Give an Outstanding Sales Presentation: 12 Tips and Tricks

Every sales presentation should be personalized and tailored for the prospect that you are talking to in person. For successful selling, it is essential to establish yourself as a trusted advisor. Ending your sales presentation with a story is effective since 63% of attendees remember stories

Focus on the prospects, not the products. Hence, I have come up with these 12 tips that will help you deliver a successful sales presentation. It will help you forge strong customer relationships. Check it out!  

What is a Sales Presentation?

basics of sales presentation

In marketing methods, a sales pitch or sales presentation is a track of conversation that tries to induce something or someone, with an intentional sales presentation policy of products or services intended to initiate and close a deal.

What Are The Objectives of Sales Presentation?

The main objective of any sales presentation is to: 

  • Build trust and rapport between the prospect and you
  • Efficaciously introduce the industry, your business, and what is being sold
  • Inspire the customer to take necessary action
  • Clarify the exclusive benefits that buying your service or product will provide

12 Ways To Nail Your Next Sales Presentation

  1. A Thorough Research

    Without the proper background data, your sales presentation will lack personalization, authority, and context.  Thus, before your presentation, collect the following info about your prospect:

    • The prospect’s expertise and technical background
    • The role of prospect within the enterprise
    • Background data on the leadership structure of the company
    • Basic background data on the company
    • An outline of the company’s dependencies and technological preferences
    • Data regarding the purchase behavior and patterns of the company
    • Market intelligence and competitive insights

    Though there are several different ways to collect such information, you can opt for a mixture of the subsequent channels:

    • Industry and organization websites
    • Existing prospect and customer data
    • Work with a marketplace intelligence provider
    • Prevalent review sites
  2. Interactive Style

    A sales presentation must not be a one-way talk with the customer.  The team has to make it an interactive one.  This would help your customer understand more about the products while also making them feel heard.  You can ask queries to get closer to what their requirements are.  Get the clients to capitalize on the procedure through your presentation.

  3. Practice More

    Research and preparation are crucial to having a great sales presentation.  For this, many individuals take that the incorrect way and attempt to memorize everything they need to tell during the presentation. 

    If you take this method, your presentation would not seem natural to your prospect.  They will notice that you have memorized every detail, and they will doubt whether your words are genuine or not.

    You must practice your sales presentations repeatedly to make sure that you are comfortable with the resources.  In this way, you can develop familiarity and confidence with both the prospect and the subject matter.  And this will create room for a natural and genuine conversation.  


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  4. Use The Influence Of Storytelling

    The toughest portion of B2B sales presentation examples is keeping the customer engaged.  An ideal way to achieve this is through the art of storytelling.  The components of storytelling will uplift and renovate your presentation, and, eventually, doing so will help you turn into a better speaker. Follow these sales presentation tips to deliver a powerful presentation:

    • Stories offer context:  By creating the prospects of the subject of the story, you aid them to envisage your service in the framework of their business.
    • Individuals reminisce stories more than statistics:  The indication here is astounding – the individuals recall 65% to 70% of data from the stories but 5% to 10% of data from statistics.
    • Stories appeal to sentiments:  Feelings play an important part in a purchase decision.  Storytelling permits you to make sure that a narrative has an expressive push while still being based on logic.

    Though storytelling is influential, it is only valuable when supported by data.  Utilize these features of storytelling to appeal to the emotional and creative side of your customer.  But, usage of data and analysis would help you prove your point.

  5. Support With Illustrations

    Use Visuals in Presentation

    What is the fastest manner to underwhelm the prospects?  Instead of reading through a slideshow, generate slides that match your sales without captivating the emphasis off of you.  The human mind processes illustrations 60,000 times faster than texts.  So charts, short videos, and infographics are more powerful when it comes to ascertaining your point.

  6. Know Your Audience

    Before you begin structuring your sales presentation, describe your how and who.  How are you going to resolve a problem their company presently faces and who are you pitching to?  When you comprehend your customer impeccably, you can better customize your message as per your audience.

    Hence, before forming a pitch, first, classify who you are diving to and ask:

    • Who is their clientele?
    • What products or solutions are they presently utilizing?
    • What are their chief pain points?

    Once you ascertain your ‘who’, decide how you are going to resolve their problem:

    • How can you resolve a problem they have currently?
    • What makes you better than your competition?
    • What is in it for them?
  7. Present Solutions

    Provide Solutions

    Spare time linking key points with how your service or product can aid your buyers.  At the same time, do not focus on these pain points for long.  Highlight the successes of your prospect, and articulate to them why your products will aid them to experience the good things. 

    Be precise as you define the success they will achieve.  Name-dropping the persons in the middle of the story about achievements gives them a self-confidence boost in themselves.

  8. Brainstorm Certain Queries

    A great sales presentation is all about the queries you ask.  So, make sure that they are the appropriate ones.  Understand your client’s intentions for purchase and decision-making procedure.  You can adjust accordingly based on their replies to your queries.  Take some vital notes during the pitch to make sure that they require further data.

