Best FAQ Software Solutions & Tools

Want to get rid of answering repetitive questions to your customers again and again?

Don’t Worry. Your organization just needs the best FAQ Software for the website. Such FAQ software solutions allow your organization to get impressive customer support on a large scale. Sounds interesting? Let’s have a look at the best FAQ software solutions.

13 Best FAQ Software and Tools

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  1. The Cloud Tutorial

    Looking for an inspiring solution to create a knowledge-based sharing platform for your organization?

    The Cloud Tutorial is the one-stop solution for you.

    It is ideal for businesses who want to reduce support loads and the number of support tickets & emails and create a faster way to answer the most common questions of their customers. The Cloud Tutorial has the following features you will love:

    • Data Segmentation using category and sub-category
    • Get insights on search phrases and the articles viewed
    • Multiple privacy settings
    • A lightning-fast google search
    • Manage multiple roles and users and control the access of every user
  2. Zendesk

    Zendesk is a customer engagement tool/software that offers sales and support solutions for the company from one centralized location. Zendesk is ideal for medium to large companies and enterprises who want to have a complete digital help center.

    • Live chat support
    • Self-service knowledge base
    • Information management using email, chat, social media platforms
    • Tracking support requests
    • Ticketing system
  3. HelpJuice

    HelpJuice is an inspiring FAQ software solution typically used by thousands of companies globally with an aim to minimize the support and share knowledge internally. A customizable knowledge base software, HelpJuice, allows you to collaborate on content and have third-party app integrations.

    • Content management system
    • Supports various inbuilt themes
    • Slack, Google Chrome, Zapier Integration
    • Google SEO optimization
    • Customer support requests
  4. Document360

    A scalable knowledge base software, Document360, is more of a Documentation management software that can have frequently asked questions in the KB software. It allows your team and the customers to create, collaborate, and publish a self-serving knowledge base for your product.

    • Efficient knowledge base portal
    • Support integrations and extensions
    • REST API
    • Interactive customer support
    • Internal knowledge base
    • Standard operating procedures
  5. FreshDesk

    FreshDesk is a product that provides customer service solutions using omnichannel, bots, and a self-service customer portal to find answers quickly. FreshDesk is mainly designed to streamline, automate, and collaborate on all your customer service tasks.

    • Ease in a ticketing system
    • Resolving complexities smoothly
    • Email invitation for content collaboration
    • Supports for multiple channels
    • Field workforce management
    • Customization possible
  6. HelpCrunch

    HelpCrunch is an all-in-one customer communication software that focuses on providing a great customer experience using 24/7 support. With this knowledge management software’s help, you can customize your live chat and support website with the brand logos and theme colors based on your business needs to find answers quickly.

    • Self-service options for Knowledge Base
    • Live chat option
    • Supports mobile apps and SDK
    • Ease in setting up auto-messages
    • Popups and integration possible
  7. SupportBee

    SupportBee is a ticketing system to make sure no customer question goes unnoticed, ever. With SupportBee, the customers can organize your emails, prioritize, and collaborate on support emails.

    • Impressive knowledge base
    • Mobile app support
    • Email management
    • Ease of use
  8. Tettra

    An internal knowledgebase software designed to save you from answering repetitive employee questions is Tettra. It simplifies workflows that revolve around your organization’s internal knowledge.

    • Centralizing all essential resources
    • Impressive search suggestions functionality
    • Integration with your personal tools
    • Enhance your internal knowledge base
    • Perfect user management
  9. Zoho Desk

    The complete ticketing software solution that puts customer service or products at the heart of your company, Zoho Desk offers a package of the right tools that helps a customer service agent be more productive at work. It helps managers make faster decisions with the right information or content needed.

    • Ticket management in one place
    • Team empowerment using contextual AI
    • Integrations with Zoho CRM
    • Instant help for DIY customers
    • Agent empowerment for customer satisfaction
  10. TypeForm

    TypeForm allows you to create forms and surveys and turn all your questions and answers into a conversation answer. This knowledge base software provides accurate data and information to create a Frequently Asked Questions site for your company.

