10 Benefits of Having a Knowledge Base for Your Company

As your company grows, the need for training, swift answers to questions, and a lot of communication is needed between employees. This can be achieved with the help of a knowledge base. Not only does a knowledge base help teams interact with others easily, but it also helps customers find the right answers at the right time.

An effective knowledge base can encourage customers and employees to self-service and reduce the load on customer support teams.

Let’s first discuss what type of knowledge base exists.

Why is Knowledge Base Important?

Your knowledge base is not merely helpful for clienteles but is also beneficial for your team. A clearly written, designed, and well-structured knowledge base serves as a learning tool for new members. Also, consumers can help themselves search for the required information. There are two types of knowledge bases:

Internal Knowledge Base

Internal knowledge base software is for companies‘ internal use only, i.e., no access to others except company employees.

Growing and big companies often have to adapt knowledge management tools to keep everyone updated on the latest happenings. An internal KM system is used for:

  • Onboarding of new employees
  • Employment information/perks and privileges
  • Share the latest updates with the whole team.
  • To answer commonly asked questions.
  • To collaborate on a single forum. e.t.c

External Knowledge Base

An external knowledge base is dedicated to being used and viewed by customers and the support teams for the information they need. This has no access restriction or is only restricted to be accessed by clients. External knowledge bases are popular tools to make sure clients get easy access to the data they require. Information like:

  • How to get started with step by step guides
  • Common asked questions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Feedback
  • Legal guides, e.t.c

Decide what kind of knowledge base is needed for your business and move forward.

Now let’s discuss the major benefits of knowledge base.

10 Key Benefits of Knowledge Base for Your Business

Key Benefits of Knowledge Base
  1. Better productivity

    A lot of time is required when employees from multiple people have to collaborate and acess information with team members. This becomes a cumbersome exercise when teams are based around the globe with different time zones and languages.

    Knowledge management systems increase the organization’s productivity as employees no longer have to wait for meeting calls as all the required info is already available in knowledge base articles.

    It also helps if the knowledge base can be translated into multiple languages, as your team and client both can be from different countries.

    Since knowledge bases are available 24/7, it increases productivity by removing the time limit, removing the need for lengthy meetings, and increasing understanding because of no language constraints.


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  2. Increased engagement

    Employees tend not to like long meetings and training sessions. As if they are out of focus for a minute or are not at their best, they might miss some important information. That is why knowledge bases are better.

    Company employees can get the latest information using the knowledge base when they want or are at their best. You can up to date content and start healthy discussions, which ultimately benefits the company.

    Subject matter experts have a profound understanding of a specific process, job, department, technology, function, machine, type of equipment, or material.

    It also helps improve the content and start healthy discussions, which ultimately benefits the company.

  3. Centralized knowledge center

    Often many companies create a lot of useful content but finding them at the right time matters a lot.

    One of the benefits of a knowledge base is a centralized hub where all useful material is stored and one place with proper categorization, be it videos, documents, training material e.t.c. as all the information is in one place, it takes less time to track and find the right information.

  4. Better customer retention

    One of the most challenging tasks customer service agents have is to increase a positive customer experience. A knowledge base is available 24/7 and has the most important required information; it automatically increases customer experience, hence better customer retention.

    In today’s digital age, customers tend to favor companies with notable customer support services.

    Fact: 96% of the consumers say customer service is an important factor to earn their brand loyalty (source)

    As soon as customers face difficulties, they register support tickets. The service reps interact with consumers by replying to such support tickets. And when this problem gets resolved, the ticket generated is closed.

    Building a knowledge base will help you keep customers happy and updated, which results in better customer retention.

  5. Quick resolution to customer problems

    In today’s digital age, customers want their issues to be resolved yesterday. Customers no longer want to wait for a customer service representative to come online and chat with them or wait for an email reply.

    This is where knowledge base software comes in handy. Whenever a customer searches for a resolution, a knowledge base immediately returns with articles discussing the same problem and its resolution, making it almost an instant resolution to their problem.

    These knowledge base benefits make your overall customer experience pleasant.

  6. Less stress for the customer support team

    Customer service agents often complain they are overworked and overwhelmed when there is an issue affecting most clients.  The support staff has to handle a massive amount of incoming inquiries,deal with angry customer’s expectations and answer the same question again and again.

    A help desk software takes care of that easily. Every time there is an outage or an inflow of inquiries, the first thing a customer sees is a knowledge base article explaining the same issue and its current state.

    This helps significantly reduce stress on the support team as the majority of customers will be on their way back to their task, not bothering to make a phone call or wait to talk to an agent.

    This helps reduce stress on the customer support team as the majority of customers will be on their way back to their task, not bothering to make a phone call or wait to talk to an agent. 