  9. Demonstrate Current Progress And Growth

    Sales reps must talk about their prevalent clients, the growth rate in the previous six months, and how their service, concept, or product has been significantly upgraded in a few months.

  10. Form The Content

    There are two fragments to operative pitch content – structure and message.  After knowing your audience you can create a convincing message with pertinent stories, case studies, examples, and data to exemplify your understanding of their issues and how your services and products will offer solutions.

    But do not overlook to form your message with simple-to-follow foundation, mid, and end construction.  Begin with a note to pull them in and conclude it on a high note with an effective call to action so that they are keen to take the subsequent steps. 

    Make the sales content of your presentation available to your listeners with a well-structured and compelling message.

  11. Keep It Brief

    Ideal Presentation Length

    Keep your sales pitch as brief as possible.  Salespeople are not required to write a thesis about your products or services.  You must form a little anticipation and mystery.  Communicate adequate information that will stimulate their inquisitiveness to the extent of wanting to discern more. 

  12. Define Subsequent Steps And Follow-up

    Even if you have conveyed the impeccable B2B sales deck about your products or services and your company, your task is not over.  Once you have educated the buyers, it is crucial that you framework the further steps for them.  The complete point of a B2B sales pitch is to convince an interested client to buy your product or service hopefully.

    If they are not 100% clear on how to make a procurement decision, you are possibly not going to sell.  Make it completely clear what the further steps would look like; what movements do they require to take?  What will the commencement of your partnership look like? 

    What B2B sales results can they anticipate seeing?  In addition to this, if the client is not ready to purchase at that moment, be sure to plan a follow-up appointment or phone call.

Sales Presentation Outline: Steps To Follow

6 step guide for sales presentation

While the intricacy of a sales presentation will differ, depending on the client and the extensiveness of that customer’s needs and challenges, the rudimentary procedure remains the same.  By following a few steps, you can make any sales and marketing efforts a huge success.  Are you willing to give the best offering of your career? Here are a couple of sales presentation ideas to remember: 

  1. Step 1: Give An Introduction

    Keep your title or introductory slide simple and clean.  The last factor you need to do is instantly overwhelm your viewers with busy text or jarring images.  This title slide should denote the content to the point.  The main goal here is to exhibit your brand and set the phase for the entire presentation.

  2. Step 2: Convey The Issue

    If you have responded to the ‘Who are you presenting to?’ question, you have recognized the main pain points of your potential customers.  The objective is to illustrate the challenges of your potential clientele in a way that revives their frustration and requirement for a solution. 

    The more your viewers believe that you comprehend their issues, the more probable they are to believe that your solution can fix their problem. You’re more likely to win a deal if you talk about the competition early in the sales process instead of ignoring them completely. 

  3. Step 3: Offer The Solution

    Describe the possibilities to your potential buyers if they buy your product.  The slide deck aims to display essential solutions your product delivers related to the prevailing challenges.  Evade rattling off services or features that supply no direct benefits to your potential customers, or else, you might lose their attention span.

    The illustrations make such presentations chiefly effective.  This is an operative tactic for offering your audience a sense of assistance after stirring their central pain points.

  4. Step 4: Support It With Data

    Once you have elucidated how your product will assist your potential customers, endorse your claim with relevant case studies.  Exhibit a situation where your product resolved the key challenges of a business similar to that of your clients.  Explain why and how your product was a great solution, and show the data to validate your point. 

  5. Step 5: Summarize Your Pitch

    This particular slide can be as involved or as brief as you believe necessary.  For instance, you may think to summarize all of the essential advantages your product can offer to your potential customers.  Alternatively, a concise and simple company slogan may feel more suitable.  You can summarize your unique value proposition in a few words.

  6. Step 6: Open The Room For Questions

    Here is the final part of the sales presentation tips. On concluding your presentation, permit your viewers to ask questions.  The objective here is to get your potential customers involved in the discussion.  The customer feedback and inquiries you get may offer further insights that would be beneficial for closing the deal.

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A sales presentation should include a title cover slide, containing the topic, company name, tagline, company’s introduction, the ‘Before’ image, the ‘After’ image, the ‘Bridge’ slide comprising consequence statements, contact information and a call-to-action.
There are four elementary sales presentation methods that most of the sales teams require to master. They are the persuasive selling, needs-satisfaction, problem-solution, and memorized method.
A sales pitch or sales presentation, in a selling procedure, is a series of communications that endeavours to persuade something or someone, with scheduled sales presentation techniques of products or services intended to initiate and close more deals by sales reps.
An exceptional sales presentation highlights your value proposition, aligns with your audience’s desires and needs, and tells a compelling story. It concludes with a sturdy call-to-action and leads your prospects to the differentiators in place of leading with them.


An effective sales presentation is the key to landing a new customer or buyer.  Present your products, services, and offers in a manner that will stimulate your viewers to take vital actions.  

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