Best Recruiting Tools & Software 2021

Is your company looking for a recruitment tool to hire potential candidates? 

If you want to hire suitable candidates for your company, you will need an efficient recruiting process. With the right recruitment tool, your recruiters perform the hiring process in a better way. It will immensely help your company in getting the right talent for the job.

Inefficiency often causes a company to lose the potential candidate. Suitable candidates don’t last in the market for more than ten days, and companies usually take 20 days to hire someone for the job. This much time comes with a cost of its own.

Job seekers use the internet as their primary source to look for work. 51% of candidates prefer an online website to search for job opportunities. Online presence is essential for connecting with passive candidates. 

In this blog, we will share with you the essential recruiting tools and technology. It will help you connect with suitable candidates at any stage of the recruitment process. 

Recruiting Tool for Every Need

There is no shortage of recruiting tools out there, but here are our ten best recruitment tools for you to use. 

  1. Applicant Tracking Systems

    Your company must be receiving a lot of applications from potential candidates. What you need is a centralized place for storing all their essential information.

    That’s where an applicant tracking system can help you. It will save all candidate’s information in one place, making the hiring process easier for your recruitment team.

    An applicant tracking system can also help a company comply with various data privacy laws.

    • iCIMS Recruit


      iCIMS Recruit can integrate social media platforms with job boards. It also has screening tools for evaluating the candidates. The reporting features and uptime of iCIMS are impressive. Uptime is essential because a system not working will negatively impact your recruitment process and candidate database.


      From recruiting to onboarding new employees, is the all-in-one tool you will need. The process of hiring new employees involves many people. aims to help everyone work together as a team to make the entire recruiting process seamless. 

      With’s help, jobs can get posted straightforwardly, your candidates will feel informed, and positions can get filled quickly.      

    • LinkedIn TalentHub


      LinkedIn is a go-to place when it comes to job hunting. Recruiting professionals use it to connect with people whose job profile matches their requirements. LinkedIn has over 600 million people. Hence, it is a great place for tracking and connecting with potential candidates.        

  2. HCM Software

    The human resource process should be simple enough for your employees. Investing in HCM software will help you create an all-in-one place for such operations. 

    • Workday HCM


      Workday HCM can handle everything, from onboarding to employee lifecycle management. A unique aspect of Workday HCM is that it is a web-based platform. Employees can access it even from iOS and android based applications.

      It will save time for employees as they can access the HCM software from anywhere. 

    • ADP

      Is your company looking to outsource its HR activities? ADP is the right choice for you as it lets you connect with trained HR professionals. It’s beneficial if your company is short on the workforce and needs extra hands. ADP’s customer service is also exceptional. 

  3. Video Interview Tools

    An interview process helps us understand a candidate in a better way compared to a paper resume. But the hiring team often gets overwhelmed when interviewing candidates. 

    Video interviewing is a new way of conducting the interview process. It helps increase the reach without having to hire additional recruiters. 

    • VidCruiter


      VidCruiter is an excellent tool for conducting video interviewing of candidates. It allows you to manage pre-recorded and live video interviews for the hiring process. With VidCruiter, you won’t have to waste time trying to find the right opportunity to conduct the interview. It also eliminates the need of having to fly out candidates who live in a different city.

  4. Background Check Tools

    A company often conducts a background check before hiring the candidate. It’s essential to screen a candidate’s history efficiently. Otherwise, you may remain unaware of some of their crucial details during hiring decisions.  

    When choosing a background check software, ensure that it has a candidate portal. It will help candidates dispute any findings that they consider not true. Also, allow your candidates to correct any mistake they accidentally made during the background checks.  

    • Checkr


      Checkr is a well-known background check system. It gets used by many prominent companies, such as Zillow, Instacart, and Lyft. Checkr easily allows recruiters to process and understand background check results. 

    • Orange Tree

      Orange Tree aims to simplify the process of checking a candidate’s background. What makes the orange tree unique is its ability to batch the background checks. It also simplifies the process of running many background checks at once. 

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  5. AI & Automation

    Some recruitment tasks can be automated, which will save time for your recruiters. An artificially intelligent chatbot direct candidates to job boards or screen a candidate for evaluation purposes. Your company will be able to develop a better-recruiting operation with the help of artificial intelligence. AI can also identify and remove bias from job descriptions, resume screening, and sourcing. 

    • AllyO

      AllyO is a tool that lets you connect with candidates and even automate specific parts of the recruitment process. 

      With the help of AllyO, HR can communicate through text messages with candidates if there are job openings. Text messages enable faster response to inquiries. 

      AllyO also has HR and recruiting automation bots that come with natural language. These bots can connect with candidates and provide support for job applications, interview scheduling, and check-ins for new hires.    

