10 Customer Service Challenges you Face and Their Solution

Customer satisfaction has become the new norm. Every business is increasing its customer service game to be more user-friendly.

Fact: 54% of customers say they have higher customer service expectations than they had a year ago (source)

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Customer service faces many challenges, and if not handled properly, it can result in losing customers.

We have compiled a list of the most common customer service challenges and their solutions. Read on to know more.

10 Most Common Customer Service Challenge

Customer Service Solutions
  1. No answer to the question

    Customers call service centers to get answers. If the service agent does not know the resolution, that will raise frustration as the customer is already in a difficult situation; that is why they have called.


    Acknowledge the fact that you do not know the answer. Beating around the bush or giving vague answers will not help. Tell them you understand the problem, give me some time, and I will get back to you with the answer.

  2. Transferring the query

    Sometimes, customer service agents have to transfer the query to another department to better resolve or do more research before giving any solution. This can increase the customer’s frustration as they have to wait more and might have to explain the issue again from the beginning to a new resource. 


    Explain to the customer why transferring the query is necessary as it will help diagnose the issue better. Also, keep a system where the customer does not need to explain the problem again, but the system already has enough details for the new resource to know precisely what the customer is talking about.

  3. Angry Customers

    One thing is for certain; your customer service team will have to deal with angry customers. Angry calls are one of the biggest customer service challenges for the team. You have to calm the customer down, understand their issue, and try to solve the problem altogether.


    The customer service agent has to understand the anger is because the customer is unable to solve the issue despite their attempts. Good customer service executives empathize with the customer, Hear what they have to say, apologize for making them feel that way, and then try to solve the problem and ensure the customer’s issue will be resolved.

    Another promising approach would be to use a knowledge base like CloudTutorial to make sure an angry customer has the answer immediately. Its advanced AI-based search will ensure the customer has time to find the right answer even if there is a typo.

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  4. Crisis Mode

    Add crisis as one of the biggest customer service challenges. Sometimes there are issues like security breaches, server crashes, or power outages that can cause your business to stop working. This situation can be a challenge for the support team. There can be a significant backlog of incoming inquiries. Customers want the issue to be resolved quickly, and the customer support team wants to offload the incoming queries quickly.


    The best way to handle a crisis is to create a crisis protocol. That way, the customer support team will know exactly what needs to be done beforehand instead of panicking. 

    To decrease the load on customer service agents, you need to pre-empt the issue by sending an email/SMS to all customers informing them that there is an outage and the team is working hard to resolve it.  

    If you have a call system, the same audio message should be played when a customer is waiting for an agent. That way, the customer will know the issue is being handled.

  5. Lack of proper tools

    Fact: 60% of customer support teams believe they do not have the right tools to handle all the inquiries (source)

    Not having the right tools to handle incoming inquiries can become a challenge, even if customer service teams are capable enough to handle it all.


    Plan and use the right tools. If you want a quick solution with less use of customer experience agents, you can bank on knowledge bases like CloudTutorial. This solves customer issues quickly without the need for any human intervention. Our advanced analytics can also help you see what questions are asked the most, what your customers are reading, and if they are finding the right info at the right time.

    If you have multi-channel support, then you need a tool that connects all incoming inquiries onto a single screen, be it from emails, chats, social media, or a call.

  6. The Requested feature is not available

    Your business has limited resources. Often customers request features that are not available or not even in the timeline to be built. Keeping the client lingering is not a good option, and rejecting the product idea straight away is a mistake.


    Keep the team members informed about what features are on the to-do list. If the requested solutions are in your company roadmap, inform customers about them. If not, be polite and explain this functionality might not be available in the near future, but you value their feedback and positive response. Give users tips for the available workaround.

  7. Exceeding customer expectations

    If you can meet, nay, exceed customer expectations, you will have a high customer satisfaction rate. What customers want is to chat about the problem and it to be resolved quickly. 


    Be kind to the customers as they might not be able to convey the exact scenario. Let them repeat the problem as many times as they want, to get the whole picture. Go above the normal interaction and try to solve the issue, even if it means going out of your comfort zone a little. This can guarantee the best customer feedback about the product and your services.

  8. Letting go of a customer

    Sometimes, letting go of a customer becomes inevitable as they are not suited for your business. This can quickly become an intense situation as letting someone go when they are paying you for the services can be a shock. Handling this situation needs a lot of effort and attention.


    Be positive. Appreciate the client for all the time they have spent with your product. The best course would be to create an article in the knowledgebase explaining the criteria of being your client. Share the article with the client and explain why they are not the right fit to use the product. Tell them it will do them more harm than benefit them. Take the blame on yourself. 

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  9. If resolution is taking more time than expected

    Sometimes an issue resolution takes more time than expected. Debugging an issue takes more than one team, and moving the ticket to different departments will slow things down. This can be frustrating for the client as they have to wait more again.


    Keep the clients in the loop. Apologize for the delay and explain that issue needs more debugging. Tell them precisely what is happening. Keep updating the client about the latest status instead of them pinging you back and asking for an update. Preemptive information will always be welcomed.

  10. Handling multiple customers at a time

    Serving multiple customers at a time can slow things down and frustrate them. Everyone wants their resolution to be done yesterday, so keeping them waiting for an answer can become a stressful situation for both.


    The agent needs to make everyone comfortable. Ask them for some time to research their issue, or tell them you are doing some steps for them. This can buy you some time to talk to other waiting customers. But do not keep anyone waiting for a long time as it will give an impression that your customer is not valued.


Statistics show customer service is considered one of the main reasons people tend to do business with a company, even if it is a little more expensive than competitors. Good customer service can take your business to new heights.
The very first thing your agents need to do is let customers know you understand their problem and frustration. If the customer still keeps on going, tell them there is no need to be abusive. If that doesn’t stop them, you can stop the chat or tell them you are forwarding the inquiry to another agent as you are not feeling comfortable talking to them.


Customer service is very important in today’s day and age as it can make or break businesses. But good customer service comes with its challenges. If you follow the solutions mentioned above, your customers will feel less frustrated, and you will find ways to exceed their expectations. The key to great customer service success is:

  • Empathize with the client.
  • Understand what they are trying to tell you.
  • Keep them in the loop.
  • Use proper tools

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