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Best SaaS Support Solution (Let Customers Help Themselves)

What does Saas Means? What does it stand for? SaaS stands for Software as a Service.

Whether you own a startup or small to mid-sized business, SaaS is the perfect choice for the HR department, Sales & Marketing Department, surveyors, and other departments of the company. Using it, customers repeatedly pay for the product or service– particularly on a monthly subscription basis, and use the product every day. But what happens when you are struct in some situation where you need impressive customer support? Don’t worry! You need the perfect SaaS support solution in your organization.

Suppose, your organization possesses a strong SaaS support to help the customer deal with building relationships, product improvement, and earn more revenue every month. Every time, customers will send you an email when they are confused somewhere. To overcome this issue, using SaaS products in your organization is the best option as you can enable your thousands of customers to grab an opportunity to make use of the self-service knowledge base portal.



7 Elements of a Perfect SaaS Support System

  1. Make Support Option Easy To Find

    When the user visits the website or app and needs any help or support regarding your application features, the user is not able to find the easiest ways to get help. This way, the user will be more frustrated during this interval. The reason can be the user does not find something in the application that they want or have hidden access to their support resources.  Or might be your product or service is too complicated and not user-friendly.

    So, whatever the reason may be, the user searches for the support option where they can get the perfect answer. Consider the case when the user is not able to find that option quickly. What will be in the user’s mind? The frustration is going to be at the next level.

    To overcome such an issue, you have to include the support option that is easily visible to the users when they visit the website or app. The best example is to include the support link and customer feedback in your software or app’s footer. The users can directly click on the button available and share their query in the form available if they need assistance.

  2. Availability of Self-Service Options

    You are entirely unaware of what your customers need. No matter the shapes and sizes, every user has different preferences based on the support they aspire. Some people may prefer to use the mobile phone while some may seem easy by sending an email, but many people prefer to look up the answer themselves quickly.

    An efficient and responsive SaaS includes interactive self-service options for customers that admire to look for support. It may take the form of a knowledge base, FAQ page, or even a library that contains unique content like “tutorial” videos. In addition to it, it also includes a community forum where questions and answers occur between the members.

    Nowadays, customers need customer support from various sources, but self-service is the best option for them. Your customer service line or email responses are so impressive and effective that it does not matter with the self-service operation. But there is insurance about such valuable self-service options you possess, and it is going to become the best practice in your organization.

  3. Customer Issues Categorization

    An essential challenge that your organization faces is identifying and analyzing the list of problems that your customers have initiated. Once it is available, you have to deploy the customer support best practices and assign it to the perfect department.

    To handle the customer requests, it is not only the customer support team’s responsibility, but the whole organization needs to work together to deal with customer requests and company success.

    It becomes the company’s prime responsibility to categorize support tickets to assign to the correct department. Moreover, it becomes quite tedious to perform manually. The best recommendation is to automate using a shared inbox to automatically fulfill the request categorization and auto-assign a category for all the incoming service requests.

  4. Make Sure Your FAQ Provides the Best Outcomes

    You will be surprised to know that more than 70% of the users prefer to use the self-service option rather than opting to ask the representative. With the initiation of SaaS support software, the first place that many users prompt is the FAQ page.

    As per the recent survey, around 91% of users prefer to use a knowledge-based system if their requirements meet. And Frequently Asked Questions page is one of them.

    So, just create in-depth content and include detailed information about common customer queries. You can also make the use of Google Analytics to identify the list of the keywords customers use to search for the answers.

    See how The Cloud Tutorial contains an FAQ page to re-define questions for your valuable customers.

    With the help of appropriate FAQs, you get explicit knowledge to minimize the support tickets needed. Users can just by visiting Google, or any other search page, find answers smoothly.

  5. All Support Requests in One Place

    In this advanced technological world, the communication flows in almost every corner of the world using various platforms like email, chats, SMS-Text messages, and other social media platforms.
    The users are not aware of the channels they use to look for the support; they only search for the most comfortable option for them. Based on product usage, many questions arise that make ease of contacting your support team.

    You always get an email notification from your leading website, Facebook Messages, Twitter, and even from the chats if you plan to respond to your users. But this can lead to a high crash, lose the conversation history, and your complete activity list will be gone. The best suggestion that you can do is keep all the support conversations, mostly all, in one place.

    Yes, of course, it creates a problem in your task. You read it right as there is no specific solution to centralize everything; it’s better to move it to one place.

  6. Do Possess the Perfect Support Staff

    You might be wondering how to deal with the shoddy customer service? If you lack accurate customer support staff, it will be the biggest challenge for your SaaS company.

    Some people in your support staff team just come to the office, limit the support efforts, and feel relaxed but don’t worry. It’s Fine. Just remember, even if you possess the best application, a poor-quality approach to customer service brings a significant impact on your business. In simple layman terms, it means customer churn and customer retention.