    • Support 360-degree customer feedback
    • Analytics and reporting functionality
    • Google Sheets, Slack integration Possible
    • Survey management
    • Best for including FAQ section in a personal website
  11. HappyFox

    HappyFox is an all-in-one ticketing system and a help-desk designed to enable you to provide faster support to your customer using a self-service knowledge base and community forums.

    • Captivating intuitive search
    • Guess out of FAQ
    • Better scaling and engagement with inbuilt QA engine
    • Full customization possible
    • In-app FAQ widget available
  12. Haash

    A simple help center for your web apps, if you want plain FAQ software with no analytics and other fancy stuff, then Haash is a good option to consider. An essential thing to note is that this FAQ software can only be used for apps and allows the customers to build FAQs in a couple of minutes quickly.

    • Captivating intuitive search
    • Guess out of FAQ
    • Better scaling and engagement with inbuilt QA engine
    • Full customization possible
    • In-app FAQ widget available
  13. Flowlu

    Flowlu is a Knowledge Management Software, that allows the customers to access all your organizational knowledge in a single place. You can create internal and external knowledge bases to help your customers as well as your employees.

    • Online CRM support
    • Agile project management
    • Support management
    • Support various collaboration tools
    • Online invoicing features

Build an advanced knowledge base for your customers and give them answers fast – real fast.

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Creating a Knowledge Base or FAQ: 3 Tips to Get you Started

Creating a Knowledge Base solution

Creating a Knowledge Base and FAQ pages can be a lengthy task, and you might wonder where to start from. Here are a few tips that can help you create the perfect knowledge base articles and FAQ pages:

  1. Figure out the design and structure
  2. Determine the content structure and writing process
  3. Include visuals

These three tips can help you take the first step in creating the perfect knowledge repository for your customers and employees.

How to Choose Your Knowledge Base or FAQ Topics

Trust Me. Creating a knowledge base is a tedious task as you need to include complete information about your products and services.

But how to get started?

For creating a KB, you have information that you want to share and not knowing where to start is quite dreadful.

  1. Understand what made you create a knowledge base in the first place
  2. Know your audience
  3. Put your KB to test

Build an advanced knowledge base for your customers and give them answers fast – real fast.

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Master FAQs with The Cloud Tutorial

The Cloud Tutorial FAQs
Organizations of any size and shape can quickly include FAQ service in their website using The Cloud Tutorial Platform. The platform helps you in the following ways:

  • Organize all articles by categories: The platform allows your customers to get rid of filtering a huge list of questions. It is possible by categorizing your questions to make a smooth process to assign categories for your target audience.
  • Add images and videos to make things easier:The Cloud Tutorial allows you to add images in the answers as you explain things, or better – do it with a video.
  • Make your FAQ page search friendly: Do you have a habit of making spelling mistakes? Most of us do (Guilty!). That is precisely why we have a search that can read the alt. text in your images with those spelling errors and typos, so you can share the information and its related answers you wanted to in the first place.
  • Reference to other relevant articles: The software allows your customers to refer to all relevant articles and answers that your users might be interested in, given that they are reading the current article easily with The Cloud Tutorial.


Indeed! You can easily create articles that you want to be accessible by everyone, accessible to only a few people or customers via a link or password – your preference, or invite people to read/edit articles via email.

The answer to this is both yes and no. If the information you want to share in your KB can be written in a Questions & Answers format, the most readable and interactive one out there- then your KB can be written as a beautiful FAQ site that is clean, compact, and organized.


Which FAQ Software Solutions suits the best for your organization’s need?

So, create your personal website and include FAQ software as a service to make it comfortable for your customers.

If you have any more questions or want to get in touch with us, please feel free to contact us. We aim to make your life easier in any way possible. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get weekly updates from us.

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