Best SaaS Support Solution: Let Customers Help Themselves

Whether you own a startup or small to mid-sized business, SaaS Support is the perfect choice for the HR department, Sales & Marketing Department, surveyors, and other departments of the company. Before moving into the details do we know what does SaaS (Software as a Service) mean? And how is SaaS useful for businesses?

SaaS customer support solution aids you when you get stuck in a situation where you need an impressive customer support in your organization. Let’s dive deep into this concept.

7 Elements of a Perfect SaaS Support System That You Should Not Miss

  1. Make Support Option Easy To Find

    When the user visits the website or app and needs any help or support regarding your application features, the user is not able to find the easiest ways to get help to find the perfect answer. What will be in the user’s mind? Obviously, the frustration.

    To overcome such an issue, the support link must be easily visible to the users when they visit the website or app. The users can directly click on the button available and share their query in the form available if they need assistance or have a desire to get a particular solution.

  2. Availability of Self-Service Options

    You are entirely unaware of what your customers need. No matter the shapes and sizes, every user has different preferences based on the support they aspire. Some people may prefer to use the mobile phone while some may seem easy by sending an email, but many people prefer to look up the answer themselves quickly.

    An efficient and responsive SaaS customer support includes interactive self-service options for customers that admire to look for support. It may take the form of knowledge bases, FAQ pages, community forums, or even libraries that contains unique content like “tutorial” videos and discussions on topics.

  3. Customer Issues Categorization

    An essential challenge that your organization faces is identifying and analyzing the list of problems that your customers have initiated. Once it is available, you have to deploy the customer support best practices, categorize support links to assign to the correct department, and assign it to the perfect department.

    To handle the customer feedback, it is not only the customer support team’s responsibility, but the whole organization needs to work together to deal with customer requests and company success.

    The best recommendation is to automate using a shared inbox to automatically fulfill the request categorization and auto-assign a category for all the incoming service requests.

  4. Make Sure Your FAQ Provides the Best Outcomes

    You will be surprised to know that more than 70% of the users prefer to use the self-service option rather than opting to ask the company representative. With the initiation of SaaS customer support software, the first place that many users prompt is the FAQ. They don’t like initiating support tickets.

    As per the recent survey, around 91% of users prefer to use a knowledge-based system if their requirements and needs meet. And Frequently Asked Questions page is one of them.

    See howCloudTutorial contains an FAQ pages to re-define questions for your valuable customers. With the help of appropriate FAQs, you get explicit knowledge bases to minimize the support tickets needed.

  5. All Support Requests in One Place

    In this advanced technological world, communication channels in almost every corner of the world using various platforms like email, chats, SMS-Text messages, and other social media platforms.

    The users are not aware of the channels; they only search for the most comfortable option for them. Based on product usage, many customer inquiries arise that make it easy of contacting your support agents and support team.

    Email notification from the leading website, Facebook Messages, Twitter, and even from the chats for responding to users can lead to a high crash, loss of the conversation history, and complete activity list will be gone. So, just keep all the support conversations, mostly all, in one place.

  6. Do Possess the Perfect Support Staff

    You might be wondering how to deal with the shoddy customer service right? If companies lack accurate customer support directions staff, it will be the biggest challenge for saas companies.

    Technical skills are a must for the sales department just like organizing a training session for your customer service team and support team to create a continuous learning culture.

    You just need the perfect person for customer support. If you have excellent features and functionalities in your SaaS, an indigent customer service experience could be what sees the customer exit early.

    Thus, the service looks for people who possess exceptional customer service skills and require the technical aptitude of agents.

  7. Live Chat Support System With Quick Answers

    Nowadays, in this competitive market, the rate of customer expectation is increasing day by day. Many Software as service companies and businesses continue to use email and phone call support agents as their default communication-based method, but it’s not the perfect way to deliver a rich quality experience.

    Live chat systems are taking a massive step in this world allowing your customers to get their solutions in terms of questions and answers in real-time scenarios. Customers are always greedy to use this on-demand support.

    It helps you and customers save time and money by providing quick solutions and enhancing your customers’ experience.

Build an advanced knowledge base for your customers and give them answers fast – real fast.

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11 SaaS Companies That Do It Right

If you plan to start your business with minimum investment, then Software as a Service is a one-stop platform for you to meet your customer’s queries.

The software helps you to manage your customer inquiries or issues without any hassle. For any business to achieve great success, SaaS customer support plays a vital role in enhancing business strength. Let’s identify the top SaaS companies and businesses that use customer support SaaS as their leading platform.

    1. CloudTutorial


      CloudTutorial is a leading knowledge-based platform that uses SaaS-based support resources to provide innovative customer experience to the small and big businesses.

      CloudTutorial provides an effective solution in terms of knowledge, information, document management, and the perfect answer to customer feedback, issues, or questions. The platform allows creating a help desk or FAQ page that includes detailed information, helping the business grow.

      Top Features

      • Impressive customer support
      • Data segregation by category and sub-category
      • Document creation with an ease
      • The theme, font, and contact form customization
      • Interactive user-experience
      • Provides excellent knowledge bases
    2. ZenDesk


      Your business can benefit a lot by including impressive customer relationship management (CRM) in your business plan using Zendesk. You can keep your customer’s information, all in one place, by using the ZenDesk support agent for your SaaS business.