    An appropriate enthusiasm and somewhat technical skills are a must for the sales department. It is better to organize a training session for your customer service team to create a continuous learning culture.

    The most valuable asset or investment in your organization is placing the perfect person for customer support. If you have excellent features and functionalities in your SaaS, an indigent customer service experience could be what sees the customer exit early.

    If you are stuck in the middle of something and need any assistance regarding the software that is not possible with the self-service option. You need an expert professional working on that particular software.

    Thus, software service looks for people who possess exceptional customer service skills and required technical aptitude.

  7. Live Chat Support With Quick Answers

    Nowadays, in this competitive market, the rate of customer expectation is increasing day by day. Many Software as a service companies continue to use email and phone call support as their default communication method, but it’s not the perfect way.

    Live chat systems are taking a massive step in this communication world. Using live chat systems, your customers can get their solutions in terms of questions and answers in real-time scenarios. Customers are always greedy to use this on-demand support.

    The live chat system helps the customers to get accurate updates on their products and services they intend to use. Let’s make it more simple; it helps you and customers save time and money.

SaaS Companies That Do It Right

If you plan to start your business with minimum investment, then Software as a Service is a one-stop solution for you.

The software helps you to manage your customer queries quickly. For any business to achieve great success, support plays a vital role in enhancing business strength. Let us now identify the SaaS company that uses customer support SaaS as their leading platform.

  1. The Cloud Tutorial

    The Cloud Tutorial
    The Cloud Tutorial is a leading knowledge-base platform that uses SaaS support to provide innovative customer experience to the business. Small and big companies are using The Cloud Tutorial platform to grab the advanced and feature-rich knowledge-sharing environment.

    The Cloud Tutorial provides an effective solution in terms of knowledge, information, document management, and the perfect answer to the customer’s queries and questions. The platform offers expertise blogs that include detailed information about the knowledge management information system, helping the business grow.

    Top Features

    • Impressive Customer Support
    • Data Segregation by Category and Sub-Category
    • Document Creation with an ease
    • The Theme, Fonts, and Contact Form Customization
    • Interactive User-Experience
  2. ZenDesk

    An American company that deals explicitly with customer service, ZenDesk, is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, USA. Your business can benefit a lot by including the impressive customer relationship management (CRM) to your business plan. You can keep your customer’s information (to maximize the customer lifetime value), all in one place, by using ZenDesk support to your SaaS business.

    ZenDesk allows users to access the key information from a single interface, allowing them to smoothly track the customer conversation. So whatever the information is, almost everything resides in a single location. It brings better communication between you and customers to be more efficient, reliable, and secure.

    Top Features

    • Customer service for humans
    • Powerfully productive agents
    • Self-Service Satisfaction
    • Automate routine support process
    • 24/7 Customer Support
    • Available with multiple languages
  3. Atlassian

    Atlassian is a growing company that uses the SaaS platform to scale the enhancing collaboration among the team members that arises in the organizations. Jira and Trello are the best tools initiated by the Atlassian company, and thousands of team members worldwide use them. The platform created by them involves strong capabilities to handle the prime importance of security, governance, data storage, and even administration skills on a large scale.

    Atlassian, as compared with other competitors, deals with overcoming the mistake that many users perform in various situations. It includes customer expectations, the challenges aspect, series of policies to have, user priority, resource effectiveness, and many others that enhance the business brand, productivity, and goal to a great extent.

    Top Features

    • Scrum Boards
    • Flexible Kanban Boards
    • Better Roadmaps Solution
    • Advanced Analytics and Reporting Platform
    • Automation JIRA software
  4. HelpScout

    HelpScout is the leading company that makes the primary usage of the Software as a Service platform to handle customer service more easily. Help Scout is the perfect choice for the software companies; no matter the size, they can manage the companies with more than 500 users.  It provides different approaches to deal with customer support and customer success.

    It helps to keep all the team members on the same page. Help Scout follows one principle to make the customers happy with the standard pricing model.

    Top Features

    • In-Class Reporting functionality
    • Queue Management
    • Integrated Knowledge-Base Platform
    • Supports Robust API
    • Best User-Experience
  5. Intercom

    Intercom, the leading software industry founded in 2001, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, provides a unique communication platform. It allows your business personnel to interact with your customers using their mobile phones or from websites.

    It includes the CRM platform that offers lead generation, customer engagement, customer support tools, and other things that make better support features. It provides complete consistency in handling the customer improvements, various communications channels, appropriate documentation, lowering costs, and many other categories that help the consumers deal with the job topics to a great extent.

    Top Features

    • Performance Metrics
    • Interactive Live Chat System
    • Email and Appointment Management
    • Self-Service Support
    • Social Media Integration
  6. Front

    The Front is the best platform for users or consumers to plan to deal with their daily email tasks. In simple words, it is the perfect choice for an individual who plays more time with an email. Personal customer support plays a significant role in the software in the form of email support.