  7. Better search engine optimization

    Search engine optimization is an art. Companies invest a lot to rank better on Google for better visibility and to acquire new clients.

    It turns out that maintaining a robust Google drive aids you to possess good knowledge base content. If your branded content is good and people are reading and engaging with it, there is no need to hire SEO firms for your organization. Right knowledge base software can help you rank in Google searches.

    Knowledge base can help you rank in Google searches. If you have the required information and customers can find answers on your platform, chances of its ranking are highly likely without the need for any other efforts.

  8. Useful insights

    While you can share user guides and training materials with your clients in any other format as well, it won’t be able to capture the insight you can get using an online knowledge base software. With all the knowledge bases, you can get useful insights like:

    • What information do most of your users are searching for?
    • Is there any redundant information?
    • What is your employee engagement rate?
    • Which products have the most problems and need answers?
    • What more critical tasks require your audience to search and find help for?
    • Which knowledge base documents have the highest satisfaction rate?
    • And much more

    And other such best practices that aid you to answer these doubts.

  9. Best for teams working across the globe

    Remote teams with offices around the globe face a lot of problems when they need to communicate with each other, be it phone calls, sharing company information, or meetings.

    Such knowledge base benefits cover these shortages faced in the businesses that are working remotely. Instead of waiting for team members to be on the same page and have a meeting, you can simply log in to the knowledge base and share the information.

    The same created information can be used by any other members whenever needed.


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  10. Consistency

    For enhanced customer experiences, consistency is the key for every business. One of the benefits you get with the knowledge base is consistency. You can create and categorize according to the product or add tags, create new topics, and add useful product features.

    Both your customers and your marketing team can rely on it as they know the required updated info will always be there.

    With the help of a knowledge base, you can provide consistent product support that will add value to your products and benefit your company.

Create a Knowledge Base with CloudTutorial for Long-term Benefits

Create a Knowledge Base with CloudTutorial

What is CloudTutorial?

CloudTutorial is a standalone knowledge base that has all the characteristics you require to aid customers to find answers to their queries quickly. You can get your knowledge base up and running in minutes. We have tried to keep our knowledge base setup process as simple as possible. No technical knowledge is required to get it up and running.

Why CloudTutorial?

CloudTutorial advanced AI search engine makes sure that the users get the required information easily. It also handles typos, i.e., if a user searches for some company information with a typo, our AI search engine detects the anomaly, informs the application, and displays the result accordingly, making it one of a kind self-service tool.

This functionality also helps customer service agents answer customer questions as they are always in a hurry and handling multiple clients in parallel.

TCT’s strong analytics help identify customer satisfaction and employee engagement levels.  You can get statistics like:

  • Which use cases are the most searched?
  • Precious time spent on a specific topic
  • Are troubleshooting guides really a help?
  • Are troubleshooting instructions helpful, or are customers skipping a specific part?
  • Is self-help really working, or users tend to talk to customer service rep?

These stats help you modify the articles for future use and have an enriched customer experience.

TCT also gets user feedback to know if the article was helpful or is there any more information they need to know?

While a knowledge base is mostly used for existing customers and helps in customer retention, it also helps get new clients as new customers can find answers to their questions in your knowledge base platform, giving them the information they can use. This helps establish you as an authority in your niche, hence increasing their trust in your brand.
Yes, you can define any custom user roles as needed. Another feature unique with CloudTutorial is you can give a single user multiple roles based on which project they are working on, as a user can be an editor in one project and a reviewer in the other one.
Studies have shown companies with knowledge base implementation have better employee satisfaction rates than others. This has a far reach effect that ultimately helps the business and its customers.
A knowledge base is an assortment of documents that usually comprises answers to ‘how to guides’, troubleshooting instructions, and FAQs. The prime use of it is to make it easy for individuals to find answers to their more important issues without having to ask for support or help.
A knowledge base is a central database for dispersing data and information. Knowledge bases support accumulating, sharing, organizing, and retrieving knowledge. It is not only helpful for customers but also useful for your team members. A clearly structured, designed, and written knowledge base aids clientele to help themselves and act as a learning tool for new hires.
To manage knowledge base, know your audience, consider accessibility, keep your knowledge base on brand, update your knowledge base with every product launch or update, share your knowledge base everywhere, and measure its efficiency.

A knowledge base is the first line of defense for your organization where customers connect, as it can provide instant solutions to their problems. Similarly, a knowledge base can benefit your internal team and provide training material, and all the important information needed, increasing the efficiency of your team.

With a proper knowledge base like CloudTutorial, you can:

  • Increase your team’s productivity
  • Centralize all useful information
  • Increase your customer retention
  • Quickly resolve issues without the need for human intervention.
  • Decrease load on customer service agents
  • Provide useful insights
  • Help you rank in search engines.
  • Provide a consistent customer experience
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