ServiceNow Review: Product Details, Features, Pros, and Cons

Are you looking for a tool to manage your digital workflow? or you heard about ServiceNow and want detailed information about the software? This blog will address both questions.

Having a digital workflow software is a must for companies. It helps you track your various workflows. Let’s say specific processes and tasks. With the help of digital workflow, you can simplify daily operations. It will improve productivity.

ServiceNow is one such digital workflow software that we will be covering in this blog.  We will be doing in-depth ServiceNow reviews for users who are planning to use this software. It will help you decide whether it is the right tool for you or not.  

What is ServiceNow?

Digital workflows are the building blocks for better experiences. It is what employees want and what customers expect from a company. ServiceNow is cloud-based software to automate workflows. A company can use it to improve the efficiency of its daily operations. It’s also a ticketing tool, which can process and catalog customer support requests.

What is ServiceNow Best Used For?

Here is what this software is best known for: 

  1. Ease of Customization
  2. Better Support to your customers with low cost
  3. Real-time reporting and analysis 
  4. Data integrity and confidentiality 
  5. Better operational tracking
  6. On-demand IT service management
  7. Instance-based implementation 
  8. Minimum configuration required to get it started

Product Details 

  1. ServiceNow will streamline the daily operations, which will help businesses get things done. It helps employees of a company to perform better. This tool will also lead to improvements in the services that they provide. 
  2. ServiceNow reduces costs of ITSM by up to 60%. 
  3. Helps businesses replace unstructured business methods/work patterns through intelligent workflows. ServiceNow focuses on making the world of work better for employees. 
  4. It provides many ways to get help, like questionnaires, forms, chat, and email. 
  5. Businesses can use it to provide a self-service portal for their customers. They can even use their brands in it. 
  6. ServiceNow is SaaS-based software. Users won’t have to worry about its configuration, deployment, updates, and maintenance.
  7. ServiceNow QA testing lets you perform tests on its applications. It ensures that the product is defect-free and all its functionalities are working as expected.   

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Features of ServiceNow

ServiceNow will change the way any company works. Deliver great experiences with the following features of this solution. 

  1. Incident Management

    Incident management is the method of restoring the company’s services as soon as possible. It tries to ensure that there is no negative impact on the core business. Incident management relies on temporary solutions until the root problem gets identified.

    Users can track IT issues and fix them with the help of ServiceNow incident management. They can connect through mobile or web self-service. Users can even use virtual agents that come with natural language understanding. Machine learning will assign the specific incident to the appropriate team for resolution. ServiceNow has a dedicated portal for ticket management. It helps the right team to resolve it and restore the services for the users.

    Here are key benefits

    • Deliver a better customer experience
    • Restore services faster
    • Reduce the call volume, which will lower the burden on customer support
  2. Change Management

    Change management is the method, which a company uses to execute changes. Such changes can either be on internal or external processes. It includes establishing necessary steps for change, monitoring pre-and-post change activities. 

    With ServiceNow, you can reduce the risk of implementing failed reforms. ServiceNow change management also reduces the cost of implementing reforms. How? It does this through its automatic conflict detection and risk assessment. 

    ServiceNow also lets you automate approvals for low-risk changes. The purpose behind this is to improve the efficiency of such a method. 

    Here are the key benefits

    • Automate change approvals
    • Integrate change processes across information technology and services
    • Speed up the implementation of change management through CAB workbench
  3. Problem Management

    Problem management helps identify the cause of an error in the IT infrastructure. It also aims to reduce the impact of incidents that cannot get prevented. Problem management also tries to prevent recurring incidents. It diagnoses the root cause of incidents and determines the right solution for it.

    This management also keeps details of every problem and the right solution for it. It helps a company reduce the number of incidents and their impact over time.

    ServiceNow will help your business restore its services immediately. It often helps prevent issues even before it occurs. With its structured workflow, your company can identify root problems. It will help you reduce the impact of unexpected disruptions.

    Automated workflows will let you document workarounds and solutions for any problems. It will help your IT teams to deliver quick resolutions to any issues.

    Here are the key benefits

    • Reduce service disruptions
    • Resolve problems at their root
    • Speed up service restoration
  4. IT Service Management


    IT service management aims to fulfill the customer’s needs. It focuses on IT services for customers. The idea behind ITSM is delivering IT as a service. It describes the tools and processes that teams use in managing end-to-end IT services. IT service management covers all information technologies within a company.