      Top Features

      • Company representatives for humans
      • Powerful and productive support agent
      • Service satisfaction
      • Automate routine support process
      • 24/7 customer support metrics
      • Available in multiple languages
    3. Atlassian


      Atlassian is a growing company that uses the SaaS platform to scale the enhancing team collaboration in the organizations. The platform involves strong capabilities to handle the prime importance of security, governance, data storage, and even administration skills on a large scale.

      Top Features

      • Scrum boards
      • Flexible kanban boards
      • Better roadmaps solution
      • Advanced analytics and reporting platform
      • Automation JIRA software

Build an advanced knowledge base for your customers and give them answers fast – real fast.

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    1. HelpScout


      HelpScout is the perfect choice for the Software as a Service company; no matter the size, they can manage companies with more than 500 users or employees.  It helps to keep all the support team members on the same page with a cost-effective solution.

      Top Features

      • In-class reporting functionality
      • Queue management
      • Better customer support
      • Integrated knowledge-base platform
      • Supports robust API
      • Best user-experience
    2. Intercom


      Intercom, the leading software, provides unique communication channels for business personnel to interact with customers using their mobile phones or from websites. It includes the CRM platform that offers lead generation, customer engagement, customer support efforts, and other support processes that make better self-service support features for software companies.

      Top Features

      • Performance metrics for documentation
      • Interactive live chat system
      • Consistency in customer retention and improvement
      • Email and appointment management
      • Effective customer service support
      • Social media integration
    3. Front


      The Front is the best platform for users or consumers to plan to deal with their daily email tasks priority. Personal customer support plays a significant role in the software in the form of email support.

      Using Front, you can acknowledge comparatively faster workflow automation, customer data access quickly with inbox, and most importantly, the strong team analytics supports and inspires SaaS customer metrics like customer lifetime value to gain customer success in your SaaS business.

      Top Features

      • Call center management
      • Self-service portal
      • Smooth customer conversations
      • Live chat with a support agent
      • Email and appointment management
      • Social media integration

Build an advanced knowledge base for your customers and give them answers fast – real fast.

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  1. DropBox


    The DropBox has a central workspace that keeps your team organized and maintains the appropriate workflow management. All the team members’ relevant contents are available at all times in one location, so it becomes relatively easy for them to work on the specific project and make the workflow approaches more smooth.

    They help the organization deal with file sync, collaboration, and extensive administration areas and security features that scale as support teams grow.

    Top Features

    • Supports collaboration tools
    • Access control/permission
    • Real-time and two-way synchronization
    • Workflow management
    • Document management
    • Live chat with support teams
  2. Lever


    The Lever is a software company that provides applicant tracking systems and handles the talent relationship cycle smoothly. It provides the easiest way to hire the best talent for your organization. The lever contains a variety of features to enhance the customer experience and productivity in terms of talent management.

    Top Features

    • Interaction tracking
    • Interview management
    • Automated recruiting firms
    • Impressive workflow management
    • Categorize support case records
    • CRM support requests
  3. Gusto


    Gusto is a cloud-based Software as a Service-based payroll service that allows you to add employee work hours, payments related to working capabilities like bonuses, benefits, and pays issuance using check or direct deposit.

    The users, employees, or employers can view their pending tasks, future tasks to perform, dates, payroll activities, and the list of holidays they spend on monthly or weekly.

    Top Features

    • Compensation management
    • Employee self-service portal
    • Support financial services
    • HR management
    • Payroll support requests
    • SSL security
    • Third-party integration support
  4. Box


    The Box is an online file sharing and cloud management SaaS service providing organizations. The marketing communications, sales, human resources, finance, and many other industries approach this tool’s primary usage globally.

    Box also makes use of Machine Learning technology to automate the tasks and activities and manage digital assets with ease. This tool creates a digital workplace where your customers can easily make and share comments, and handle the workflow of support teams smoothly.

    Top Features

    • Impressive content and workflow management
    • Supports mobile and web application
    • Third-party integration
    • Better customer conversations
    • Integration with Office 365, Slack, and DocuSign
    • Paperless terminology
  5. Plaid


    The Plaid is a unique SaaS platform that allows the developer to create user-friendly intelligence applications and software infrastructure to develop impressive and innovative ideas for your business plan.

    With Plaid’s help, the companies or users can easily link the app directly to their financial information without any pain to visit the bank premises.

    Top Features

    • Categorized transaction information
    • Custom integration
    • Responsive API integration support
    • Identity verification support channels
    • Multiple bank account integration
    • Credential-based Workflow Option

Build an advanced knowledge base for your customers and give them answers fast – real fast.

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Both of them usually work the same but deal with the different techniques and best practices for SaaS customer interactions to a great extent. Your business model includes the SaaS customer support teams that provide the best feature request or suggestion to your customers, employees or overall users as per their needs. 

Yes, Zendesk is the best Software as a Service vendor specializing in impressive customer service agents and support tickets.
SaaS-based B2B is the fastest-growing term that evolves daily. When you sell your product or specified on a subscription basis, then it comes under B2B Software as a Service.


After gaining insights on SaaS customer support, which support solution are you going to apply for your company’s success?

The attractive and valuable element is to be regularly in touch with the SaaS to achieve the business goals as it plays a mandatory role. The only thing you need to do is identify the best skill and use it appropriately as per your company’s requirements.

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