7 Things to Learn From Zappos Vision Statement

Don’t tell us you don’t know that 10 hours and 43 minutes are the world record for the longest customer service call set by a Zappos employee! The brand Zappos is all about satiating the requirements of everybody the company networks with.

They focus on ‘let their clients enjoy’ which has certainly made Zappos a favored choice for clothing and shoes. Zappos’ vision statement defines everything that the customers would need from any organization. It is astonishing to see that it has evolved as a global brand in 20 years. Let’s observe the best 7 things to learn from Zappos’ vision statement.

What is Zappos’ Mission Statement?

Zappos Mission Statement

Zappos aims at imparting unmatched consumer service and for this, its priority is to create and maintain a healthy company culture.

Zappos’ mission statement is ‘to provide the best customer service possible. Deliver WOW through service.’

With this statement, Zappos’ mission clearly emphasizes how significant the level of service the organization delivers to its whole brand. The objective of Zappos’ core values is to provide nothing short of quality each time.

What is Zappos’ Vision Statement?

Theoretically, a vision statement demonstrates the road map for an establishment towards the anticipated future. Fundamentally, the vision statement works concurrently with the stated mission statement.

The vision statement of Zappos is ‘delivering happiness to customers, employees, and vendors.’

Providing an unforgettable customer experience is certainly everything that Zappos desires as vociferously as it is articulated in this statement. Being a business owner, here are some of the key lessons that you can learn from Zappos’ vision statement.


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What are the Key Lessons From Zappos Vision Statement?

Zappos, currently acquired by Amazon, has the world’s major range of shoes and makes 75% of the business from its repeat clientele. It does not offer the lowest rates, but it provides the best customer service possible by focusing on being a customer-driven company.

Besides being unique, its beliefs generate a framework for Zappos’ employees. Here are the key lessons from Zappos vision statement and ten corporate values that would help to develop a WOW brand, business strategies, and service company culture:

  1. Embrace and Drive Change

    Change is a constant part of any growing company. For some individuals, particularly those that are from large companies, the continuous change can be slightly troubling in the beginning. And if an employee is not prepared to adapt to constant changes, then he or she perhaps is not an apt fit for the business. 

    Every employee must learn to embrace change willingly, and more significantly, to inspire and drive it. Also, they must constantly plan for and be organized for perpetual change.

    How to view challenges positively and prepare for them? How to encourage and drive change?

    • Challenge common wisdom or the status quo
    • Drive inventive thinking
    • Experiment with novel ideas before implementing any
    • Get comfortable with uncertainty and chaos
  2. Deliver WOW Through Service

    At Zappos, any action carried out is done with ‘WOW philosophy’. With an aim to WOW, you must distinguish yourself. This means you have to do something innovative and unconventional to elevate the customer experience.

    Your service company must go above and beyond what is anticipated in each interaction with the vendor party, co-workers, customers, investors, and the community – with everyone. Also, whatever it does, it must have the capability to impact its receivers emotionally.

    What functions and attitude your company culture must convey to WOW your people?

    • Deliver WOW customer service to everyone, at any place
    • Help, even when it is not your job
  3. Create An Adventurous and Creative Environment

    Your team members must take risks, unforeseen situations, and challenges with an open mindset. At times their sense of creativity and adventure causes them to be exceptional in their solutions as they have the liberty to ‘think outside the box.’ That is what permits your company to escalate and stay competitive in the market.

    Is your team afraid of taking risks and making mistakes? Do they feel a sense of fun and creativity in the tasks they do?

    • Think bigger and out-of-the-box
    • Take risks in alignment with the overall purpose
    • Sanction them to act as an entrepreneur
    • Have spirit to fail and learn from that failure
  4. Create Fun and A Little Weirdness

    When your teams blend slight weirdness with ensuring everyone is having fun at work, it turns out to be a win-win situation for all. Employees are more engaged in the tasks that they perform and the organization, as a whole, becomes extremely innovative.

    What can your managers do to make your colleagues’ jobs fun as well? What can your team do to be somewhat weird and differentiate yourself from the rest?

    • Let their quirkiness emerge
    • Embrace others individuality and points of view
    • Have an authentic sense of oneself
  5. Pursue Growth and Learning Environment

    If your HR team brings any employee onboard, the best proficiency or attitude he or she can carry is the expertise to learn and adapt. In this manner, that person will figure new things out and help your company and customer experience amplify. Meanwhile, in the process of continuous learning, he/she will also grow tremendously.

    How can your team grow personally and professionally? How do you motivate them to challenge and stretch themselves?

    • Unquenchable appetite for upgrading
    • Being curious about how each thing works
    • Bring inspiration and mentor one another
    • Be self-evaluative and encourage your employees
  6. Do More With Less

    Zappos is always striving to ‘do more with less.’ Your organization ought to be too serious and focused on the operations of your business. All your departments must put in the extra efforts needed to get tasks done.

    Believing in boosting operational excellence and company culture, your team must realize that there is a scope for improvement in everything they do.

    How can your department become more efficient? How can your team help the service company to become more efficient?

    • Never settle for ‘good enough’
    • Incessantly look for innovation and raise the bar
    • Lead by the best examples and ‘walk the talk’
    • Encourage them to participate in company-sponsored events
  7. Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication

    As an enterprise grows, communication becomes very important. Everyone has to understand how your team views the large picture of what the service company is trying to achieve.

    It is essential for forming relationships with co-workers, employees, shareholders, vendors, customers, and the community to have honest and direct communication.

    How can team members do a better job of communicating with everyone? How can they make their relationships and company culture more honest and open?

    • Connect persons to sort out differences
    • Ask for input and ideas from others
    • Be transparent about both negative and positive information
    • Build a positive team and family spirit

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The vision statement of Instagram is to solve three simple problems: Mobile photos always come out looking mediocre. Our awesome-looking filters transform your photos into professional-looking snapshots. Sharing on multiple platforms is a pain – we help you take a picture once, then share it (instantly) on multiple services. Most uploading experiences are clumsy and take forever – we’ve optimized the experience to be fast and efficient.’
A vision statement defines the anticipated future situation of the company. And mission statements describe the company’s business and its approaches to attain its set objectives. The components of mission and vision statements are often assimilated to deliver a statement of the company’s goals, core values, and purposes.
The mission statement emphasizes the present scenario of what a company does. On the contrary, the vision statement emphasizes what the company wants to become tomorrow. While several organizations usually use vision and mission statements interchangeably, it is imperative to have both.

From the above blog, we examine certain vital things to learn from Zappos’ vision statement and core values. The first and foremost priority is to nurture a Zappos culture that delivers top-quality services and products. Contact CloudTutorial for having a progressive company culture communicated through advanced an internal knowledge base or a corporate wiki.

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