    • Ideal

      What makes Ideal unique from others is its intelligent rediscovery options. Among the large talent pool, you may inevitably lose some excellent candidates during the application process. When building a talent pipeline, it is essential to spot the candidates that will be the right fit for the company.

      Ideal will help your company discover the talent it has access to and the talent that it currently needs. It will reduce the marketing costs and boost the response rate of talent acquisition for the recruiters.    

    • Textio

      What makes your organization unique from its competitors? Why should a candidate choose you rather than your competitors? Many companies struggle to create content that candidates can find relatable. With the help of Textio, you can now write about your company in a more evocative manner.

      Textio has helped prominent companies like Jhonson & Jhonson, P&G, Slack, and Cisco share how they are unique from others.

      Use the power of artificial intelligence to write better employer brand content, which shows how it is different and unique from its competitors.

      Make your organization’s personality shine in your job description. It is how candidates will get drawn towards your organization during a job opening.

    • Hiretual


      It’s beneficial to have contact information in the recruiting process. With the help of Hiretual, a recruiting team contacts a candidate directly, either through phone or email. It eliminates the need for having messaging systems of different social networks.

      Hiretual does more than just gathering contact information. It also streamlines the entire system, where the recruitment process is much easier to track.

  6. Assessment/Pre-Employment Skills

    It’s essential to learn more about the candidate before going further with their hiring process. A candidate’s resume and cover letters aren’t enough. Assessments and pre-employment skills tests will help you understand more about them. It will also save you time as you won’t have to go through every application, which will make the recruitment process more effective.

  7. HireSelect by Criteria Corp


    Hireselect recruiting software has an excellent assessment and the pre-employment skills test solution. 

    It offers many different types of evaluations, such as aptitude, skill, and personality tests. All these tests will help you understand your candidates in a better way. Hireselect can also get integrated with other recruiting tools that you might be using.

  8. HackerRank

    This recruiting software lets you test a candidate’s coding skills through coding challenges. HackerRank assures that only qualified candidates will reach the interview phase, which will free the recruiter’s time from having to look at every code. 

  9. Recruitment Tools for Training

    Training material and knowledge bases are essential for training new employees. Employers often forget to help new hires, leaving them to figure everything out on their own.  


    CloudTutorial can help your organization onboard new employees. Through this platform’s knowledge bases, your employees can quickly find answers to their queries. With the help of this software, employers can: 

    • Upload documents and quickly publish them. CloudTutorial’s UI is simple to use 
    • Employers can use their domain in the URL
    • Its AI search compiles those topics that your organization hasn’t covered yet The AI can also identify content’s usefulness and which ones need updating     
    • CloudTutorial’s FAQ will help your employees quickly find solutions to their problems
    • The search can recognize the word even if the user misspelled it. It will suggest relevant content based on users’ typed keywords.

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  10. Collaboration Tools for Recruiting

    Recruiters need to have a central platform to collaborate, share information, and maintain contact with the candidates. A recruitment process involves many people at various levels. Hence, it is essential to keep everyone on the same page. Here are the platforms that can help you with project management and tracking a candidate’s progress. It can also help you in scheduling follow-ups.  

    • Asana


      Asana can help the team manage projects, track their progress, and assign tasks through boards. It provides customizable templates, and you can also schedule tasks through the calendar. Asana can integrate more than 100 different platforms. It has a g2 crowd rating of 4.3.   

    • Basecamp

      Basecamp has to-do lists that can help the team collaborate. It has message boards for conducting discussions. You can also store your files and documents. Different teams can create their group chats, and you can also search for specific projects. Basecamp also displays analytics and reports on specific projects.


Here are ways to improve engagement:

  1. Get candidates to feel excited working for you
  2. Send confirmation emails
  3. Provide a hiring timeline and adhere to it
  4. Use recruitment chatbot
  5. Send feedback
  6. Automate interview scheduling
  7. Request for candidate’s feedback
Employee referral is an internal method of finding candidates if there is a job posting. Here the organization requests their existing employees to recommend candidates from their networks for the job.
Listening to your customers, collecting feedback, and providing quick support are some good customer service habits.
A pipeline of candidates is essential for fulfilling the organization’s need for talent. Sourcing allows an organization to connect with such candidates. It saves time for businesses as hiring new employees takes significant time and resources.
Glassdoor has a free job seeker account that gives unlimited access to every content on the website. It also includes interview questions, a review of companies, salaries provided, and various other benefits. It also gives 12 months of unlimited access for free.
AI recruiting tools utilize artificial intelligence for automating specific parts of the talent acquisition process.


These top recruitment tools will allow businesses to stay ahead of the recruitment and hiring curve. Visit CloudTutorial if you are looking for a platform to provide training materials and knowledge bases for new employees. Book an appointment today.

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