    This tool will provide scalable workflows through a single cloud-based platform. You can use it to deliver IT services to your customers.

    Its ITSM solution will boost your customer support team’s productivity. They will be able to resolve issues speedily and improve customer satisfaction.

    You can use ServiceNow’s AI to view recommended actions for incoming tickets. The company can also use its chatbot technology to encourage self-serve. ServiceNow also provides access to ITSM through web-portal and mobile interfaces. It also keeps records of issues that clients experience.

    Here are the key benefits of IT service management:

    • Merge all IT services in the cloud
    • Improve the productivity of your customer support team
    • Gain visibility into various service and processes through built-in dashboards and analytics
  5. Asset Management


    ServiceNow asset management can automate the lifecycle of your company’s IT assets. How do IT services function? It runs on these IT assets. 

    You can track the financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware and devices. It covers even non-IT assets throughout their lifecycle. 

    This computer software uses workflows for any approvals to asset requests. It also includes issuing chargebacks and provisioning commercial activities. 

    ServiceNow asset management records all maintenance activity. It enables engineers to initiate regular evaluations right till the asset retirement. 

    Here are the key benefits

    • Easily provision assets when requested
    • Automate the management of your inventories
    • Track total cost associated with assets and their lifecycle

Pros of ServiceNow

  • Handle all your IT requests across different departments from this tool. You can use it to handle and schedule change requests, tackle specific incidents. 
  • Software is fully customizable. You can sort, apply, scale, and input new incidents easily. It even offers templates if you are looking to deploy a brand new service desk for your company. 

Cons of ServiceNow

  • The overall module is overly complex for new clients, and customization can be hard to manage. It’s one of the software’s Achilles heel. 
  • Integration with risk management could be simpler to show the mapping of technology to business risks.  
  • Sometimes tasks can have subtasks that nested very deeply in them. It can result in clients missing them in the first place. This tool needs a more manageable nesting system.  
  • The software needs different/more theme colors for customization. The mobile app is complex to set up. 
  • Service technicians aren’t always available, as said in the service agreement. Since it’s web-based, there can be some incompatibility and web page display issues on some browsers and operating systems.  

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Pricing Overview

This service management software offers results-driven solutions to transform your business. Get in touch with their representatives for full details of their prices.    

Is There a Better Alternative?


Yes, there is a better alternative, it’s CloudTutorial. It’s a knowledge base software. Its purpose is to help your customers find answers to their queries with ease. Reduce your customer support ticket by 80%. Here are the core features of this customer service tool.

  • Categories and Sub-Categories: With CloudTutorial, we have provided the option to create categories and sub-categories. It will help your customers, employees to find any information they need with ease. Searching for any information should be convenient. 
  • Customize your platform: Your company can create FAQ pages, help desks, and SOPs. You can customize the platform with different themes. If you are not happy with existing ones, CloudTutorial lets you add custom themes. You can also create your custom contact forms, which your customers can use to contact you.  
  • Add team members: Add your employees to manage your articles, faq, and help desk. With CloudTutorial, you can add your entire team to the platform. Not only that, you can provide specific rights to your team members. 
  • Use your brand: Do you want to use your brand name instead of CloudTutorial on your platform? In a few clicks, you can do that. Add your brand name and logo with ease. 
  • Simple to use: Create your articles, faqs, help-desks, and other policy documents in a few clicks. Manage your information, essential files, data in one place. The ease of use is excellent in this software.

With CloudTutorial, you can offer the best support experience to your customers. It’s user-friendly and easy to use. CloudTutorial has an excellent centralized ticketing system.


Customer management gets defined as the way of managing the relationship. It’s the relationship between an organization, its people, and its customers over time.
The different tasks, processes, and activities of this software take place on the cloud. Not only it promotes ease of use across teams, but it also allows real-time communication, resource and workflow sharing, and collaboration when needed.
Asset discovery involves keeping a check on active and inactive assets present in the network.


With this, we will conclude our product review on ServiceNow. The software is guaranteed to tick whatever features you need. It is one of the best ticketing tools in the market. Although, the learning curve can be high. The price might get expensive if you need only a basic solution. If that’s the situation, then we recommend you check out its alternative software, CloudTutorial.

CloudTutorial is flexible for any industry, and its pricing plans come with different benefits. You can choose a price based on what features you want for your platform. Visit our website and schedule an appointment today.


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