Knowledge Base Software for Website: The Complete Guide

In today’s fast-paced world where everything is just a mouse click away, information is also shared through digital means. It creates communication issues and important information gets lost in emails, websites, and social media. 

Fact: A whopping 89% of millennials search the web for answers before making a customer support call. (source)

This is where knowledge base software for website comes into play. You can create your knowledge management system online and use it as an information-sharing platform.

But why is it important to have a knowledge base software for your website? Read on to know more.

Why Do You Need Knowledge Base Software for Website?

A self-service knowledge base for your website can have multiple benefits.

  1. Answer Customer Questions

    Whatever product you’re selling, your customers will have some confusion at their end. Knowledge management software can help answer customer support questions quickly and without any need for human intervention.

    • Knowledge base content is created keeping customer support agents feedback in mind.
    • Best knowledge bases answer repetitive questions customers ask, which helps free up customer support agent’s time so they can focus on more pressing tasks.
  2. Efficient Onboarding

    The customer’s first interaction with your team is at the onboarding stage when they are handed over from the sales team. This is where knowledge base articles can come in handy.

    • Instead of walking the client through each step, create help articles and how-to guides and share the solution with every client.
    • This will also help create a better customer experience which is a necessity to run a successful business nowadays.
  3. Better Website SEO

    Running a business in today’s modern world requires ideal SEO details. It helps create a better user experience for everyone and also helps secure new clients. 

    • Google states if your content has answers to popular questions, has engaging content, and customers find it useful, Google will rank it higher.
    • Knowledge management solutions tend to help create better SEO rankings.
    • Try to make your new knowledge base articles as informative as possible. That way, not only your customers but your team will also find those knowledge articles helpful. A bonus: SEO benefit is it will also help you find new business

Require an Easy to Set Up and Configure Knowledge Base?

CloudTutorial provides an easy-to-use knowledge base that has all the vital features you will ever need!

What to Include in Your Knowledge Base Software for Your Website?

Now that we know the importance of a knowledge base software, let’s look at what you can add to your knowledge base software.

  • Product support: One of the basic content you can add to your customer support software is product support. This helps reduce the workload on the support agent as they can refer users to the article instead of answering the same question again and again.

Pro tip: You can convert your products’ support conversations into articles that can be shared with other customers having the same questions.

  • FAQ: A list of most commonly asked questions can be converted into an faq page for users to visit and have answers. 
  • Features list: New users mostly need information about features they can use. Your self-help support system can help them with a feature list.
  • Content management system: Businesses need a common place where they can keep all the useful content, including knowledge base articles, videos, meeting recordings, and other important company information. Knowledge base software can be that centralized place. 
  • News: Knowledge management can also be used as a news board where you can share the latest company news, solution to problems, discovery section, and essential information.

5 Knowledge Base Software Solutions for Your Website

Here is the list of the top five knowledge bases you can use for your website.

  1. Cloud Tutorial

    CloudTutorial is a standalone knowledge base with all the required features you need for self-serving users. You can set up your company knowledge base within minutes. Setup and integration are easy and do not require any technical knowledge.

    • Content creation is simple with the help of a feature-rich text editor, i.e. No need to switch in between different text editors.
    • The user interface is intuitive and straightforward. You can change the layout as you want using available layouts or create a custom one using HTML/CSS if needed.
    • Search engines help users look for the required answers quickly and efficiently.
    • A feature unique to CloudTutorial is typo detection. Even if there is a typo, our AI-based search functionality detects it and instructs the system to search accordingly.

    Other valuable features include:

    • Multiple roles to a single user
    • Daily reporting of visitors
    • Insight into “no result found” search terms
    • Create as many categories as required


    • Quick setup
    • Typo detection in the search result
    • Detailed reporting


    • Only a knowledge base solution, no other help desk tools included
  2. Hubspot

    Hubspot is a complete marketing, sales, and support tool known for its inbound marketing techniques and free CRM. The knowledge base is offered as a part of their support module. Businesses can benefit from Hubspot if they want a one window solution for all of their business needs.

    • There is no need for any hosting account as it is self-hosted. Their ticketing system is simple and to the point.
    • Collaboration tools make it possible to create articles and leave feedback easily.
    • Other than the knowledge base, you can also receive SEO suggestions while creating articles as it is integrated with Semrush, but for that to work, the marketing module needs to be purchased separately.


    • Complete marketing, sales, and support solution.
    • Better SEO suggestions.
    • Free CRM.


    • The price is quite high.
    • Only suitable if you need a one window solution for marketing, sales, and support.
  3. Zendesk

    Zendesk offers complete customer service solutions with the knowledge management system as part of its self-service unit.

    • The setup might not be as simple as a standalone knowledge base, so technical help can be required.
    • Like other good knowledge management tools, Zendesk gives freedom to customers to help themselves for a quick resolution.
    • It also suggests your help desk team with relevant content, even in between live chat, so they can have better answers for their clients. 
    • Zendesk also has over 1000 available integrations, which makes it easy to get any custom solution readily available.


    • Complete help desk software solution.
    • AI is quite powerful and useful.
    • Over 1000 integration available.


    • Price can be quite high.
    • Setup can be tricky.

    Need a Customized and Responsive Knowledge Base?

    CloudTutorial provides a customized FAQ page, help desk, and SOP with brand-oriented themes to share information with your users!

  4. Helpjuice

    If your company has a lot of customization requirements, Helpjuice can be a good fit for you.

    • Setup is easy. You can import old content with a simple drag and drop motion.
    • Helpjuice has a simple user interface which makes it easy to work with.
    • It has a basic text editor, which makes content creation easy.
    • Collaboration tools help create better content as your team can collaborate with other team members, leave remarks and maintain versions of the content.
    • You can also limit access of the knowledge base to specific IP addresses or add a password so only a user with the password can access the knowledge base software.


    • Lots of available customization options.
    • Simple user interface.


    • Very expensive.
    • Only useful if heavy customization is required.
  5. Proprofs knowledge base

    The ProProfs is a complete help desk solution with a knowledge base software suitable for both small businesses and enterprises.

    • The setup is fairly simple for ProProfs knowledge base software i.e. no need for technical help.
    • They also have ready templates available which can be used to set up the whole thing to make it easier.
    • The knowledge base can be integrated with popular tools like Google Analytics and WordPress for better analytical data. With more than 100 available integrations, you can easily collaborate, analyze and create required business flows.
    • If you want to onboard and train employees internally, ProProfs is ideal as you can create quizzes, create custom training programs, create surveys or simply use it as a customer support tool with their live chat, discussion forums, and project management tools.


    • Best used for internal employee training.
    • Useful integrations
    • Context-sensitive help.


    • Help can be better..

Best knowledge bases offer a feedback mechanism that you can use to check if your knowledge base content is helping users or not. You can either put a “yes” or “No” feedback button at the bottom of every article and use the feedback.
There are a few like Documize or myBase, but they have limited features and require a learning curve. A robust Knowledge base software like CloudTutorial is cheap enough to not break your bank account and have support at the backend.
Although we have picked them based on our experience, there are some other noteworthy names like Helpsite, Helpcrunch, Help Scout, Document360, etc.
This is a possibility, but it is highly recommended to create a knowledge base for your website. Knowledge bases tend to answer customer questions without the need to even talk to them. It also solves client problems immediately with zero wait time.


Knowledge base software for website is an important part of running a business nowadays. With CloudTutorial, you can have an apt knowledge base for your website and create helpful content that will help you land new clients and render a great customer experience to the old ones.

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