10 Things to Learn From Google Values and Culture of Success

People always talk about Google’s values and culture when discussing the work environment. It is one of the greatest motivations for aspiring ones around the globe to work in this company. 

What’s the secret behind their creativity, better employee engagement, and high productivity? Check out this blog and find reasons why Google’s company culture works.  

10 Reasons Why Google’s Company Culture Works

Google’s company culture has been an essential part of the brand for many years. In 2019, it got 15 awards from Comparably, including the Best CEO, Best for Women, and Best Company Culture awards.

Google is also a constant high-ranking company in the list of Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For and is presented in the list of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work each year.

  1. Inspires Creativity

    Google promotes the notion that a happier employee is more creative and productive. For this reason, Google endeavors to produce an atmosphere where the employees have the freedom to foster their creativity, whether by contributing novel solutions for the same difficulties or merely in the manner they work.

    It boosts self-sufficiency. Googlers (a terminology for Google employees) are not constrained to a workspace with dim lighting and grey walls. Instead, they can work in the cafeteria, lounge areas, bean bag chairs, or wherever they can pay attention and execute their best.

  2. Open Communication Practice

    Google has a flat organizational structure that encourages every Google employee to share their views and opinions. Such a structure of the company is the one that permits communication between teams of any level.

    This states that lower-level employees can share their concerns or opinion with the CEO directly without any hindrance from their managers.

  3. A Strong Purpose and Mission

    Google’s company culture follows a common purpose that is direct and clear – ‘To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.’ Driven by such a mission, the team helps Google to have a prominent company culture.

  4. The People Operations Team

    Like many companies, Google has a vast HR department, and they denote it as ‘People Operations.’ This is the division where human resources and raw science intersect, which keeps Google in the list of top-performing organizations.

    While most HR units are reactive, Google’s People Operations (POPS) section practices a proactive tactic. The POPS department is reliant on data and studies, providing more insights.

    For instance, a few years back, Google observed there was a high turnover rate for females. However, when trying to diminish this turnover rate, a study found that such high turnover was not linked with all females – but only new mothers. As a resolution, Google offered 18 weeks of paid maternity leaves.

  5. A Devoted Attention on Employee Happiness

    Google has people whose only focus is to keep their team of employees happy and endure productivity.

    As a result, they offer a surplus of employees’ benefits and perks, including free health and dental, nap pods, hybrid car subsidies, video games, on-site physicians, swimming pools, ping pong, adult playground, and organic chef-prepared, and free meals.

  6. Flexible Transition

    Google supports mobility within the company so that each employee can work on their weaknesses and strengths. The notion is to offer most employees the precise job they wish for and then assist them with the switch.

    It is an excellent way to retain employees as flexibility is not favored in most businesses. Moreover, it also saves recruitment and onboarding costs.

  7. A Fun Workplace

    Google offices are a fun place and do not feel like any workplace. That becomes challenging to achieve where the employees work long days and even on weekends. 

    But with the freedom, flexibility, free food, and other employee perks, the company has succeeded in forming an enjoyable and creative workplace. It leads with innovation and data and thus, provides the perfect work-life balance.

  8. Recruits for Skills and Character

    Normally, Google receives nearly 2 million job applications every year. Such a huge number of resumes, cover letters, and CVs show the supremacy of Google’s company culture. However, it hires less than 1% from these applications.

    Its hiring process, being arduous, is very operational in discovering the best aptitude individuals with incredible drive and character.

    Google puts a huge weightage on the candidate’s character. They hire people who are humble, fun, team-oriented, and innovative yet independent. 

    The company believes that skills like coding and design can be taught, but other soft skills and character cannot.

  9. Financial Maintenance for Workforce

    Google pays its workers well, and also it provides them with personal finance help to confirm they remain in a good financial condition.

    However, the company understands that not everybody has a solid grip on finances and that absence of financial guidance may lead to liability and other such troubles which may cause financial adversity.

    Therefore, Googlers can get assistance and management of their finances from on-site financial planners and advisors that aid in tax and debt-related issues.

  10. Innovation is Prioritized

    Google believes that to stay ahead of the competition, every business must innovate. So, it promotes innovation in the offices in numerous ways:

    • Google continuously holds pep talks and sessions to encourage staff to think innovatively, discharge their creativity and offer new ideas.
    • It encourages the usage of as many resources as required to present new innovative ideas.
    • Google’s comprehensive and thorough hiring procedure allows them to get the most inventive thinkers in the market.

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What is Google’s Founding Story?

From their dormitory at Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin constructed a search engine that determined the significance of every page on the World Wide Web, which they termed as ‘Backrub’.

In 1998, Andy Bechtolsheim, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, financed and Backrub was renamed ‘Google’, inspired by the name for the number 10100 ‘Googol.’

Today, and the parent company of Google, Alphabet, is one of the most leading companies globally. Google’s products –YouTube, Google Docs Editors, and Google Search are some of the Google products and services used by millions of individuals worldwide.

What is Google’s Company Mission?

google mission-and-vision-statement

The mission of Google: ‘To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.’ 

(Source: Google’s mission)

However, it is the challenging environment that calls attention. Most personnel believe that it is a mission and not the benefits, which keeps them motivated and engaged.

What are Google’s Core Values?

Possessing a strong set of fundamental compnay values is an important part of creating a healthy work culture. The following are the list of a few of Google’s ten things we know to be true:

  • It is best to do a single thing well
  • Focus on the users and the rest of the things will work out
  • You can be severe without putting on a suit
  • The requirement for information crosses all the borders
  • Democracy on the web works


Google values and culture include concentrating on the user, and everything else will be done. You can make money without doing evil; fast is better than slow, no need to be at the desk to answer, and democracy on the web functions well.

Google’s vision is to ‘provide an important service to the world-instantly delivering relevant information on virtually any topic.’

IGoogle seeks to produce technologies that resolve vital problems and aid individuals in their every day. It is optimistic about the unbelievable possibility for AI and other progressive technologies to sanction employees, extensively benefit present and upcoming generations, and work towards the common good.


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