How to Write An Interoffice Memo (With Templates)

Workers across your organization go through over a hundred messages and emails on a daily basis. One of the emails is an interoffice memo or interoffice memorandum sent by one of the executives in the office. 

How do you make sure that the message will capture the readers’ attention and convey the message clearly?

Often these internal communication messages in the form of email can go completely unnoticed by your fellow employees. It can happen when the message or the medium is not inspiring enough or does not carry an empathetic approach.

Most interoffice memos do not shoulder real action or change. It is because they are impersonal, poorly drafted, and overloaded with information. There’s a way to change that and make your interoffice memorandum more engaging and inspiring. 

Let’s take a look at how that can be done!

Inter-Office Memo Format

Here are the pointers for an interoffice memo format.

Header: Label your content ‘Memorandum’ clearly so that your audience knows what they are receiving. Also, include ‘to’, ‘from’, ‘date’, and ‘subject’.

Body: Here, write about the problem, possible solutions, actions required, and anticipated results.

Closing Paragraph: If applicable, here you can request suggestions or feedback, or conformations from the addressees.

InterOffice Memo Examples

If you require to inform your team about official internal business tasks, here are some easy-to-understand interoffice memo examples to examine:

Interoffice Memo Example 1:


To: All Colleagues

From: XYZ, Director, Product Development

Date: April 19, 2021

Subject: Launch of Product B

I am writing this to inform you that looking at the success of Product A, we are launching Product B on April 28, 2021, to fulfill the increasing demand.

As our organization continues to make its mark with Product A in the market, the board of directors came with a profitable idea to manufacture Product B.

Kindly let me know if you have any concerns or queries related to this launch. For the time being, I would appreciate your assistance as Product B gets launched.

Interoffice Memo Example 2:


To: All Staff

From: ABC, Director, Marketing Development

Date: April 21, 2021

Subject: X’s Promotion Party

I am happy to announce that Mr. X has excelled in our latest MN Project and has been promoted to the post of ‘Marketing Manager’.

This promotion party will be held in the cafeteria on April 25, 2021, at 16:00 hours.

For the celebration, burgers and fries would be provided. RSVP to ABC by April 23, 2021.


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Interoffice Memorandum Format: How to Write It?

The role of an interoffice memorandum or business memos is to bring issues to employees’ attention, remind them about chief events and deadlines, or inform them about tasks or agendas in various departments.

Pro tip: An interoffice memorandum must be concise and brief. You must write as if you are speaking directly to your audience. Also, form short sentences and adjust your tone as per your target audience.

How to Write An Interoffice Memo?

Using the appropriate interoffice memo format is essential for the document to realize its purpose. Interoffice memorandum can be informal or formal, depending upon who will refer to them.

  1. Plan the information to be included
  2. Format the memo
  3. Create an apt heading
  4. Write the ‘Body’ section
  5. Conclude it by requesting actions to take

InterOffice Memo Templates

Interoffice Memo Template 1 : To Update Staff regarding a Policy Change

Interoffice Memo Template 2 : To Welcome a New Member on Team

Interoffice Memo Template 3 : To Discontinue a Product/Service


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What are The Different Types of Interoffice Memos?

The interoffice memorandum is extremely vital for a company while talking about internal communications. Such documents ought to be formed very cautiously, as they comprise various crucial sections of knowledge creation. Most of the office memoscarry routine communication while some carry negative information or posts of persuasion. The types of interoffice memos are:

  1. Directive Inter-Office Memo

    A directive interoffice memo states a procedure or policy you wish the co-worker or reader to follow. The length of this interoffice memo template relies on how much space is needed to explain the process properly.

  2. Technical Interoffice Memo

    A technical interoffice memo is a crisp presentation of consequences, with a logical advancement from the ideologies which are fundamental to the examination towards the conclusions that were gauged from the outcomes.

  3. Persuasive Interoffice Memo

    In a persuasive interoffice memo, you should persistently be concerned about your reader’s feelings. Contemplate how the individual will respond to what you want to say. How much you can rely on fair logic, and how much can you appeal to emotions? What can convince her or him most willingly?

What is An Effective Interoffice Memo?

A contemporary interoffice memo template does not have to be unhelpful or boring. A more empathetic and smarter method to drafting and conveying interoffice memos can aid answer employees’ questions, inspire them to act, and hold their attention.

By amending the content, delivery, and format, the organization’s leaders can make any interoffice memo template into frequently-preferred communication tools that engage and connect their colleagues. 

Wondering how this can be possible? Below listed are the aspects stating what makes an effective interoffice memo in 2021:

  1. Balance between Aspirations and Actions

    One of the best interoffice memos describes clear phases a recipient must take upon receiving. These memo templates set out an aspiring and grand vision for the enterprise, motivating staff to take instantaneous action.

  2. Accessible and Searchable

    When you convey an interoffice memo via email, it can get lost in the ocean of messages your co-workers get every day. This means that the employees can miss valid information lodged in these memos quickly. It also means that new workers do not have the chance to learn from the memos that were delivered before they got positioned with the assistance of varied recruiting tools and software.

    Permitting these new employees to go through a depository of interoffice memos can aid compress their primary learning curve, as they attain insights about the organization’s most vital resources or any information via historic memorandums. To be rightly effective, the interoffice memos must be accessible remotely.

    By this, any employee can access it at any time anywhere. Furthermore, it must be searchable, so that the employees can excerpt key responses to their queries from former documents easily.

    If you would like to stock interoffice memos in a devoted internal knowledge base, contact CloudTutorial. Here, your employees can search for pertinent data and refer to former memos as and when needed. This would make interoffice memos more effective and would probably decrease a company’s dependence on email to segment its most imperative information.

  3. Not Instructive, But Captivating

    The interoffice memos strive for consideration with each message your co-workers get via chat or email. They must be striking, encouraging the readers to pause and dedicate their complete attention to the memo. Conventional interoffice memos are not appealing or interestingly remarkable.

    The memos that embrace a storytelling tactic can connect with the audience on a deeper level than those memos that report purely facts. As you write notes, attempt to form an interesting narrative that makes your memo thought-provoking and emotionally captivating for your employees to overlook.


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An interoffice memo is an internal document that addresses definite individuals within the company for the intent of delivering information, enabling some type of action, or recording an agreement.

To write an interoffice memo letter, plan the content you want to disseminate, format your memo, create a proper heading, write the ‘body’ section, and conclude it with apt actions to be taken. You can refer to an interoffice memo template to find out the contents of the letter.

The interoffice memo’s objective is to inform the audience. Conciseness is essential while writing a memo as decision-makers have to acknowledge the content rapidly and may use this memo as a reference before taking any significant steps.


Interoffice memorandum is a great way to create synchronous communication among all the employees in the organization. Traditional interoffice memorandum may have been dull and obliterated documents. But no more. 

With CloudTutorial, you can take a smart approach to create and house interoffice memos by creating your organization’s internal knowledge base. 

Rather than creating interoffice memorandum that will be discarded after referring once, organizations need to use them as a tool to grab attention and communicate important messages and maintain them for future reference. That’s where CloudTutorial can help you!

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