    The Front’s primary responsibility is to fetch the emails and messages from various sources like email, chats, social media channels, SMS, and many more into the combined team inbox. Using Front, you can acknowledge comparatively faster workflow automation, customer data access quickly with inbox, and most importantly, the strong team analytics supports and inspires customer metrics to gain customer success.

    Top Features

    • Call Center Management
    • Self-Service Portal
    • Smooth Customer Conversations
    • Live Chat Support
    • Email and Appointment Management
    • Social Media Integration
  7. DropBox

    The DropBox has a central workspace that keeps your team organized and maintains the appropriate workflow management. All the team members’ relevant contents are available at all times in one location, so it becomes relatively easy for them to work on the specific project and make the workflow more smooth.

    More than 300,000 business teams and approximately 50% of the Fortune 500 industries are using DropBox worldwide. They help the organization deal with file sync, collaboration, and extensive administration and security features that scale as teams grow.

    Top Features

    • Supports Collaboration Tools
    • Access Control/Permission
    • Real-Time and Two-Way Synchronization
    • Workflow Management
    • Document Management
  8. Lever

    The Lever is a software company founded in 2012, headquartered in the United States, provides the applicant tracking system, and handles the talent relationship cycle smoothly. It provides the easiest way to hire the best talents for your organization.

    The lever contains a set of features to enhance the customer experience in terms of talent management. Some of the best are available below:

    Top Features

    • Interaction Tracking
    • Interview Management
    • Automated Recruiting Firms
    • Impressive Workflow Management
    • Categorize support case records
    • CRM Support
  9. Gusto

    In 2011, Josh Reeves, Tomer London, and Edward Kim launched the initial cloud-based Software as a Service-based payroll service named Gusto. It allows you to add employee work hours, payments related to working capabilities like bonuses, benefits and pays issuance using check or direct deposit. In addition to it, it also deals with financial services like tax-based operations or support processes like to deduct and file to federal and state governments.

    It also has a user-friendly dashboard. The users, employees, or employers can view their pending tasks, future tasks to perform, dates, payroll activities, and the list of holidays they spend on monthly or weekly.

    Top Features

    • Compensation Management
    • Employee Self-Service Portal
    • HR Management
    • Payroll Support
    • SSL Security
    • Third-Party Integration Support
  10. Box

    The Box is an online file sharing and cloud management SaaS service providing organization. It allows your customers to deal with impressive content management, workflow management, and collaboration with other tools.  The marketing, sales, human resources, finance, and many other industries make this tool’s primary usage globally.

    Box also makes use of Machine Learning technology to automate the tasks and activities and manage digital assets with ease. It creates a digital workplace where your customers can easily make comments, share the comments, and handle the workflow smoothly.

    Top Features

    • Cloud-Based Platform
    • Supports Mobile and Web Application
    • Third-Party Integration
    • Better Customer Conversations
    • Integration with Office 365, Slack, and DocuSign
    • Paperless Terminology
  11. Plaid

    The Plaid is a unique platform that allows the developer to create user-friendly intelligence applications and software infrastructure. It contains a SaaS platform allowing the users or customers to develop impressive and innovative ideas for your business plan. Plaid’s most astonishing thing is that it has a strong partnership with the number of US and Canada-based finance institutes.

    With the Plaid’s help, the companies or users can easily link the app directly to their financial information without any pain to visit the bank premise.  The software contains responsive API integration support, which brings the enhancement in the business strength.

    Top Features

    • Categorized Transaction Information
    • Custom Integration
    • Identity Verification Support
    • Multiple Bank Account Integration
    • Credential-Based Workflow Option

So, we have seen the examples of the top-notch companies that make use of Software as a Service as their base to deal with the impressive SaaS customer support and user experience.


The business’s customer service generally includes two mandate terminologies, namely SaaS customer support and SaaS customer success. Both of them usually work the same but deal with the different techniques for customer interactions to a great extent. Your business includes the SaaS customer support team that provides the best feature request or suggestion to your customers or users as per their needs.
Yes. Zendesk is the best Software as a Service vendor specializing in impressive customer service and support ticket types.
SaaS-based B2B is the fastest-growing term that evolves daily. When you sell your product or service specified on the subscription basis, then it comes under B2B Software as a Service. It plays a vital role in achieving success for your organization by following proper analysis, possesses better service level agreements (SLAs), and other metrics to gain insight for company progress.


So, which support solution are you going to apply for your business success?

The attractive and valuable element is to be regularly in touch with the SaaS to achieve the business goals and strategy as it plays a mandatory role. The only thing you need to do is identify the best skill and use it appropriately as per your business demands.

You can use the different apps and websites following the basic principles to deal with customer service support cases with the low-cost acquisition.

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