to appreciate it if you make them feel like they are the most significant individual of the day.

  18. Build A Conducive Environment

    A call center practice which more and more enterprises are concentrating on is the formation of a workspace that is favorable to efficiency.  You can improve agent productivity by presenting the most ergonomic desk and furniture choices in your organization. 

    Some additional schemes include rest lounges, standing desks, warm colors, and natural lighting.  Inspiring posters and artwork will also boost agent performance and motivation.  Such a collaborative workspace is beneficial for team conferences and can aid to build a good bond amongst your representatives.

  19. Have An Integrated Knowledge Base

    As we know, ‘Knowledge is power’, and possessing your organizational learning at your fingertips is the finest technique to deliver exceptional service to your customers.  An operative knowledge management database systematizes your company’s information, important documents, and agent training materials so that it is readily available to your customer representative team.

    With CloudTutorial, you can get a well-organized knowledge management system in place and your agents can extract call scripts, customer interaction data, FAQ documents, and offer consumers the responses they require without any delay.  Such a knowledge management database also guarantees consistency, as all your agents would have the same response to a repetitive query.

    Such a knowledge base also guarantees consistency, as all your agents would have the same response to a repetitive query.

    Common Mistakes in Call Centers to Avoid At All Costs

    common mistakes to avoid

    With the customers being the base of many companies, going contrary to their requirements can be a make or break for them in the industry.  Also, in this fast-paced technology era, we reside in, making a wrong call is more expensive than ever before. 

    Here are some of the mistakes in contact centers to avoid at all costs so that you can place your organization in the best situation to be prosperous.

    • Compelling customers to utilize a definite channel:  Every person is different and has their own communication choices.  To attain a wide customer base, it is important to present as many consumer service channels as you can practically manage.
    • Having a minimal understanding of your users:  You must take the time to comprehend your customers, comprising what precisely they do.  The more you understand them, the better prepared you would be to modify your customer service as per their unique requirements.
    • Failing to deliver a steady consumer experience:  Customer interactions must be timely and fairly steady across the channels with a positive approach that aims to help the customers.  This forms an unwavering trust level between your agents and consumers.
    • Having conversations only when something gets incorrect:  Do not be one of those enterprises that wait around till something wrong happens to communicate to their consumers.  This is named reactive service, and it is a sure way to lose the business.  In its place, take a proactive customer service attitude and keep forming positive customer relations.

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    The best practices to run a call center effectively are to provide thorough onboarding, hire the best employees, ensure proper scheduling for effective call center management, use data when making decisions, communicate regularly with your employees, give employees targeted feedback, and prioritize employee engagement.
    Some of the ways to improve customer service call center experinces are – recognize the stage of the customer journey, make it easy for your customer, create emotional connections, understand who the customers are, provide quality training, and collect customer feedback.
    The three important qualities of customer service are communication skills, patience, and company knowledge.


    Enhance your customer service and keep your representatives happy by following the above-mentioned call center best practices.  Contact CloudTutorial to organize the agent training sessions SOPs, customer data, and all the information your teams require to perform better. 

    With us, you can develop your knowledge base and empower your agents to continually improve their communications with your customers.

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