Top Knowledge Sharing Methods to Use Right Now!

Knowledge captured needs to be publicized and replicated for high collaboration and advancement!

Successful organizations encourage knowledge sharingmethods and culture to retain and share the acquired knowledge. It facilitates everyone to retrieve the pertinent information at a corporate wiki and accelerates the response time. Let’s discover its methods to observe in 2021!

Knowledge Sharing Methods You Need to Know

10 Knowledge Sharing Methods
  1. Proprietary Online Training

    The Internet cannot provide information about your business to your employees. That’s why many organizations have developed a proprietary training program for their staff. It helps individuals learn about their company’s products and its roadmap for the future.

    Suggested Tools to use: 

    • Lessonly: LMS provides training and practice sessions for the customer and sales representatives. It focuses on the best practices to serve your customers.    
    • Eloomi: Eloomi can provide a detailed performance review of your staff. It will also help you improve the employee engagement of your company.
    • CloudTutorial: Cloud Tutorial knowledge management system can help the employees get answers to their questions quickly. It has a quick and smart search to browse the content they need.    
  2. AI-Powered Decision Making

    Artificial intelligence (AI) can deliver better insights about the business and market to the employees. 

    Often new employees face difficulty in decision-making due to their lack of experience. In such situations, AI can guide them in deciding which project they should work for in the office. 

    Suggested Tools to Use: 

    • Faraday: It’s a platform for AI predictions and decisions. Faraday focuses on B2C growth. 
    • Element AI Knowledge Scout: AI decision-making platform for software and tech organizations.
  3. Link Management

    A Knowledge worker visits many websites seeking knowledge to complete their project. An organization may leave it up to the employee to manage these resources through bookmarks. At some point, such bookmarkswill become unscalable and ineffective.

    Link management can solve this issue by providing access to essential resources faster and can expand across the organization.  

    Suggested Tools to Use:

    • Go Links: It’s enterprise-grade software for secure short links. These links are easy to remember for team members. They will be able to find and share information quickly with such links. 
    • Workona: It’s a link management dashboard. If your activities get scattered across the browser, Workona will organize them with one-click collaboration. It keeps a team project well organized.  
  4. Project Management Software

    Project Management Software helps a team exchange knowledge and stay on the same page in a specific project. It has individual task cards where everyone finds relevant data and files for that particular project. 

    Suggested Tools to Use: 

    • Asana: A task management tool for marketing team members. 
    • Jira: It is software that keeps every department and team of a company on the same tool. 
    • Clickup: A project management software with spreadsheets, chat, and docs.  

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  5. Meetings and Verbal Knowledge Sharing

    Meetings such as sales calls, project meetings, and team meetings get conducted regularly in the office. These tools can help you schedule and manage all of these with ease. 

    Suggested Tools to Use: 

    • Zoom: Webinar and Web conferencing software for all types of teams. 
    • Wingman: The platform offers call feedback and conversation intelligence for a company. It is essential for the sales team members.   
    • Panopto: It’s a platform that fulfills all kinds of video requirements such as video management, hosting, video search, and live streaming.
  6. Chat Platforms

    Chat is useful if it gets organized into channels with different sections. Here, essential files can be shared and discovered. 

    Suggested software to Use:

    • Slack: Communication and Chat platform with video and voice calling. It also has useful integrations and file sharing. 
    • Microsoft Teams: It is a group chat software that offers collaboration features for everyone and team meetings. It can also integrate with other Microsoft programs. 
  7. Digital Asset Management

    What if your essential files go missing in email threads, slack channels, or in old task management software? It can get prevented with a digital asset management system. This system provides searchable phrases and tags, which is essential for a big company. Employees will be able to search and find the required assets they need quickly.  

    Suggested Tools to Use: 

    • Box: It’s a digital asset management system for all types of files. Box comes with features such as searching, permissions, and tagging.
    • Canto: It’s a platform for storing and sharing brand assets.
    • Aprimo: For managing work and digital assets, primarily meant for the digital marketing department.   
  8. Standard Operating Procedures and Project Documentation

    Any process used by an organization needs to get documented. These tools can help you develop and share such SOPs with your employees.  

    Suggested Software to Use:

    • Process Street: It is a process and workflow management system. It can process templates, checklists, and track progress. 
    • Trainual: A robust platform for training and onboarding. It also contains process documentation, SOPs, wiki, and learning management systems. 
    • Notion: It’s an all-in-one platform that lets you add project documentation and SOPs besides task management.  
    • CloudTutorial: CloudTutorial is a fully customized platform. It allows companies to create FAQ pages, help desk, and SOP for any processes.
  9. Screen Recordings

    Video meetings, email, or chat aren’t always necessary. Screen recordings can also help for communication purposes. One can create short video content and share it with everyone in the team. It can also be added in SOPs and other documentation.

    Suggested Software to Use: 

    • Loom: It’s an easy tool for sharing screen recordings with others. You can use it for training, feedback, and assigning tasks to everyone. 
    • Vidyard: It’s an excellent screen recording tool for connecting remote employees. Also useful for marketing and sales objectives.  
  10. Shared Digital Whiteboards

    Whiteboards can be used in creating a visual representation of processes and requirements. It’s an excellent tool for brainstorming sessions and to keep visual work on track.  

    Suggested Software to Use: 

    • Miro: It’s an online whiteboard platform with canvases. You can use it to create anything, such as mind maps and wireframes.  
    • Sketchboard: It’s a collaborative online whiteboard. One can use it to sketch UX flows and give presentations.

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Knowledge Sharing: Challenges

Knowledge management facilitates streamlining of solved problems, ideas, product deployment, and new projects. Many employees believe that transferring company-specific data and knowledge is a big challenge. Such knowledge is unique and cannot be found on search engines. Below listed are some of the knowledge sharing challenges:

Problems associated with knowledge sharing aren’t easy to solve. All the issues fall into two main categories.

  • Lack of knowledge-sharing systems in the office. There is no proper procedure for an employee to log and store knowledge. It could also be that they are using ineffective knowledge management software.
  • Lack of adoption for knowledge sharing systems. Teams are clueless about the internal knowledge-sharing methods they need to use. Even if they do know about these methods, it could be that they don’t like such methods and prefer not using them.
  • Updating Shared Data: Another challenge that you might face is the moderation of your content. Useful data produced by your users may require updating and verification regularly. You can keep your data updated by scheduling validation notifications for your moderators.

How to Build a Culture of Effective Knowledge Sharing?

Importance of Knowledge Sharing

Companies take the help of culture advocates for deciding which incentives or ways will encourage your employees to share knowledge with everyone. The approach, here, should focus on building a culture of knowledge sharing where employees support each other and work in collaboration.

  • Having transparency, collaboration, and communication between teams will make it easier to adopt knowledge-sharing methods and technology. The staff needs to get accustomed to sharing knowledge for all this to work.
  • Organizations need to provide incentives to their employees to share knowledge.
  • Install a knowledge-sharing platform
  • Ask employees for their input directly
  • Establish an open-door policy
  • They need to be encouraged to avoid working in silos and share knowledge with other employees. An employee should talk about the experience with the team to foster an environment of knowledge sharing.


A knowledge base is a collection of documentation that has answers for FAQs, troubleshooting instructions, and how-to-guides. Its purpose is to help customers find solutions to their problems without having to depend on others.
Knowledge sharing is essential for an organization to become successful. It can facilitate decisions, bring change in the office culture, and encourage learning and innovation.
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Knowledge sharing methods bring infinite advantages to your organization. It helps support teams solve problems, enhance social interaction, find the data they need, and hence, reduces customer support tickets. 

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